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When Harry woke up a week after the Quidditch incident, he already knew what day it was. Halloween. He sighed and looked at his new alarm.


So early.

Yet Harry knew he wouldn't find sleep again. The First Year sighed again and got up. Well, at least he would have enough time to do his homework and water the Common Room's plants. Once he was dressed, he went to the Common Room and began to work.

Moony was right, Harry looked critically at his latest essay. He wasn't that terrible in theory, he even managed to score an A in Potion, the highest grade a Huffelpuff could hope to archieve -Snape sure was a bastard- and Professor Sinistra told him that at this rate she would gladly accept to recommend him for that school of his.

Harry's mouth twitched. While it was true he wanted to leave Hogwarts and have some semblance of normal life, he would regret his time in the Common Room and the people there, well some.

'Focus,' Harry mentally scolded himself, 'you have work to do.'

And so he spent a good part of his morning finishing whatever homework he still had.

"Morning," Jeremy entered the Common Room and yawned, "already there?"

Harry nodded. "Since four."

"Mah, last year it was five." Harry shrugged.

"When will they…"

"…wake up?" Jeremy yawned one more time. "Super Prefect in an hour and the rest in four."

"Th…that late?"

"It's Sunday," the Seventh Year shrugged, "Super Prefect is the only one who is always ready at seven. Crazy brat."

"And you?"

"Harry, Harry," he smirked a bit, "what would Halloween be like without Diggory screaming like a little girl?"


"The brat will never know what hit him." He sneered.

"D…dare I ask wh…what you are planning?"

"Rats, a lot and lot of rats."

"H...he is scared of…?"

"You have no idea."

"Where d...did you find them?"

"You don't want to know." Jeremy waved his wand and several cages of rats flied to him. "Now, the thing is to release them at the right time."

"Which is?"

"In fifty minutes and thirty-six seconds exactly." Seeing Harry's look, he elaborated, "he is too predictable."

"Should I…"

"What and miss the fun?"


"Don't worry, you have more than enough time to finish your homework. If he thinks you're my accomplice, I'll tell him I bullied you to do it."

That wasn't what he was thinking but who was he to complain? "Thank you."

"No problem."

Harry went back to his Transfiguration essay and managed to finish him right before the Seventh Year released the creatures.

"Merlin," Harry's eyes widened, "how many did you…? We can't see the floor anymore!" The Common Room was so full of rats that one would have trouble to even stand so walk… There must have been hundreds of rats.

"All my pocket money went there." He brightly smiled. "It is my last year here so I want it to be memorable. Now shut up, he will be here in five, four, three, two, one…"

At the very second Jeremy stopped counting, Cedric entered the room, reading. The Fifth Year frowned and looked at his feet. He went back to his book for a second until he hurriedly looked at his feet again.

Finally, he dropped his book and screamed.

"Get off me! Get off me! Get off me!" Jeremy waved his wand and a rat jumped to the Prefect's face. He screamed again and threw the rat away. "Fitz!" He finally saw the older boy. "You're dead!" Sadly, Jeremy was laughing too much. Cedric took his wand while rats began to walk on his legs. "Potter! Open the bloody door!" Harry promptly obeyed. "Now get out! Get out! OUT! Expulso!"

"Go little rats!" Jeremy screamed. "Go scare other students!"

"Fitz! What are these abominations doing here?"

"It's Halloween!"

Cedric tried to catch his breath and glare at the same time. "Sorry Jeremy but the place of buffoon is already taken by the Weasley twins. You can't rival!"

"Sure I can!" He humphed.

"Oh, really?" Cedric dryly asked. "Why?"

"Because I'm the only one allowed to annoy you. Just you wait! Once I talk to them, I…"

Cedric's eyes widened in alarm. "That won't be necessary." He hurriedly said. Harry hid a smirk. He wouldn't be surprised if Cedric was doing everything to not let the three meet. Hogwarts would be doomed otherwise. "Halloween you said? Then if it's Halloween…"

"I knew you would understand." The Seventh Year smirked. "Too bad they're gone."

"Trust me, the world is a better place without them."

"I wonder how the rest of the school will react when they realize they are attacked by rats."

Cedric froze. "What?"

"Well, you did chase them," Fitz remarked, "where do you think they are now?" Cedric slapped his forehead. "Sad, eh? Especially if you consider that I would have put them back in their cages have you not…"

"Jeremy, shut up."

Jeremy just smirked.


Once the whole 'my God, what should we do against the abomination of nature called rats" speech, Harry went to classroom 58. Apparently, Hermione wanted him exceptionally come here for the History club. Speaking of her, she was already there. "Morning." He greeted.

"Hello Harry," Hermione gave a wide smile and played with her wand. "I just knew you would come right now, you know?"


She nodded. "Strange, eh? Did you talk with Nathan recently?" Harry deflated. "So he still hasn't apologized. As expected." She nodded to herself.

"I…I tried to talk to him b…but I can't find him." If he didn't know better he would think his twin was avoiding him.

Hermione nodded. "One would think he is always with his invisibility cloak in his pocket in case you come."

"Strange, right?" Harry nervously chuckled.

"Yes." She chuckled as well. "Do you know what is stranger?"

"No." He smiled.

"The fact that as soon as you entered the corridor," Hermione grabbed something in thin air and took his family invisibility cloak. Harry jumped "Nathan here tried to take the invisibility cloak and escape. As expected, his attempt ended in failure."

"Hermione," Harry stared at his now unmoving brother, "what did you…?"

"I froze him." She shrugged. "And now he is trapped."

"But why did you..?"

"Harry," Hermione leaned on her desk, "Nathan has been unbearable these last days. Sure, he fooled almost everyone but he didn't fool me."

"How weird?"

She stiffened. "He is leaving the Common Room in the middle of the night."

"What if Pettigrew is here?" Harry hotly said. "Does he realize that he is…"

"Tell him," she sighed "because he absolutely refuses to listen to me. And I have enough of seeing him hiding under his invisibility cloak whenever you're near. So now," Hermione waved her wand and unfreezed Nathan, "you two talk."

The two boys stared at each other.

"So," Harry tried, "how are you?"

"Fine." the red-haired shrugged. "And you?"

"I've had w…worse days"

They stared.

"How are you?"

"Good," the Griffindor shrugged, "and you?"

"Good enough." Harry shrugged back. "And you?"

"Well I'm feeling fine, and yo…"

"For Merlin's sake," Hermione hit her head on the table "can you please stop this?"

"Stop what?" Harry asked.

"We are talking."

"I can't believe it." Hermione mumbled before taken a quill and wrting something. "Here," she gave the Huffelpuff a note before giving another to her friend, "read what is written."

"Dear Harry," Nathan began "I am sorry to have called you a pathetic squib and made a scene in the middle of the infirmary and I apologize for having tried to avoid you these two past months for no apparent reason."

"Dear Nat,"

"Don't Nat me!"

Harry sent him a dirty look. "Dear Nat, I accept y…you're apolog…gy…"

"The note stammers too?"

Harry ignored him, "but I will only forgive you when y…you tell me why."

Harry stared at Nathan. Nathan stared back. Hermione stared at them. She finally had enough. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Are you going to say it?" Hermione asked.

"There is nothing written on the note!" Hermione banged her head on the desk.

"Nathan Sirius Potter! You are going to stop being an idiot and tell us what is wrong with you!"

That was going to take a while.

"What is wrong with me? He should be the one apologizing!"

"How so?" Harry raised his voice.

"This would have never happened had you not been here!"

Alright, he had enough. "Merlin, what were you expecting for fuck sake? That I was going to act like a jerk and let you in the infirmary alone?"

"I wasn't alone, I had my friends!" Nathan screamed.

"And of course your friends mean more than me!" Harry screamed back.

"How dare you! You are the one who let me down!"

"Letting you down? Letting you down?"

"Yes! You were always busy with your bloody pigeon!"

"Hedwig is not a pigeon!"


"And anyway!" Harry yelled. "You were too busy with Prat…"

"His name is Ron!"

"Prat is a prat and I will call him Prat if I want to! You were too busy playing Quidditch and always refused to play cards with me!"

"That's because you were always cheating! Even worse than with Monopoly!"

"For the thousandth time I do not cheat!"

"Sure you do!"

"I don't!"

"You do, you do, you do, you do!"


"I'm sure you won Huffelpuff's last year poker tournament by cheating otherwise you wouldn't have these twenty Galleons!"

"You looked into my things?" Harry screamed. "That's it! You're dead!"


They stopped yelling and slowly turned their head. Harry discreetely winced. Hermione sue looked furious.

"How old are you?" Hermione hissed. "Three? Four?"

"Thirteen but that moron only understand me if I act his mental age." Harry sent Nat a dirty look.

"Nathan, if you value your life, shut up." Hermione threatened. "Harry is your brother, of course he would have come to see you."

"Well I didn't want to see him!"

"But why?"

Nathan's face hardened. "Because."

"How mature."


"He wouldn't understand."

"Try me." Harry hissed.

"Merlin, you truly are in a bad mood today!" Nathan mocked him. "What's wrong little Puff? A bad Slytherin took your cookie?"

"Do you know what day it is?"

"It's Halloween. So? Scared that Voldemort comes after you?" Hermione flinched.

"You truly don't know."

"So you confess?"

"Nat, it's been nine years since that day."

Nathan flinched. Hermione sent him a questioning look but Harry ignored her.

"You have no idea," Harry began "how one feel when someone you love is about to die."

"Harry, I…"

"And now you tell me that I have no right to worry about you. No, I am only supposed to come whenever you want me to."

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't hav…"

"Let me tell you this: I got the message. The next time you're hurt, I won't be here."

"That's not what I mean!"

"Then what Nat?"

"Don't Nat me." He murmured.

"Then what?"

"It's…" the younger twin looked away "it's the Dementors. Th…they're horrible."


"When I'm close to Dementors," Nathan interrupted the bushy-haired girl, "I hear voices, screams, they make me see things and... you're in my visions."


"I know that it's not real," Nathan whispered, "I know but I…I can't help it. And seeing you right after…" Nathan fell silent. Suddenly Harry felt like the greatest jerk on earth.

"But they're gone, right?" Hermione softly said. "They won't come back. Professor Dumbledore promised."

"Yeah. But these things they are so…"

"I know." The two Third-Years shared a sad smile.



"I…" Nathan bite his lower lip uncomfortably, "I'm sorry."

At first, Harry didn't know what to do. So he just took his note and read aloud. "I forgive you. let's have s…sibling time together b…by playing *insert game*."

Hermione didn't look impressed. "You were supposed to name the game of your choice."

"Even I know that." Nathan smirked.

"I propose poker then."

"Alri…no way! You'll cheat!"

"I don't cheat!"

"You do!"

"I don't!'

"You do!"

"It's sibling time, 'member? I choose the game and I choose poker!"

"There is no way I'm playing alone with you then!" Nathan turned to his friend. "Mione?"

"Well," she hesitatedn "I have homework and I don't know how to play…"

"We can teach you."

"It's not as if we can win anyway, considering that he is cheating."


"Alright, alright!" Hermione interrupted them. "Will you teach me?"

"There is only one rule: no matter what, Harry's cards beat yours every bloody time."


Finally, after five parties of pocker, Harry had to leave the two Griffindor if he didn't want to be late for the feast. Halloween fest were without contest the best moment of Halloween and he wasn't going to miss the tale of Sir Nicholas's execution for nothing in the world.

"You seem really happy." Cedric remarked at dessert.

Harry smirked. "I won twenty Galleons."

"Let me guess." The Prefect sighed and put some some treatle tart on his plate. "A poker player who didn't know better?"

"S...Some did t...try to warn her but..."

"Say no more." He took some more food and sighed. "If I didn't know better, I would say you are cheating."

"I am not cheating!"

"Sometimes I wonder…"

"Twenty Galleons that Pettigrew will attack Griffindor's Common Room during the feast!"

Cedric sighed. "Fitz, it took me a while but I have finally learnt my lesson. I refuse to bet with you."

"Spoil fun. Potter?"

"I never bet."

"Super Prefect strikes again! Merlin Cedric, you are contaminating these Firsties!"

"It's strange, I was under the impression you were." Cedric dryly said.

"What are you talking about?" The oldest boy smirked.

"Why are you in Huffelpuff again? Because last time I checked, the hard-work part is a bit lacking."

"There is hard-work and hard-work."

"You took two NEWTS, Jeremy. Two." He showed two fingers.

"Three." He imitated Cedric. "Snape may have chased me from Potions but I am taking my Potion NEWT."

"Sorry but Snape was right to chase you. The Head Boy told me about your so called potion skills."

"Has it ever occurred to you," Jeremy smirked "that I chose to ruin my potions to learn?"

"You were endangering everyone!"

"And there was Snape to save the day, every time. Wood understood my reasoning and I milked it until Snape chased me. Everything went according to the plan."

"Yeah, yeah, I get it." Cedric massaged his temples. "The whole 'no Potion class with Snape anymore'."

"Exactly. I am only taking three NEWTS Diggory because I am a genius."

And here Hermione wanted to take every option because she was a genius. Someone has to explain this to him.

"Every class you say?" Jeremy blinked. Oops, apparently he has talked aloud. "Well, it is not unseen but they all have a burn-out before Christmas."

"B…but she has t…two classes at th…the same times sometimes!"

The Seventh Year frowned. "Impossible. Timetables can't allow that."

"I looked at Third Year's timetables" Cedric corrected. "Arithmancy and Divination does take place at the same time."

"Then what about those who chose both?" Cedric shrugged. "There is something fishy here… Oh," he slapped his head, "of course. Well, then that means…"

"Ex…excuse me Jeremy b…but…"

"Sorry, sorry. Tell me does she miss classes sometimes?"

He rolled his eyes. "It's Hermione."

Jeremy smiled. "Hermione you say? Seems to be a lovely girl. When can I meet her?"



"I'm free every day except Tuesday."

He was certainly going to regret it later but, why not letting the two meet? "Then…next Saturday?"

Jeremy flashed a smile. "Good. I think our discussion will be much enlightening!"

"Merlin helps up." Cedric mumbled.

"What is wrong with you today?"

"Oh, I don't know. You see, when I got up there was that huge army of rats waiting for me and then the twins turned me into a sparkly vampire..."

Jeremy looked interested. "Do tell."

Cedric wasn't finished however "…and everyone was calling me Edward! Do I look like an Edward to you?"

"Well if you were sparkling…"

"And Bella…"

"Bella, like that Griffindor in your class who wants you to father her children?"

"This Bella." Cedric nodded. "She…she tried to…why am I telling you that anyway?"

"Because you're stupid," came the immediate answer. "So what did she do? Tell me."

"After such reply you can bet I won't tell you a thing!"

"Worth a try." The pale boy shrugged.

Cedric was about to say something when Professor McGonagall hit her glass with her fork.

"Everyone! The Headmaster wants to say few words."

The silence was immediate. Dumbledore got up and began to talk.

"Twelve years ago, as some of you may remember, the Wizarding World was at war." Cedric and Jeremy slightly nodded. "Twelve years ago, the dark wizard who began this war was defeated and the Wizarding World has been in peace ever since. I however want to raise my glass to those who unfortunately never saw the end of this war. I raise my glass to those who gave their lives for what they believed to be right. Because, no matter what others may say, a man, or a child, no matter how powerful he may be, is nothing alone. A war cannot be won if there is no one to fight and sacrifice everything for a cause worth fighting for. To those heroes history won't remember, we will not forget what you did for us"

"We will not forget." Everyone raised their glass.

"And I hope that no one in that room will have to make the choice you had to do. Let's that golden age never end and let's not our differences separate us and made us forget what really matters. That's all."

Everyone politely clapped.

"How strange," Jeremy blinked "it's the first time he makes such speech."

"I'm not surprised." Cedric shook his head.

"Why?" Harry wonders.

"What do you remember about the war?" Harry blinked. "Nothing and your classmates were born in time of peace. Look at how they are named."

"How they are nam…"

"We have five Nathans."


"No one really remember these dark times. Not even I."

"As for me," Jeremy added, "it is fuzzy at best. I don't even remember his name."

"I do."


Cedric nodded, "Lord Nosferati."

Harry stared. "That's not his name."

"You sure?" Cedric blinked. "Because I'm certain…"

"Cedric, if I have to make a guess, it would be more Lord Draccu than Nosferati," he turned to Harry "right?" Harry shook his head. "Not Draccu?"

'Don't tell me… They do not say You-Know-Who's name because they do not know who You-Know-Who is?' Harry sweated.

"Oy," Jeremy asked a Sixth Year, "you know You-Know-Who's name, right?"

"We do not say his name!"

"Sure," he nodded "but I am not asking you to say it, I'm asking you if you know it."

"Of course I do!"

"Then what it is?"

"You don't know?"

"No, I don't know who You-Know-Who is. Do you know how bloody irritating it is?"

"Alright, but it's just because it's you." The Sixth Year began to whisper and Jeremy had to lean to listen.

"You sure?" He asked.


"Thanks." He turned to Cedric. "I got it! It's Maltazar!"

"Wrong guess." Harry shook his head.

"Sorry," he told the Sixth Year, "but you don't know who You-Know-Who is either."

"Of course I do!"

"Sorry but Potter here," why did Fitz have to point him? "says you don't."

"Really? Then what is it?"




"It's a car mark, Cedric."


They stared.

"Vol de mort?" Cedric tried to say it. "Isn't that, like, French?" Harry shrugged. He stared at the other two Huffelpuffs. "Does it ring a bell to you?"

"Nope, nothing."

"No bell."

"You got it wrong, Potter."

'No, I don't!' He furiously thought.

"What does Vol de mort means anyway?" Cedric turns to the Sixth Year.

"I can ask if you want."

"Ask Mike." Harry proposed.

"The Second Year?" Jeremy blinked.

"He is French."

"Really? Then why isn't he at Beauxbatons, then?"

Harry shrugged. "Never asked him.

"Dear Sixth Year, may you please..."

"Alright." He raised his hands. "I'm curious too. Vol de mort, tsk! What kind of British Dark Lord would use a French name?" A few minutes later, the answer came. "Before I begin, I want to say that you are the only one to believe He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's name is Vol de mort." Alright, that was worrying. "He told me it means in his opinion Theft of Death."

Cedric blinked. "Theft of Death?"

The Sixth Year shrugged. "Either that or Flight of Death. Considering the context, he considered this 'Dark Lord' wanted to and I quote 'trick death itself than fly with it to Neverland.'" The older students laughed.

Harry banged his head on the table. Mike!

"Sorry Harry but there is no way the most dangerous wizard of the century has such a lame name!"

And that was how He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named became He-Whose-Name-Was-Too-Lame-To-Be-Remembered.

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