Chapter 1

Unlike my brothers, Emmett and Edward, I was happy about our move to Forks, Washington. My mother, Esme Cullen wanted to move to a small town because she thought that it would be safer for us, kids. And as my father really loved my mom, here we are in our new home.

Our move was especially hard for Emmett, he had to start his senior year in a new school with new kids and he had to leave his girlfriend behind. They broke up before our move because neither of them believed in a long distance relationship. I knew it wasn't going to last, she just wasn't the One for him. Emmett is a year older than me and Edward, he is tall and very muscular, he used to play football in our old school. He looks very intimidating with his huge frame, but really he is just a big softy. He has short dark hair and blue eyes just like our father, Carlisle and nice dimples when he smiles which is quite often considering that he is a real joker. In general he is a very happy person just like I am.

Edward and I are 17 years old and we are twins, Of course at first glance no one would believe that as we look nothing alike, as a matter of fact we rather look complete opposite of each other. Edward is tall and lanky; his hair is a weird shade of bronze that is a little too long to be manageable. He has a rather introvert personality, he likes reading and listening to music, it is his passion. He has a lot of music in every genre and from every era possible. He can play the guitar and the piano, and he can compose music as well. Girls usually find him very attractive; they always throw themselves at him at every turn which annoys the hell out of him. He doesn't date much and Emmett just loves to tease him about it, but Edward always says that he wants to find someone who is interesting and natural (he really hates fake girls). Just like me, he is a hopeless romantic and waiting for the One.

As I mentioned I'm Edward's polar opposite. I'm very short and I have short black hair I like it that way because with short hair it is easier to create more styles. The only thing that Edward and I have in common is our green eyes which we inherited from our mom. My personality is more like Emmett's, I'm very outgoing and enthusiastic. Despite our differences Edward and I share a special bond as twins usually do. We are much attuned to each others feelings and moods, and we can communicate without words. This irritates the hell out of Emmett. I love fashion very much, I try to follow the latest trends, but I like to spice things up with my unique style. I have a lot of clothes, shoes and cute accessories, and I like going on shopping trips. With a hobby like this I'm very grateful that my dad is very successful doctor who can afford my little extravagance. I never had a boyfriend back home because none of the guys caught my attention. However, I have a very good feeling of Forks.

Our new house was really huge and in a beautiful setting right on the edge of the forest. It was a little way out of the town, but it was private and comfortable for all of our cars. It was a tradition in our family when we turned 16 we all got our first cars, and now everybody has their own car. Emmett has a jeep, Edward has a silver Volvo and I have a pretty yellow Porsche, and Mom and Dad have a black Mercedes. We keep all the cars in the garage right next to the house.

The house has three storeys with every necessary equipment that we need. On the first floor there is the spacious living room, the kitchen and Dad's library and study. On the second and the third floor are the bedrooms. My parents' and mine are on the second floor and the boys' are the third. Also there was a gym for Emmett and a music room for Edward. I really like my room, finally I have my own bathroom all to myself. It was a nightmare when I had to share it with Emmett. But the best part of the room, beside the awesome view, is a huge walk-in closet. Finally, all of my clothes can have their proper places. Now the organization of the closet requires some thinking, what system should I use? Should I put in the clothes according to their labels, their color or personal preference? I think I spent all Saturday figuring it out, but finally I decided that I organize it according to designer labels and within that according to personal preference. Just as I finished admiring my work, I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!" I called out. It was my mom, Esme.

"Alice, honey, if you finished here could you come down to help me?" She asked.

"Sure, I'll be down in a minute." I said and mom left. I took one last look of the room and hurried downstairs. I met my mom in the kitchen.

"So what can I help?" I figured I had to wash some salad or help with the table because I was a complete disaster in the kitchen. Once I tried to surprise Dad with a home made cake for his birthday, and I ended up with a barely identifiable and slightly burnt dollop. So from then on Mom makes it a rule that I can't be in the kitchen by myself.

"You just go ahead and the set the table. Then go upstairs and tell your brothers that dinner is ready and Dad would be home any minute." She ordered.

I was surprised. "Dad isn't at home?" I asked. I must have been pretty engrossed in the organization of my closet to not have noticed that he was gone.

"No. He had to go to the hospital to arrange the papers and to have a quick tour." Mom answered. Oh, right I forgot. You see our move is a bit oddly timed. We wanted to arrive in time for the start of school which was two weeks ago, but there were some problems with Dad's transfer papers and the house had its own problems, too. Mom is an interior designer and she designed every single detail of this house, but she didn't have time to supervise the execution as well, and they messed up the color scheme of the living room. So as a result Dad is two weeks late from work and we missed the start of school.

So after setting the table I went upstairs to look for my brothers. Edward was easy to located, judging from the sound of music, he was in his room listening to some classical music. I went into the room without knocking.

"Hey, Edward. Dinner's ready and Dad will be home soon." I announced.

"Ok, I will be down in a minute."

"Do you know where Emmett is?" I asked because I didn't want to tour the whole house looking for him. I mean he can be anywhere waiting to scare me half to death. That's one of his favorite pastimes: unexpectedly jumping at people. Edward must have read the expression on my face because he said "Yes, he is in the game room in the basement. If you want I can go and tell him about the dinner, but I think he has already smelled the food."

"Ok, thanks."

So we want downstairs together and indeed Emmett was already seated at the table waiting. Not a minute later Dad arrived. He greeted us and went to wash his hands. The dinner went as usual Mom and Dad talked about the hospital while Emmett amused us all.

The rest of the weekend went by quickly, and soon we were at the parking lot of Forks High School. We arrived in Edward's Volvo since that was the least conspicuous of our cars. We were a bit early in order to get our schedules, and I hoped I had some classes with Edward. We got our papers at the office, and the secretary, Mrs. Cope was a little flustered by both Emmett and Edward. Well, that's an interesting start! I had all but two classes with Edward. The second class is English for me and it's gym for him, and I have gym in 4th period when Edward has English. As Emmett had Biology first period we parted ways, and Edward and I started for first period History. While we had been in the office students started to arrive and now they all stared at us, the new kids. It didn't bothered me that much, I carefully designed today's outfit so I knew I looked great. However, I could feel Edward's discomfort when some girls all but stared at him open-mouthed. Near the building a blond guy approached us, I guess he was one of the brave ones.

"Hello. I'm Mike Newton. You must be the new students we were waiting." He greeted us with a smile.

"Hi. My name is Alice and this is my twin brother, Edward." I said when I saw that Edward wasn't going to say anything.

"Wow, twins. That's cool!" was Mike's genius reply. "Wait, aren't you supposed to look alike?"

"We are not identical twins." Edward said annoyed.

"Oh, it's cool. So where are you from?" He asked both of us, but he was looking at me kind of silly. I started to think there was something wrong with him, but after a while he shook himself and acted normal.

"We moved here from Alaska." I replied.

"Then Forks isn't that much of a change. So what's your first class?" He asked. When I said that we both had History his face fell a little. I guess he wanted to be alone with me as he had that class, too. So we went to class accompanied by the ever chatting Mike Newton.

So this was the pattern for the rest of the day, everyone asking us about being twins and about our moving. Honestly, these people should go out more often. The only normal person I met was Bella in English. When I got to class I was assigned to sit next to a girl with long brown hair who was looking down at her book. I sat down and when she hadn't even raised her head I decided that I should get over with it and I introduced myself.

"Hello. I'm Alice Cullen."

"Um… Hi. I'm Bella Swan." She said after a little while and she sounded surprised. Well, Bella was really beautiful in a natural way, she was a classical beauty, she just should have a little more fashion sense to bring it out more. I mean come on what is with that shirt; it hurt just to look at it. Anyway, we started to talk or I should say that I talked most of the time as Bella was shy, but in the end she invited me and my brothers to sit with her and her friend, Rosalie at lunch. So when the bell rang Edward and I started to walk to the cafeteria.

"Alice, are you sure that these girls are normal?" Edward asked. "Because I've already met some pretty annoying girls here. They are rather … bold."

"Yes, relax. Bella and Rosalie are fine." I said and he just cocked one eyebrow. "Ok, fine, I only met Bella, but I can't imagine her being friends with people like that. You are going to like her. Trust me." I said.

We went inside and started to get our lunch. Soon I spotted Bella sitting at a table with another girl. Oh, wow, that girl was really gorgeous. Although she was sitting I could tell she had a great figure and even her clothes were cool. So she wasn't as fashion challenged as Bella. When we arrived to their table Bella introduced us.

"Oh, hi Alice. This is my friend Rosalie Hale. Rosalie this is Alice Cullen whom I have already told you about." Bella said. Ok, up close Rosalie was even more beautiful. She had long blond hair, ice blue eyes and a clear complexion with just a touch of makeup. There must be something in the air here because Bella had the same clear skin. After pleasantries were exchanged and we sat down I introduced Edward.

"Bella, Rosalie this is my twin brother, Edward." He greeted them, but he seemed to be unable to tear his eyes from Bella who blushed at his intense gaze. That was interesting and very unlike Edward. However, the moment was broken by Emmett booming voice from behind us.

"Rosie, so nice of you to save a seat for me." With that Emmett sat down right next to Rosalie.

"Wait, you two know each other?" I asked surprised.

"Yeah, we have a couple of classes together, right, Rosie?" Said Emmett smirking.

Rosalie just leveled a gaze at him and said "I think I've already told you that I'm Rosalie to you."

Well, it turned out that Rosalie was a senior, too so had classes with Emmett and from the looks of it she has already got a taste of Emmett's humor. Throughout lunch Rosalie and Emmett continued their bickering while Bella, Edward and I talked. It was interesting to watch as Edward and Bella stole glances at each other. I could see that they both would make great couples. I wondered whether there was someone special here in Forks for me as well.