Episode 1: T Total (Coming Soon)

After accepting a bet from Manny that he can't go a week without drinking, Bernard transforms in to a fabulously cheerful and friendly being. His new personality becomes nauseating, leaving Manny and Fran desperate to have the old Bernard back.

Episode 2: The Reunion (Coming Soon)

Fran is invited to her college reunion, and forces Bernard to pose as her boyfriend in order to make herself seem more successful.

Episode 3: James (Coming Soon)

Bernard's handsome, successful cousin James comes to visit. Bernard is irritated, Fran is smitten, and Manny is suspicious.

Episode 4: Rap (Coming Soon)

Fran believes she has a stalker whislt Manny finds a new way to annoy Bernard: rap music.

Episode 5: Hot Patootie (Coming Soon)

Bernard finds himself try to ward off advances from a customer, whilst Manny buys a motorbike.

Episode 6: The End? (Coming Soon)

Bernard questions his future when Manny is offered a job in America and Fran's latest relationship becomes serious. But new beginnings could be on the horizon for Bernard too…