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Chapter 6

Battle of Neverland

Part 1

As I tell you our tale, I suddenly have a longing to go back. Neverland was a place where Pinocchio could wear himself out whenever he felt rambunctious beyond control, and him and I always had a swell time. Facing Captain Hook from time to time with him was, I'll admit, dangerous, but it was always amicable fighting; he knew the rule that heroes couldn't be harmed, so Hook took his defeat with no sense of shame.

But now it was different. Vitani's story in life was still happening, so she wasn't tethered by that rule. Of course, that was because everyone who had come to the Disney Kingdom prior had more experience in combat and politics, so they had no worries about keeping the "younger generation" (If Morgana could be called that) in line. This newfound ambition manifested in Vitani would be something new for the peaceful kingdom.

We were making our way to Hangman's Tree, following Smee and a few other pirates across Crocodile Creek. Vitani made no time crossing the creek; I suppose her life in the savannah had dulled her fear of them. The other pirates (Smee included) had no trouble; I can only assume that Hook's fear of the ticking crocodile had been what prevented him from finding Peter's hideout so long ago.

And then we headed north by northeast, where Hangman's Tree was only a short distance away. The entire trip had been taken in silence.

Much to the pirate's detriment.

Finally, we arrived at our destination. Hangman's Tree was silent, with the same ropes and entranceways as it always had. It was a shame that something so sinister had to have happened on such a nice night, with a bright gibbous moon and not a cloud in sight. That, of course, meant we had to work fast, for Peter would see us in the open field.

"You," one of the much larger pirates addressed Vitani. "You go down there while we surround the area." This pirate pulled one of the ropes, opening the entranceways. "Any way will get you in there."

Answerless, Vitani chose a ground-level entranceway, and we descended into the hideout of the Lost Boys.

Everything was surprisingly the same as it always had been since the tree was repaired (since Hook blew it up recently. There were still hammocks strewn along the "ceiling", the large thin mattress, the clock, and even the private area for their chief Peter. The clock was the only sound heard in there as Vitani slid down the slide into the den.

A moment of observation, and then a sigh. "This was a mistake."

This was the first time I heard her speak with worry. "What do you mean?" I asked quickly; any sort of possibility we could shirk this was worth exploring.

"This plan," she began with a quavering voice. "The way we hunt is only for beasts that run away, those we can guide to our friends. But they're going to fight back, aren't they?"

"Yeah," I said feigning worry; I was getting excited. "Maybe we should abandon this whole thing and leave it to Hook and his men."

There was a time of silence between us, and for a moment I thought we could escape with our conscience—I mean our good names intact. Vitani's breathing slowed, a good sign, I thought. Her heart beat quickly and she began to pace. I took this time to hop off and make my way for the exit, just in case she decided to leave.

A few minutes passed by (there was no telling what Peter and the Lost Boys were doing) this way. Then, suddenly, Vitani stopped, looked at me . . .

And grinned.

"This is it, Jiminy."

I became nervous. "It is?"

"Yes," she said almost dreamily. "Mother wanted me to do this so I could 'get some training;' I didn't know what she meant until now."

I approached her. "Until now?"

"The chance to be in real combat! Not just guiding him towards his demise, but actually fighting for it! This is perfect!"

I hopped onto her head and eased myself towards her ear. "Now look here, Vitani: you don't need to fight them to capture them. You said yourself that all you need to do is divide and conquer.

She laughed. "I know, and if I can, I'll do that. But if they fight . . . then it will be all for the better."

I was about to say something else (I can't remember now; I was frazzled), but there was a noise from outside. It was the Lost Boys, and they were approaching fast!

"HIDE!" I didn't have to say it twice—that counts for something, right?—as she ran for an Indian drum. We hid just as the Lost Boys entered the tree.

"That was awesome!" Slightly yelled as he reached the bottom.

"Yeah," Nibs replied, hopping off the mattress; we had to crouch back more. "Who knew that Rita could fight?"

"I know," Cubby yelled after them. "When the Colonel snapped at her, she really snapped at him!"

"Chomp—Chomp," the Twins cried as they slid down. The sound of Tootles sliding down had everybody save Peter here.

"So how do you plan on doing this," I whispered, fairly frustrated. She was silent. "Vitani?"

"I'm thinking." I felt her heartbeat speed up again; I began to sweat.

Everything that followed in the next second happened in a blur. All I felt was us darting out of our hiding place, then lurching forward, then bobbing around left and right, ricocheting off of what I could not see. Then, just like that, we darted back behind the drum.


"What just happened?" Cubby wailed.

"Why I outta," the twins yelled.

"Hang on," Cubby said, and I could hear fabric moving. "I was scratched!"

"I was bitten!"

"I was bruised

I was bruised!"

Then I heard Vitani chuckle. "How'd you like that, Jiminy?"

What else could I think? The creature I was with had just attacked a group of innocent children! And was laughing! "Are you crazy? You coulda been seen!"

Another chuckle, and then we were at it again.

"There it is!"

"I got it!"






And we were back at the drums.

"Did you see it?"

"Yeah, it looked like a small dog!"

Vitani chuckled again.

"Look!" My heart froze. "That hole's moving!"

"It escaped!"

"Let's go get it!"

Then there were the sounds of things being taken off shelves and stomping of feet as the children made their way out of the tree. All of a sudden, We bolted out again, lunged forward, and came back down. I heard a thump while I was dizzy. She didn't dash back to her place, though, and when I peeked over, I was shocked: Nibs was lying on the floor, tongue out, eyes closed. Not dead, but this nevertheless overwhelmed me.

"Oh, God! What have you done?"

Vitani was silent.


"Where was Peter?"

There was no time to think, though, as sounds of children yelling and grown men yelling came from outside. I couldn't even take a second glance at the unconscious body as Vitani dashed outside.

Out there, the five other kids were fighting the three pirates that had hidden around Hangman's Tree. Smee was trying to put Tootles in a large sack, while another was swinging a sword at the twins, and Slightly and Cubby were fighting another, much larger pirate. From a distance, we heard gunshots and a faint voice that cried, "You'll never catch me!" And then another round of gunshots. Then another.

"Peter Pan," Vitani said quietly, looking around the horizon.

It had begun.

And there's part 1 of a battle that hadn't really happened in this chapter. I must again apologize if this seemed like a waste of time to you; the ideas and words just weren't coming to me on this one.

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