Since I am starting off slow, I have changed the rating back to T. It might go up later, because of mature themes coming up. But for now, T rating it is.

Again, thank you to the people already reading and reviewing, but I still chose to do a rewrite, because I didn't really like the way it was going. So here is the new version of Broken. I am not going to give any more warnings or whatever, you'll just have to wait and see what happens ;)

Chapter 1 Show Time…

"Come on, guys… please can we go to the new arcade?" Carlos pleads, putting on his best pouting face to his friends.

"For the third time, no, Carlos. I am going to work on my science project, which is due tomorrow. Shouldn't you finish that too?" Logan points at the empty red board belonging to Carlos.

Carlos waves it off. "There's plenty of time for that after the arcade."

"Well, maybe you don't care about ever finishing high school, but I am actually looking forward to graduating in two years." Carlos rolls his eyes.

"James?" The pretty boy doesn't even look up from the mirror he is holding and keeps on combing his hair.

"Sorry, Carlitos, but I have a date." He jumps up from the couch, still holding on to the mirror tightly.

"With whom?"

"Don't know yet, but I know it'll be awesome."

"Kendall…" Carlos whines, clasping his hands together and practically begging. Kendall raises his eyebrows.

"Sorry, buddy. But I have a Real date today, with Jo." James glares at him for the date comment.

"Whatever Kendall, you know I could get any girl here in Palm Woods. All I have to do is ask her out and she'll fall head over heals for me."

"Ha! That I'd like to see."

"Alright, let's head to the pool and I'll show you."

"You're on!" Kendall yells as he follows James out of the apartment.

"But guys…" Carlos pouts as he watches them leave. He turns towards the couch, where Logan was sitting, only to find that it's now empty. "Logan?" He calls out, just in time to hear the bedroom door close. He sighs.

"Fine. I'll just go by myself then! You don't know what you'll be missing!" He waits for a response, but never receives one. "Last chance to play games at the most awesome arcade ever! I'm leaving now…"

"Ugh, fine. Whatever. I don't need you, I'll have enough fun all by myself!" He heads out the door and slams it shut behind it. He grumbles under his breath as he heads out of Palm Woods.

"Stupid friends. Always busy with their girlfriends and school. Who needs them? Good riddance.." He keeps grumbling with his arms crossed as he walks through the lobby. He doesn't look at his surroundings and so never even notices the girl he bumps into and who is now covered in an orange smoothie.

He keeps walking and heads outside.

Somewhere in a dark room…

A man sits in the shadows. A faint glow appears on his scarred face as he watches four monitors in front of him. He stares at the four figures with interest. But the moment he sees one of them head out the door, a large evil grin appears on his face.

He picks up the phone sitting next to him.

"Get ready boys, it's show time…"

Two hours later…

"I finished my project!" Logan says with a big smile as he heads out of the bedroom with his green board ready. He's surprised to find the apartment empty.

"Huh, I guess Carlos really did go to the arcade by himself." Then he puts on a grin and grabs one of his favorite books and plops down on the couch, finally the chance to read in peace. The moment doesn't last long when the door opens, revealing two friends bickering.

"The bet was, you could make any girl fall head over heals for you and you lost!"

"I did not lose, Kendall. It's not my fault that I already dated all the girls that were there."

"It still didn't give you the right to screw up my date!"

"I was bored, so sue me."

"You could have called Carlos. I'm sure he would have loved to have gone to the arcade instead of me. That way, I would still be on my date with Jo and Carlos wouldn't be sulking on the couch. Oh. Hi, Logan." Logan just waves at his friends as they plop down next to him. "Where's Carlos?"

"Don't know. I remember him yelling something about going to the arcade by himself."

"Really? We just came from there. I didn't see him." Logan rolls his eyes as James grabs his book out of his hands. "Whatcha doing?"

"I was trying to read, before you idiots destroyed the peace and quiet." Logan grabs the book back quickly.

"Well, sorry." James puts his hands up, then puts his feet on the table and turns on the TV. "Anyone know what's for dinner?"

"Uh, is anyone else a little worried that Carlos wasn't at the arcade?"

The other two guys shrug and turn their attention on the TV, stretching out their long legs on the coffee table.

"Nah. I'm sure he's fine."

Then they share a grin, before putting their arms on top of Logan's head. He groans.

"I gotta get new friends…"

Somewhere in a dark place…

A figure lies on a cold floor. The only light visible comes from a small light bulb in the hallway. It illuminates the steel bars that surround the area the small figure lies in. Water is heard dripping slowly from a leak in the roof.

A small bench is held up by chains on the wall in the right corner. More chains hang off the wall, making the space seem like an old dungeon of some sort.

The figure slowly starts to groan. His normally white sneakers are dirty with mud still hanging on the bottom. His jeans are ripped in the middle, revealing a bloody, scraped knee.

His purple, striped hoodie is covered in dark stains. He slowly moves, but groans and winces as he feels the numerous bruises his body is covered in already. He still tries his best to move up, but then quickly puts a hand to his head. He hisses as he touches a tender spot. He then brings his hand down, not surprised to see it covered in blood.

He looks around the room with his dark brown eyes growing wide. He blinks heavily as the room spins momentarily. He eases himself up into a sitting position, wincing as he bends his bruised knee.

His innocent brown eyes become scared when he finds himself all alone, surrounded by bars, with no recollection of what happened.

"Guys?" he whispers with a whimper, before pulling his knees to his chest.

There we go. Now the people who read it, already know what happened and who this is, but still. I'm trying to change the story around with more suspense. I hope you all like it.

All the guys will be featured here, just like in Big Time Bonding, this is just a very different story, with still a lot of whumpage ;)

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