One day in early June, Caitlin was at the lemon helping the last of her morning-rush customers. Sadly, none of which were cute boys, but she didn't mind. "There you go." She said politely.

Then I came along carrying a small bag. "Morning Cait…"

"Hey Mykan…! What's that you got…?"

I opened the small bag and handed her a single ripe, red, tomato, much to Caitlin's confusion. "Try it…" I said. Caitlin did love tomatoes, and she took a bit out of it. "Wow!" she cried "This is juiciest tomato I've ever had."

I smiled at her, and let her have what was left in the bag.

The rest of the gang came along, all munching on tomatoes I had given them earlier. "Delish…!" remarked Wyatt as he finished his. Even Jonesy enjoyed his tomato, and he usually wasn't the kind for vegetables. "Maybe it'll give you the energy to find a job…" Nikki teased. Her husband rolled his eyes, "Hey, I'm still trying. Have you ever known the Jonesmeister never to find work?"

"Speaking of work…" Jen said o me, "How come you're not at Comic-Cavern today, Mykan?" and I explained, "Well… Comic-Cavern will be closed today."

Jude began to feel a little uneasy, "Dude!" he cried. "Ya can't close up shop! How'll ya make a livin'? Where'll we get our comics and fame from…? What'll happen to you…?"

"Relax, Jude…!" I told him. "It'll only be closed for today. I have a very important engagement."

Jude sighed in heavy relief. "Du-hude…! Don't scare me like that."

Nikki asked where I was going, and explained that my neighbor, Mrs. McMurtry, was getting ready to host her annual start-of-summer garden party which she always hosted on the grounds of the building I lived in across the road from the mall.

The garden-green house behind the building was bustling with freshly grown vegetables and plants, I and some of the neighbors were helping to clean up the lawn and the yards. "She always promised us some of her finest cakes and brownies for helping out so wonderfully."

The very mention of such treats got the gang's mouths watering, and before I knew it, they decided to come with me. "I garden at home with my mom all the time." Jen said. "…Which is why you're lame." Jonesy mocked.

"I'm a fantastic weeder." Wyatt said.

"I'm a guy of the garden." added Jude.

Nikki decided to go for it, "My mom says every wife needs to lean to maintain a garden."

The only one who wasn't sure was Caitlin, "I don't know… I've never exactly been handy with yard-work before." But then she noticed a couple of cute guys pass by with hoes and shovels and they were talking about the gardening job. "I'm in." replied Caitlin.

I sighed, and figured she would after that…

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