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"Happy Birthday, sweetheart!" A woman with shaggy blond hair and emerald eyes with an aquamarine ring spreading from the pupil burst into the room to wake up her daughter. A girl with mahogany hair with red and black highlights turned around reciting words in Roman and holding an obsidian dagger in her right hand and a book in her left.

The woman realized she was in danger and tried to run, but she couldn't move. She could only stare into the eyes of girl she'd raised since giving birth to her. The girl's eyes, which were normally indigo with a jade ring spreading from the pupil, were now black with no sign of white. The girl's chanting grew louder as she neared her mother. The last thing the woman saw was her baby girl's black eyes and black veins spreading out from them before a cold darkness engulfed her as the dagger was plunged upwards into her heart.

The girl was covered in a thick black fog before it slammed into the girl through her mouth sending her to the wall. Once all the fog was inside of her she fell to the floor in a heap. She quickly stoop up and reach for her phone in her pocket to place a call she'd been waiting a long time to make. The phone rang twice before a gruff voice came on."Yes?"

" Daddy, it's done. My coven and I will arrive on Saturday at 3." The girl said with a smirk and an evil gleam in her now back to normal eyes.

" Good job, baby girl. You've made Daddy proud."

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