Are You Happy Now ?

Chapter One: Promises to Keep


~Before Uchiha Itachi became ANBU captain; before he became known as his clan's murderer; before he was even the Uchiha Prodigy- he had a best friend. Now Naruto's 18th birthday comes to pass, and his greatest wish is about to be granted.

This story is dedicated to true friends and family. There is no replacement for either.

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Konohagakure- 20 years ago

Namikaze Minato, Konoha's Yondaime Hokage, the Yellow Flash, scourge of the Four Shinobi Lands, and possibly the greatest ninja in the world, was stuck in a "meeting" with the leaders of Konoha's two greatest clans. Apparently their rivalry knows no bounds; some chuunin from the Hyuuga clan started a fight with some chuunin of the Uchiha clan. Now the poor Yondaime is stuck in the middle trying to solve a generation's old dispute.

He sighs. Some things never change.

Everyone in the Hokage's office immediately quiets and takes defensive stances when the doors to the room are thrown open and bang loudly on the walls. Minato cringes; he knows the angry power that just opened those doors all too well.

The clan leaders relax for a moment when they recognize the Hokage's fiery wife, Kushina, in the doorway, until they see the expression on her face, one of pure, livid, anger and frustration. Everyone in Konoha, from the oldest crone to tiniest baby knew better than to get in Kushina's way when she was mad, especially mad and very pregnant as she was now; and mercy to the poor soul who got her that way.

Minato knew what this was probably about. He was supposed to be home half and hour ago to pick up his little girl. See this was his and Kushina's second pregnancy, their first-born was a beautiful girl they named Kagome, she had her grandmother's black hair and his blue eyes- unfortunately she also had a penchant for getting into a lot of trouble, he had no idea where she got it from but Kushina says it runs in the family, then she always gives him a look like its his fault. Kushina wanted to work on the baby's room and couldn't watch Kagome at the same time, which is why Minato was supposed to bring their little girl to the tower during his lunch break. Which he missed now because of this stupid feud.

As the situation became loudly known to the rest of the people in the room, the hokage noticed a quiet woman step from around her husband. Uchiha Mikoto, a small, quiet, unassuming woman, who was very pretty and once a quite fearsome kunoichi, was the young bride of Uchiha Fugaku, the head of one of the clans that caused Minato to miss his lunch and make his wife very angry.

"Yes Uchiha-san?"

Mikoto stepped further into the room, she had no fear of Kushina; they were good friends and were genin teammates.

"What if I took little Kagome home with me, I was just about to leave for lunch and my Itachi could use a playmate his age?" She referred to the dark three-year-old at her side.

Kushina seemed to think over her friend's proposal, while the Hyuuga's silently fumed- they had no children near the young Namikaze girl's age of three.

"Sounds good, can you take her now or should I drop her off later?"

"I'll take her now and bring the children to my house. Obito and Kakashi can take her home later."

"Perfect, let's go get her then." Both women and the little boy left the room abruptly, leaving all the men behind. The clan heads decided the matter could be dealt with another day, since they each had important work to do. They said their goodbyes to the Hokage and left. Minato sighed again and his stomach growled. He glanced down at the paperwork on his desk and saw… a bento box! The Hokage grinned wide at his wife's thoughtfulness and dug in.

At the Uchiha Manor

Namikaze Kagome looked around the "playroom" again. It looked more like her daddy's training dojo than a playroom with all the weapons on the walls and well-used targets set up everywhere. She was even sure she saw an obstacle course off to the side somewhere, but that wasn't why she was nervously fidgeting. Nope, not at all, this was just the first time she ever played with anyone besides her big brother Kashi, or Rin-chan, or Bito-san. She knew it was because her mama was supposed to have a baby, her mama told her it could be a brother or a sister, but Kagome made sure to tell her mama that she wanted a brother. She thought brothers were more fun than girls, especially the ones in Kashi's fan club, they were just scary. Kagome still had nightmares about the last time she tried to make them go away. Scary.

Kagome looked back over to the boy she was stuck in here with. He didn't look so bad, maybe he's just shy.

"Hey you wanna play Ninjas and Bandits!"

The Uchiha heir merely sniffed at her, crossing his arms over his chest after throwing a kunai at a target.

"Why would I pruhtend to be somethin' I already am."

Kagome shrugged off his arrogance, Kashi and Bito-san could be the same way, "'Cause it's fun. Well what about…Hide and Seek Tag, one of us hides while the other seeks and when you get founded you run and the seeker has to tag you."

"Sounds like good trainin'."

For hours they played together, slowly loosening up with one another and having more fun. Until 15 minutes to the time Kagome would be picked up, they were left alone. Mikoto poked her head in the room and told them Kakashi was coming soon. Both children groaned they never wanted the day to end; they just wanted to keep playing forever and ever. When Mikoto left Kagome pulled Itachi over to the wall and whispered to him, "We gotta make a pwomise to be best-friends forever." She took out a kunai from her own pouch and pierced her finger, motioning for Itachi to do the same. He mimics her and they press their fingers together meshing the blood. They remake their promise and then watch as when they pull their little hands away the cuts immediately heal.

"Whoa-cool." They both quietly exclaimed at the same time.

"Now we gotta promise never to tell the adults about nuthin, we gots to keep our own secwets kay?" Kagome smiled brightly at her new friend. She just knew they would have the kind of friendship that could last forever and they would always be there for each other. She just needed to hear him make the same promise as her.

Itachi thought about it, he'd never kept anything from his parents before, except that he snuck out sometimes and that he knew how to set up 80% of his mother's traps, and that he stole-borrowed a jutsu scroll from the clan's secret library and already mastered several of them. Alright so what was one more secret.

He nodded his assent, "kay."

They smile at each other. Itachi lunges to tickle his new best-friend like his cousin Obito does to him, she dodges only to tackle him to the floor pinning him like Rin-chan taught her. They are both still there lying on the floor laughing when Mikoto, Obito and Kakashi come in the room. It was odd, because usually Kagome wasn't so comfortable with new people and Itachi rarely laughed, young as he was.

What the grown-ups don't know is that that blood oath would tie Kagome and Itachi together for many years, through hardship and separation, through time and space itself.

Eternally forever bonded.

Two years later

For the next two years Kagome and Itachi would grow closer, and spend nearly everyday together. Sometimes even letting Kagome's baby brother Souta join in the fun. They played games of pretend; they taught each other everything they knew about ninja, and no one was safe from their pranks. Not everything the two went through was happy though. Just last year Itachi and Kagome were comforting Kakashi through the worst possible time in his life; at 13 years old Hatake Kakashi, had lost his father, spent most of his life ridiculed for being the son of a man who failed to complete his mission so he could save his ungrateful teammates, been adopted into his Hokage and sensei's family, and now he has lost two of the most important people in his life.

Uchiha Obito finally gained his Sharingan only to die in a Rock ambush. He gave one of his eyes to Kakashi as payment for having taken one of his with a badly thrown shuriken. Their team medic-in-training, Inuzuka Rin, performed the transplant and then left. No one knows where she went; only that she took her canine partner Haruko with her. Only the Namikaze family and certain members of the Inuzuka clan knew that Rin left Kakashi with a summoning scroll, one that would summon the dogs she knew he was so fond of. Rin would never be seen again.

Now both children at 5 years old were about to become a big brother for the first time and a big sister for the second. Uchiha Mikoto and Namikaze Kushina had both become pregnant at the same time. Mikoto was due a few months before Kushina, who was due in October.

When Mikoto gave birth to her baby boy, whom she named Sasuke, everyone in the Uchiha clan rejoiced. Perhaps this child too would be a prodigy following in his brother's footsteps, making the clan always greater and better than all others. To Kagome it mostly meant that Itachi had less time to play since he was always helping with the baby and always watching over his new brother. Kagome understood that he needed to make certain nothing happened to the fragile little thing that would one day be a great ninja. He was so certain of it.

So Kagome would go to the Uchiha Manor most days, usually with her own brother, and she and Itachi would play with the little creatures they knew were family. Even if Souta would often wander off trying to reach things too high for him, and Sasuke would try to put everything in his mouth, and they both broke stuff all the time. It was exhausting work being the oldest.

A week before the newest addition to the Namikaze household was due, a terrible tragedy occurred. The Kyuubi-no-Youko has attacked Konoha without any known provocation. For a week Konoha has held this monster off, but not for much longer.

Kagome gazed sadly outside the window of her father's office. Her poor daddy had been so busy; he never came home and never had time for fun anymore. She had to go to his office where he was working on finding something to stop the tailed beast. Sometimes she could hear the roars of the kitsune and her heart would clench, she just felt that the creature was in pain from more than just the ninja attacking it. Everyone else just trembled in fear when they heard him. She didn't even know why she knew he was a he, but no one was ever around to talk to about any of this.

Her adopted brother Kakashi was always busy now as a chuuni- in-training to be a Jounin or ANBU, he hadn't decided yet. He was needed for so many other things he never had time for her and he was rarely home for anything, even dinner. She missed seeing him. She was one of the few who had seen him without his mask and she understood that that meant he trusted her that much. What would he do without his little sister there to keep him form getting too big a head, or to protect him from the crazy fangirls?

She wished she could be out there with him and the other ninja, defending their home, but everyone said she was too little to fight big monsters like the nine-tail. She rolled her eyes. They had no idea what she could do. She was more than ready for the Academy or any "monster", and she could do lots of things. Only Itachi knew about everything, about the weird light strong emotions can make her give off, about all the jutsu she secretly mastered from the forbidden scrolls, about how she would sneak away to the forest surrounding her family's estate and play with the animals there. Itachi knew because he helped her learn more about the lights, he learned the jutsus right along with her (he learned just a little bit faster than she did), and he snuck off with her to the forest too.

They made a child's promise to share secrets with each other and to keep the other's secrets. They have never failed that oath. They never would.

She sighed just like how her daddy often did when he was bored or frustrated with how things were going.

A blast of chakra shook the tower. Kagome held onto the window ledge so tightly her knuckles turned white.

He was getting closer.

It wasn't fair. Her mommy was about to have a baby and this demon shows up to destroy their village; Itachi was stuck inside the Uchiha compound until the Kyuubi was destroyed or the compound became too dangerous; and everyone else was too busy to play with her and Souta.

Kagome sighed again. She decided to go see her mommy who was at the house preparing for an in-house-birth since the hospital was full with wounded ninja.

Just as she left the office, she heard her father exclaim in relief, "Yes! I've found it! I-oh no."

She didn't wait to find out what the "oh no" was.

Hours later

Kagome raced through the forest surrounding her family's estate. Tears trickled down her face while she dragged her silent brother through the brush and briar.

She ran hard and fast as her little legs could carry her, her breath coming short and her chest aching from the emotional pain of seeing her mother die in childbirth; knowing that her baby brother would become a jailer for the monster in pain, and her father would be sacrificed for the village he loved. She needed to stop him, there had to be another way. There just had to be.

She finally reached the place where her father had already begun the jutsu that would trap the soul of Kyuubi within her baby brother. Kagome barely noticed that she was still holding onto Souta's hand.

She watched in mute horror as her father offered his soul to the shinigami as payment for making his son a Jinchuuriki.

Kagome looked at the baby lying on the ground, he was crying, she wanted to go to him but couldn't move. She was probably the only person who could see the chakra of Kyuubi flow into the tiny innocent body of her newborn brother.

The nine-tail opened a single eye, from its weakened position curled into himself on the floor of the earth. Kagome stared wide-eyed as the creature her entire village had been afraid of for over a week looked her straight in the eye. Her whole body shook uncontrollably, but she never lost eye contact with the kitsune.

She saw his pain and his suffering and she knew in that instant that he was not the cause of this attack on her home. Kagome knew he was sorry.

In her mind a voice seemed to echo, it was deep and warm, it reminded her of steamy summer nights when she would go stargazing with her father. That seemed so long ago now.

'I'm sorry sister.'

She broke the eye contact as the Kyuubi disappeared into the cage within her brother.

Why did he call me sister?

Kagome looked back to her father atop his toad, Gamabunta. There appeared to be two of him. One was grey skinned and dull looking, the other bright and vibrant. The bright man smiled at her widely, his eyes seemed sad though. She saw him mouth something to her.

"I love you too Daddy." Her vision blurred with a fresh onslaught of tears. He too disappeared, but into the bright void opened by the shinigami. She saw her mommy in that void.

A hand touched her shoulder; Kagome swiftly looked up at her father's friend, Higurashi Takeo. He said something to her, but she could barely hear over the buzzing in her ears. Looking back she saw the gray-haired man who was the Third Hokage; lift her wailing brother into his arms. She followed the Higurashi man back through the forest to a place she recognized as the part of her family's lands that bordered with the Higurashi clans. She rubbed her eyes and nose with her sleeve. Daddy wouldn't want to see her cry.

The Goshinboku, the god-tree, towered over the three of them. A well was situated not far from it, a well she knew was dry. She calmed down and listened as Takeo explained to her that she and Souta were in danger from enemy-nin that had infiltrated the village to assassinate the Hokage and his family during this last hour of the Kyuubi attack. He was going to take the two of them to another world where they would be safe. Something was off about this to Kagome. She trusted him with her life, but her Uncle Takeo wasn't telling her something.

"What about Kakashi and Itachi, are they coming too?"

He shook his head, "No Little Angel, Kakashi has his ninja life here, and he needs to stay here if he wants to accomplish any of his dreams. Itachi has a family here; you wouldn't want to take him from his family would you?"

She scrunched up her face in thought, she didn't want Kashi to fail in his dream and she knew now what it was like to lose a family, she couldn't do that to her best friend. Then it hit her.

"What about Naruto? What about our baby brother?" She started to get upset. Kagome already knew the answer.

"I'm sorry Kagome; Naruto won't go through the well with all that demonic chakra flowing through him. He will have to stay here."

"No, No, NO!" She screamed at him as he picked her up, kicking him wherever she could reach. A kunai sliced through the air, landing on the god-tree. Takeo turned to face the attackers, as Konoha-nin landed on each side of him. One was Kakashi, the other was also familiar to Kagome; it was Anko, the snake-lady.

Kakashi told Takeo to finish the mission, and to take good care of his family. He glanced back at Kagome letting her know they would see each other again someday.

That was so not what she wanted to hear. "NO! I won't go, I won't!" Takeo picked Souta up, took two steps back and jumped into the well, through time and through space.

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And here's a little chapter sneak peek:

Their fight was over. Itachi won as he knew he would.

"Come on Shisui, let's forget this ever happened and go home."

He reached out his hand to help his cousin up, but he was too late in realizing his cousin's true intentions.

"No…Shisui, why?"

Shisui coughed blood onto Itachi's chest. He grinned wildly up at his cousin.

"To give you a power you couldn't have without the blood of your best-friend."

He fell back. His eyes had gone blank with a kunai handle-deep in his chest. The kunai Itachi still held onto.

And end scene.