Are You Happy Now?

Chapter Three: Innocent Illegitimate


~Before Uchiha Itachi became ANBU captain; before he became known as his clan's murderer; before he was even the Uchiha Prodigy- he had a best friend. Now as Naruto's 18th birthday comes to pass, and his greatest wish is about to be granted; family.

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Last Time/ recap: Kagome, Souta and Naruto are the children of Minato, the Fourth Hokage, and Kushina of Whirlpool. Kagome and Itachi are best friends. Kakashi was adopted by his sensei (Minato) and his teammates have disappeared/ died. Naruto did become the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. Same night Kagome and Souta were taken to Tokyo by their father's friend and neighbor, Higurashi Takeo. Higurashi's adopt the two children. Naruto does not know he has any family. Souten and Shippo were mated and had children who were killed by a "human with demon eyes", explaining why Shippo, aka Kyuubi, was forced into a demon rage. We find out why Itachi really hates his father because he is a grade "A" jerk who likes to beat up his own children and has clan and possessiveness issues. Itachi is a chuunin soon to be a jounin. Itachi runs away with Sasuke to the place where Kagome vanished. Kakashi, now an ANBU, is the only one who finds him. Then Kagome returns.

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Tokyo, Japan

It had been three years since Higurashi Takeo stole Namikaze Kagome and Souta away to another world. Kagome was eight now and had been in elementary school for some time. Although making friends had always been an easy thing for Kagome, she felt out of place in the institute of learning. Writing and reading systems were much the same in Tokyo as they had been in Konoha, but other things were different; she suddenly had to learn about a history not her own, heroes she never grew-up hearing about, and none of the lessons had anything to do with the lifestyle of a shinobi. She was living in a world where the people believed ninja were nothing more than assassins for hire from past eras. Then she had to get used to people calling her Higurashi Kagome rather than Namikaze, but none of that mattered much because she still had Souta and she had a new family to take care of her. It took her a long while, but she eventually forgave Takeo for not taking the baby along or giving her a chance to say goodbye to anyone. She might be stubborn but she wasn't stupid, staying around any longer would have given the enemy more time and chances to try to kill her and her family.

There were other things about this new world that Kagome couldn't help but love: anime, the many cultures, the big city with lights that outshone the stars, the numerous fighting styles she could learn, no one from this world knew a thing about real ninjutsu or genjutsu so she got away with a lot of things that would have gotten her in trouble back home, video-games, arcades, the advanced technology- computers and cell-phones were amazing to her, and the abundant choices in food right at ones fingertips. Amazing. It astonished Kagome how much time the people in this world spent on their own personal entertainment; Medias and devices that would have been solely used by shinobi during missions and during other potentially dangerous activities, were used for recreation here. People were so weak; it amazed Kagome that they had survived so long in a world constantly plagued by war and terrorism, even at a domestic level.

Today was a sad day though. Takeo, the man who had become a very close friend and father-figure to her had died 2 weeks ago. No one was there to teach her, to hold her when the nightmares were too much, to connect her to the world she and her brother belonged in. No one could fill the ache in her heart that opened again after so long. No one…

This is what led Kagome to where she was. Sitting on the first step leading down into the well-house, Kagome eyed the enchanted well with something akin to suspicion and distrust. She had an idea and it could work, or it could get her stuck in the hospital again. Kagome did not like hospitals; they were too white, too clean, too un-homey, and smelled like bleach and old blood.

Takeo had told her to never go down the well; he said that he would bring her when she was older. He went so far as to put seals on the whole building to let him know if she ever tried to go back. Well, she was older now, stronger too, and the only way she could get better was if she went down the blasted well.

Kagome stood; she wasn't going to let a magic well stand in the way of her going home any longer. "Okay Kagome, you can do this. Just remember what you were taught."

She walked down the last of the steps, checking over her shoulder one last time to make sure no one was home yet. Mama Higurashi had taken Souta shopping with her and Gramps was on the other side of the shrine. Kagome had taped a note explaining where she was on the shoji of the well-house. She had things to do and people to see. She promised herself to bring Souta with next time; he was going to be so angry when he found out.

Placing her hand on the ancient wood of the well, she allowed her chakra to flow through her. Deep breaths…in and out…The bright energy flowed through her entire being, circulating to her fingertips and into the well, her brow wrinkled in concentration. Her eyes snapped open, glowing with the chakra that filled her to the core. "Take me home."

She continued pumping her chakra into the well until it accepted her advances, only when the well began pulsing with its own awakened energy did she stop.

Kagome smiled for the first time in a long while, "Look out everybody, I'm coming home."

She jumped.

She disappeared.

Current Time- Konohagakure, Higurashi/ Namikaze land

"Seriously, are you guys just going to stand there all day or are you going to help me up."

Itachi and Kakashi seemed to come to their senses as they came to the realization that this was not in fact a dream. She really was here. Quickly Itachi jumped into the well not expecting it to start glowing oddly all around him, slowing his descent until the lights faded away and he landed on the dirt…in the dark.

"Tachi, did you really have to jump into the magic well to get me?"

Itachi could just barely make out the form of a girl his age shaking her head at him. Upon activation of his Sharingan, he saw that it was in fact his Kagome, smiling broadly at him, with longer hair than he remembered and wearing strange civilian clothes.

…"Ka-Kagome?" It was she wasn't it? He wasn't dreaming about her again? His memory was good, but he didn't think that his subconscious imagination was so great that he could think up such unusual, almost unpractical, clothes for a young girl that really did look like his best friend, as she would look now, not as she did when they were five. Itachi didn't think he could handle the disappointment if it wasn't her. Not now. No…definitely not now.

She sniffed trying to hold back the tidal wave of emotions threatening to take her over, just as they did those few years ago.

"Oh, Itachi!" Kagome jumped into the arms that received her naturally after years of experience.

Oh yeah. It was Kagome. Only she could be like that. Young as she was, Kagome had the rare ability to make anything okay. She made all awkward situations comfortable and gave his world a light in all the darkness. He knew in his heart, hidden as it now was that this was his Kagome and no one else.

All at once the tension left his strained body, yet he still held on to her, if anything he held on tighter; silently refusing to let go.

Itachi heard her mumble something into his shirt. "What?"

She turned her little face up to his, her sapphires meeting his black marked rubies. "I said, 'I'm so glad that I'm not dreaming right now'. You're really here. I wished and wished so hard, and it took so long, but you're really here and I'm really here and this isn't a dream and I'm so happy!" By the end of her rambling statement she had tears streaming down her face like little waterfalls. It clenched Itachi's heart to see her try so hard not to cry, she hated crying and thought it was babyish. It was, but Itachi figured that there were exceptions to this rule as there were to every rule. He decided Kagome was worthy of exception.

They stayed like that, two little children wrapped up in each other's arms, doing their best to stave off the harsh reality of their worlds.

As Kagome's tears dried she realized something. Something rather important; they were not in the bright sunshine that was in the Land of Fire. They were in the dark. They were…oh darn it. Kagome pulled at Itachi's shirt-sleeve. He looked at her quizzically. She used a single index finger to point upward.

"Come on. We need to get up there so we can jump back in."

"What- but- wait…are we in your new world?" His eyes moved frantically, trying to take in everything inside the small dark space…there wasn't much there, but there would be-

"Yeah, and you can explore it with me on a different day. I want to go home Itachi."

All of Itachi's protests died on his lips the moment he looked back at Kagome. So he held her close, leapt to the top of the well, took a longing glance around the safe, secure world that was opened to him, and jumped back into his own dark and dangerous world. But somehow it didn't seem so bad- not so long as she was holding his hand.

Itachi having donned a genjutsu to appear as someone else- anyone else- had decided to be the one to escort Kagome around the village while Kakashi took Sasuke to his apartment, the last place anyone would look for him.

Together the young children traversed the village occasionally shopping for the ninja gear Kagome needed for herself and Souta. They caused mischief at every turn, pulling minor pranks on crotchety old villagers, and of course, stopping bullies. They found out that they both hated bullies, neither having much contact with any before the Kyuubi Attack, and when they saw chuunin picking on a young genin they couldn't help but help.

The trio continued around the village their numbers growing as Itachi was found by his teammates and forced to introduce his best friend and his new friends. Kagome, who made fast friends with everyone, shy Iruka, bold Hana, and shrewd Shisui were not immune to her innocent charm. By the end of the day, Kagome only had a few things left to do before she had to go home:

1. See the Hokage -to inform him of Higurashi Takeo's death and to ask him to instate her as an inactive genin, since she already was one unofficially.

2. Eat some dinner at Ichiraku's- her father's favorite place to eat!

3. Find Naruto- it was about time she met her baby brother.

Walking along the streets of Konoha, familiar places and people had clearly changed in the years she had been gone. Much of the village had been rebuilt after the Kyuubi Attack, with new memorials and much stronger walls. Kagome walked inside the Hokage tower, a place she remembered well from her younger years, and alone spoke with Hokage Sandaime Sarutobi. She told him how her adopted father died, and that she and her brother were still training as shinobi. Then she demanded to be tested to become a genin, inactive though her status would be, she didn't think it was fair that Itachi was about to become a jounin while she still had yet to become an official genin. Due to the unusual circumstances of the young girl, and his own surprise at seeing her again after all these years, Sarutobi agreed to test her himself. She passed with flying colors and shocked the Hokage himself with the immense power she held within.

Quickly leaving the tower, her hitai-ate wrapped around her arm, hidden under the sleeve of her shirt, she, Itachi (still in disguise), Shisui, Hana, and Iruka walked the market-place of the village headed towards Kagome's favorite noodle shop, Ichiraku's! After getting some food, they went out to find Naruto and Kiba. Hana wanted to get her brother because he, Sasuke, and Naruto were all the same age and would be going to the academy together. So they picked up Kiba from the Inuzuka home, and headed off for the orphanage where Sarutobi said Naruto was staying. When they got there, he wasn't to be found. Apparently he had a habit of leaving early in the morning, before anyone else was up, and getting in late, as most everyone else was in bed. Only three and he's causing mischief. He's definitely his mother's son.

Kagome was shocked by her brother's living conditions, he had hardly a mattress worth sleeping on, let alone what you could call a blanket, no toys, no pictures, no books, and the orphanage was hardly looked after since the wealthy clans took care of their own, there was little to no food. And Naruto, according to the kindly caretaker, was being picked on so much by the older children and adults- those who remembered the Kyuubi Attack those few years ago. But no one could do anything about it, except the Hokage who's Black Ops forces have had to step in more than once on Naruto's behalf.

Kagome and Itachi immediately set out looking for the blonde boy. He would be in his own apartment with proper caretakers by nightfall if they had anything to say about it. The two friends eventually came to the Academy playground.

"I should be going to school here, with you, and Iruka and Hana-chan, and Shisui." Itachi didn't say anything. He didn't have to. She knew he felt the same.

They heard sniffling and went to investigate coming upon a very sad looking little boy wearing clothes that weren't fit for anything but rags and covered in dirt sitting on the swing. He had familiar blonde hair.

Kagome carefully walked over to him. She didn't want to scare her little brother the first time meeting him.

A twig snapped beneath her feet. The boy's head snapped up, he looked set for fight or flight any second. He looked just like his father.

"It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you." Kagome spoke softly hoping not to startle him. She came forward a little closer and reached out her arm, but that only seemed to make him more frightened.

What could have happened to make a Namikaze so fear the touch of another?

Kagome settled for just standing near her brother.

"Your name's Naruto isn't it." She paused for an answer. None came.

"My name is Kagome, and this is my friend Itachi. We've been looking for you."


"If you like we could take you to another friend of ours who has been waiting a long time to meet you. He's my older brother."

Just as Kagome was going to continue with a different sentence Naruto spoke;

"Are you going to take me back to the orphanage?"

Her eyes instantly watered- she was never going to let her baby brother go back to that awful place.

Itachi was surprised at how well he spoke for a three-year-old.

"No, no, no." she dropped to her knees. "You are never going back there- not if I have anything to say about it, and I should. You are my little brother after all."

Kagome tentatively reached out her hand to the little boy, her heart pounded, hoping against all hope that he would take her hand. That he would accept her.

Itachi watched with apprehension, wondering if this little blonde boy had any idea that he had the power to break the girl offering him her love.

Naruto lifted his head slowly. Both older children could see the tear stains and smudges of dirt that covered his face. Itachi was pretty sure he saw some rather nasty bruises littering places that weren't so visible before. Sarutobi had a lot to answer for.

Kagome and Itachi both watched carefully as Naruto gently placed his small hand in Kagome's delicate one.

A smile that rivaled the sun itself broke across her face as a less exuberant one stretched across his.

She pulled him in and hugged the little boy for all he was worth. No one would ever hurt her little brother again. Not if she could help it.

After stopping by a few stores for necessities and proper clothes and a cute little toad wallet that Kagome couldn't pass up on getting him (It looked too much like a chibi Boss Toad!), they dropped Inuzuka Kiba and Naruto off at Kakashi's apartment for a play date with Sasuke. It seemed only right since they were all going to be in the same academy class together.

That was many hours ago and since then the group of friends had managed to accomplish many things; they bought a small apartment for Naruto near Iruka's place and even managed to find a new apartment for Itachi, who refused to go back home and wouldn't say why. Kagome wondered, but didn't question her friend; she knew he would tell her when he was ready.

Now it was getting late and some of them needed to be getting home. Hana took her brother and her triplet canine partners back to the Inuzuka district for a dinner she still had to cook *. Shisui left next saying he was expected home for dinner soon. Iruka stayed longer, but in the end decided to leave as well, he said they needed to get Naruto settled into his new place.

Naruto's eyes nearly popped out of his skull upon first seeing his apartment. He couldn't believe that it was all for him. There were toys and books, scrolls and new clothes, blankets and fridge full of food! He was so excited about all these new things that were now his, he wanted to play with all of it and his new friend Sasuke who was falling asleep in his brother's arms. Speaking of which…a large yawn escaped unbidden from Naruto's throat.

Kagome and Itachi just looked at each other and decided to put them both to bed here. Putting them both in Naruto's new pajamas and tucking them into bed, Kagome sang them her favorite lullaby* and promised to tell them both a story the next time she was home and to make breakfast in the morning. Both toddlers, that was what they were, drifted off to sleep with their bellies full, smiles on their faces and all the pains of earlier forgotten.

Kagome looked at Itachi and for the first time noticed how…different he looked. Not bad different, just a different different. She shook her head to clear it of such weird thoughts. Souta was right, getting older was making her act strange.

"Come on Itachi, let's go check out your apartment across the street."

Together the little boy and girl raced across the street, temporarily forgetting the things never far from their thoughts. Kagome was leaving tomorrow, and Itachi still had to face his father.

They slid open the window on the top story apartment and slipped inside. Closing the curtains and turning on a few lights, they looked around. It wasn't much, just a two bedroom apartment with a small living room and kitchen, a closet, a bookshelf, and a bathroom with just a shower. The second bedroom would be nice for Sasuke.

Itachi's heart clenched when he realized he couldn't keep Sasuke with him. Sasuke had to go home to a family that would see his kind heart and happy nature as weakness. They were going to tear him apart…if Fugaku didn't kill them first.

Kagome quickly glanced around the space, her young mind already able to assess the weakest points in the apartment. She nodded briskly once, still in approval of the space she helped choose.

"It's a good place. Kind of empty," There was only a few things already furnishing the apartment which was just fine with Itachi, "but I think it'll suit you."

She smiled at him, but immediately noticed he wasn't paying attention to her*.

"Itachi…what's wrong? Why do you want to leave home so badly? Why are you favoring one arm?" She waited patiently. Even at such a young age she'd already learned what it meant to be patient with boys like her friend.

Itachi was a little surprised that she'd noticed he was favoring one arm, trying to avoid bumping the arm Fugaku nearly broke earlier. He was trying to conserve his chakra and didn't bother healing it, especially once Kagome was around.

Itachi saw that look on her face, *sigh* that look always meant trouble for him.

"I'm just having trouble at home." She kept looking at him with the big eyes and understanding face.

"Fugaku's just a jerk."

Same look.

"…he hits me- alright."

Kagome's eyes widened. She never liked the guy and always got a bad vibe from him, but to hit his own son…

"He hits me and there's nothing I can do about it. Nothing I could…"

Silence stretched between them. She waited knowing he would continue.

"Today it wasn't just me- I mean I was okay that it was me as long as Sasuke was left out of it, I can take care of myself- today though, today he used Sasuke against me…"

She ran to him and quickly placed her arms around him in an embrace. He was so bitter, so hateful sounding. It was hard for her, never having felt like that towards her own father, to imagine feeling like that towards one's own.

She pretended to not notice the wet stains on her favorite shirt.

"I can't go back-I can't go back."

But they had to.

Within a few hours the 8 year olds were sneaking into the most heavily guarded district in Konoha and the most highly defended house, Uchiha Manor.

Quickly getting into Itachi and Sasuke's rooms, sealing into a scroll any of their important belongings then just as they were leaving the district Itachi noticed the Clan Council was in session in the Hall. But why would they be in session when the meetings are always on the first Saturday of the month. It was Tuesday and the middle of April.

Itachi, convincing Kagome they should check it out, concealed his chakra as she did also and crept to look down upon the proceedings from the rooftop.

Looking down on the clan elders, they witnessed Fugaku leading an assembly of elder Uchiha clan members and addressing a young woman- a civilian if her manner of dress was anything to go by. She had something in her arms, but the position of Itachi and Kagome prevented them from seeing what it was.

"Why have you returned? Has the council not already made it clear that without proof of the child's paternity, proof that it is the child of an Uchiha, then we will not accept it nor help you in any way? If you have nothing different to show us, then remove yourself from this district at once or be removed."

They saw Fugaku signal two members of the police force to "escort" her out.

"No wait! Please, my daughter is special!"

"All parents believe their children are special, I doubt yours is any different from any number of civilian children, now leave and cease disturbing this family!"

The mild-mannered woman seemed to gain a back-bone at those words. "My daughter is special and a child of this clan- she possesses a Sharingan!"

A general uproar occurred as she produced proof of it. Un-wrapping the baby blanket, she showed the council the red eyes on the innocent face of the baby. None there could deny it any longer, the black haired and once black eyed child was in fact an Uchiha and in clear possession of a Sharingan, something fewer and fewer Uchiha were able to do these days. And never so young.

Amidst the commotion Itachi heard the same condemning words that Fugaku did

"How incredible, when Uchiha-sama's eldest, the prodigy, did not develop a Sharingan until he was much older than this babe, and his youngest son hasn't even shown signs of developing one."

The room quickly grew cold at those words.

"Leave now." The civilian woman gathered up her baby and backed out of the hall as quickly as possible.

Kagome turned to follow the woman, but Itachi stopped her. "Wait," he said.

Settling back onto the roof, they listened carefully to what was said.

"This woman and her bastard child are a disgrace, a stain on our clan name. They must be eliminated."

Itachi and Kagome shared a look, staying long enough to hear Fugaku begin to select people to go after the civilians.

Once they were outside the district they knew they needed to find that woman. Find her and help her however they could.

[a.n. thought about ending it here, but I felt I needed to get this bit out first. And I had threats against my being…I do not appreciate the threats.]

Itachi and Kagome easily caught up to the woman headed to the merchant district. She searched all around nervously, still clutching that quiet babe to her breast. The two children stepped out of the shadows before her…they needed to talk to her.

"Please, wait. We can help you!" cried Kagome to the stranger. "Please, Fugaku is sending shinobi after you. Let us help."

The woman considered what she was told and she knew she had stepped over a line tonight. All she wanted was a better home for her child than what she had, but even that was too much to ask for a child born out of wedlock to a less than financially secure mother and a father who rejected them both. She knew he had lost his son, why couldn't he accept his daughter?

She looked at them with narrowed eyes, worry clouding her judgment of the two children where her baby girl was concerned.

"Why should I trust you? He's the heir of the clan trying to kill me, why should you help?"

There were so many things to say that were so complicated it would take longer than the time they had to say them all, but she would only believe the truth…

"It's the right thing to do."

She was shocked. It had been so long since someone offered to help her simply because it was the right thing, to help her without getting anything in return. There was just something about that little girl with those big blue eyes. Whatever happened, she felt she could trust them and she always trusted her intuition. It was the only thing she could count on. Even if the dark innocence surrounding the boy frightened her, she instinctively knew he would understand the need to protect those weaker than oneself.

Taking one loving look into the bundle of cloth, she gave her a little kiss and told her sweet nothings. "Take my baby someplace safe, and don't come back for me. Her name is Rin, Uchiha Rin, she's Uchiha Aki's daughter."

Before Kagome knew what was going on, she had a little baby in her arms, almost too big for her. She was amazed. How precious a little thing could cause so much pain.

Aki was Obito's father…this little girl was Obito's baby sister.

"Go now, before they get here. I'll be enough to distract them while you get away."

Itachi and Kagome looked uneasily at each other. What she said made sense logically, but it didn't feel right to leave her behind. Kagome wasn't trained to complete her mission no matter the cost, not like Itachi had been.

"I don't care what happens to me, just get my little girl away and make sure she knows how much I love her."

They nodded. There was nothing left to do.


Itachi and Kagome ran, though leaving the mother behind left a bad taste in their mouths.

She watched the children disappear in the darkness with her baby hoping she was right about them. And then there was nothing. Nothing at all.

Kagome and Itachi brought the baby girl to the well, the only really safe place in Konoha.

"What do we do? We only took the baby so we could protect them both, 'cause your dad turned out to be a nutcase! We can't take of her- she needs a mom, except now she doesn't have one and- wait…what if she went to Tokyo?"

Itachi looked at his raven haired friend in thought. The idea had merit. She had said her foster mother didn't have any of her own children and then baby Rin would be very safe from the clan.

"Okay, we'll send her through the well."

Preparing to lower the wrapped baby down with Itachi, he held her with the experience he had gained from taking care of Sasuke.

Looking into the face, he couldn't see how Fugaku could have possibly denied it. This little girl was undoubtedly an Uchiha. An Uchiha that would be raised beyond Fugaku or anyone else's control; she would not be raised to be a weapon, to be disposed of whenever someone decided she was too dangerous for the rest of the clan. She would be safe, she would be happy, and she would be loved. Above all else Itachi hoped for that.

He leapt in;

and immediately noticed the difference.

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