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"Thor! Where are you?" Loki called as he wandered the halls of the palace, searching for his older brother, who was currently nowhere to be found.

Loki sighed, cursing Thor under his breath. Where was he? Of course, whenever Loki didn't want him, he seemed to be everywhere. But now that Loki actually needed him, he was gone. Typical.

He turned another corner and headed out to the training courtyard. At the moment, it was filled with soldiers practicing sword fighting, archery, and the likes. Loki never had much of an interest in physical feats, preferring to study magic and literature. He found it to be much more useful then acts of strength and valor. Unfortunately, the majority of Asgard did not agree with his standpoint.

Unbeknownst to many, however, Loki did work on his sword technique whenever he was completely solitary, but that was a secret he'd rather not share.

Loki stood and studied the crowd of people, knowing that if Thor was anywhere, it would be here showing off his skills. Sure enough, Loki soon spotted his brother's blonde hair, glinting in the sun. He was in a battle against Sif, their mutual friend.

"Thor! THOR!" Loki called, attempting to gain his elder brother's attention.

Thor heard his name being called, and he froze mid-swing, turning around to search for the source of the noise. He spotted Loki, who was frantically gesturing for him to join him. Thor threw down his sword, apologized to Sif for having to leave, and jogged swiftly over to where his younger brother was standing.

"Where have you been? The meeting started twenty minutes ago," Loki asked, glaring up at his much taller fifteen-year-old (in Asgardian years, obviously) brother. "Don't you remember? We were to walk down together, as Father ordered us to. I waited for nearly ten minutes, but when you never showed up, so I went and searched for you."

Thor merely blinked in utter confusion. "What meeting are you talking about, brother?" Then, almost as an afterthought, he added, "Is this another one of your tricks?"

"Oh, no. Please don't tell me you forgot the all important meeting that Father told us both about this morning." Loki shook his head, but he wasn't exactly surprised at his brother's blunt stupidity.

Thor just stared at him, his small brain not comprehending what Loki was talking about.

"I can't believe you. Father will have your head if he finds out you've forgotten already!" Loki cried desperately. "Come! We must not keep them waiting any longer!"

He grabbed Thor's arm, spun around, and attempted the drag him along the corridor. Thor stood rooted in his spot, not paying any mind to Loki's insistent pulling. He shuffled through his mind, trying to figure it out.

Realization suddenly dawned on Thor's face. "Wait... You mean that I forgot about THE meeting? How come nobody reminded me that it was today?" Thor asked angrily.

Loki almost face-palmed. With an exasperated sigh, he very carefully explained, "We did remind you. Several times. Including this morning at breakfast."

"Oh, no, Loki," Thor groaned, being ever the obnoxious idiot Loki knew him to be. "We must go! Hel, we're going to be in so much trouble."

Thor proceeded to run, then, with Loki trailing behind him. The brothers dashed through the winding halls of Asgard, coming to a stop when they reached the large bronze doors to the throne room where the meeting was being held.

Thor marched boldly through the doors, making as grand an entrance as he possibly could. Loki slinked in after him, sticking to the walls as to not be noticed.

Odin sat atop his magnificent throne, Queen Frigga at his side. All the kings' advisors were also present, and none of them were looking very pleased. In fact, each and every occupant of the spacious room, save for even-tempered Frigga, was glaring daggers at the two boys.

Thor's look of boldness melted into a sheepish grin to match his brother's.

"Forgive our tardiness, Father. Thor had forgotten about the meeting entirely, and I went to find him so he would not miss out on something as important as this," Loki said smoothly, stepping from the shadows, and being ever the silver tongue he was.

Thor turned to his younger brother and began to protest. "I did not forget, Loki! It merely slipped my mind! That's all!"

"What mind, exactly, are you talking about? Oh, pray, do tell," Loki retaliated, a smirk forming on his pale face.

Before Thor could even begin to think of a comeback to that, Odin stopped them both.

"Boys! Enough! This is the third time this month that you have forgotten a meeting, Thor. And you, Loki, are constantly starting fights with your brother. This is not how your mother and I raised you," he all but yelled, completely exasperated.

"Odin... Calm yourself..." Frigga warned, attempting to settle her husband down.

Odin shook her off and angrily stood, descending the gilded stairs to the marble floor. He marched over to the boys who quelled under his furious look. They had never seen their father act this way before, and quite frankly, it was rather frightening.

"You two need to start acting your age! You need punishment." With a loud clang that echoed around the hall, he brought his Gungnir down on the tile.

"W-what kind of punishment, Father..?" Thor asked in a small voice, shrinking back.

Odin thought for a moment, and then continued, "You will live amongst the mortals for no less than six months and longer if need be. You will attend a mortal school for this time, and you will not complain. Perhaps this will teach you to think once and a while."

"Odin! This is absolutely unreasonable. Please, rethink this!" Frigga urged, also standing.

"Hush, Frigga! They need this. They'll have to learn how to deal with mortals eventually, anyways, and this is the golden opportunity. Now go, pack your belongings. You will leave tomorrow morning at sunrise." He then dismissed the brothers with a wave of his hand.

Thor and Loki exchanged nervous glances, and then scurried out of the throne room to begin preparing for the long, possibly tortuous, next six months.