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Christmas One-Shot Chapter: The Way Back To Your Heart

Harry's POV

Harry opened the door to his and Severus' apartment and was greeted by the darkness. He switched on the light then took off his scarf and jacket.

"Nimbus," He called out to his cat that was nowhere in sight, sighing when there was no response from her.

Shaking his head slightly, he entered the bedroom and opened Severus' wardrobe then took out a rather crumpled suit like he'd done every day for the last nine months. He slipped into the bed and pressed the suit closely to his face, trying to inhale whatever the scent that was left.

A sob broke through his chest. The suit was the last thing that connected him to Severus since the man had a horrible plane accident and was declared to be lost. The government had given up months ago, but he had sent the company's PI to continue searching. At first, he had searched for Severus by himself, but as time went on his friends reminded him that the hole that Severus left in the company must be filled, so he came back. He wanted to believe that anytime Severus would come back, and the older man would be angry if he found the company in shambles due to his absence.

Sev, I've done what you've always wanted; I have come back to the company, so please come back to me, he begged silently, his eyes tearing up. It felt like yesterday that they were arguing hotly about why he wouldn't return to the company. Yet, even though he loved Severus very much, the memories were slowly fading away like the scent on Severus' suit. He began to forget what Severus looked like, what he sounded like, how he smelt. He was afraid that one morning he would wake up and couldn't remember anything about Severus anymore.

The sound of something furry purring near his head distracted him from his dark thoughts. Nimbus mewed and butted her head under his jaw, her soft fur tickling him.

"You're right girl; it's not like me to sound so pessimistic," said Harry to Nimbus, wiping his tears.

He got up from the bed and took Nimbus into his arms then walked to the window, looking at the full moon which was giving off bright silvery light.

"Who knows, maybe Severus is looking at the same moon right now," he said softly, stroking Nimbus' head. The thought made him less lonely.


On another continent

A pale, black haired man who was wearing old orange overalls stood by the sidewalk, staring almost in a trance at the moon.

"Harry…" called a woman's voice.

"HARRY!" The woman repeated loudly with an impatient tone which almost made the black haired man jump to his feet.

"Yes?" the man answered.

"Customer," she said, pointing with her thumb at the red car which was parked at garage near the gas station where he worked.

"Right away, ma'am," he mumbled, walking hurriedly to said car.


Half month later

"Harry, where are you," asked Hermione from his phone's speaker.

"Ireland," replied Harry curtly.

"Ireland?" repeated Hermione, sounding concerned. "You're searching for Severus?"

The plane had originally been heading back from London to the U.S. when it had to do an emergency landing on the southern tip of Ireland.

"Yes," he said, looking helplessly at the site of the crashed plane.

He had rushed to the site after the company's business was finished for this year; nothing was left there. The plane wreckage had been moved to somewhere else. All that was left were scraps of metal which were scattered around and a sunken pit which was most probably where the plane had landed.

Hermione reminded him tentatively, "Harry, it's Christmas tomorrow."

"So? What do you want me to do? Severus might be out there, alone!" replied Harry, frustrated.

"Your PI…" Hermione began.

"…is not doing a fucking good job!" he growled. "He. is. not. dead!"

And so he told himself, but there was no news for months on end, none whatsoever. He was at his wits end.

At her shocked gasp, he felt a bit guilty and said, "Sorry, 'Mione… I – I'll call you again later."


"God," Harry muttered and banged his hand on the steering wheel.

Was this some kind of twisted fate? He had lost his parents in an accident. And, now he was going to lose Severus too?

Harry let out a loud frustrated groan as his gaze fell on the fuel gauge. It was almost empty, not to mention soon, it would be too dark to go on searching for Severus. He pulled off the road and looked for the nearest gas station on his map. Hopefully, he would also find his dinner and a place to rest there.


The road took him to a very small village. Harry doubted that he would ever come to this place if not for the gasoline. The village's name was practically off the map. He might be able to buy some food at the village's grocery store that he just passed, but finding a place to rest would be much more difficult. This place didn't seem to have many visitors after all.

He opened the door and got out of the car. There was no one at the gas station. He couldn't swipe his credit card at the machine because it was one of the old ones that were apparently still up and running in Ireland but without a glass jar filled with people's money like in those old movies he had seen before.

Then how am I supposed to pay for the gas? He thought exasperatedly when he spotted a man in orange overalls and a green cap walking briskly across the street into an old garage which was right beside the gas station. I should ask whether this village has a motel or not too.

"Sir!" he shouted, running to the first living man that he'd spotted since he entered the village. "Wait, sir!"

The man stopped walking and slowly turned to face him.

"I was wondering…" Harry said quickly and choked on his words, his heart faltered for a moment when he finally had a full view of the man's face.

"SEV!" he shouted in shock when he finally regained his voice, his green eyes growing wider and wider.

The other man had short hair and seemed to have lost a few pounds of his weight. But it was unmistakably Severus Snape!

Harry took a step forward and grabbed Severus' wrist tightly, afraid that the black haired man would vanished like smoke if he didn't. Severus took a step back and gave him a bewildered look.

"Harry!" interrupted a woman's voice.

"Yes?" he snapped angrily, turning his head to look at the interrupter. He had just found his lover after many months of being worried sick about whether he was still alive or not, surely he deserved some time alone with him.

The woman's jaw dropped open then stammered, "I—I mean not you, sir, but him."

"What?" said Harry, frowning at the woman. "I can assure you. He's not Harry! I am!"

Severus snatched his wrist out of Harry's grip and snapped, "My name is also Harry, you fool."

"You can't be Harry!" exclaimed Harry at once. "You—you are Severus Snape!"

"You know him," the woman interjected before Severus could argue with him.

"Of course!" he said indignantly. "He's my," At her questioning look, he swallowed and changed his last word, "guardian."


Considering the odd circumstances, he was invited to Christmas dinner at the woman's place. They explained that Severus had been found by the woman's son, Seamus Finnigan, lying unconscious on their farmland, bleeding profusely from a head injury. He had no identity card with him at that time and when they rushed him to the hospital, he was muttering only one name 'Harry'. Therefore, they assumed that it was his name since Severus' head injury affected his brain, giving him amnesia.

Of course, they had reported it to the county police, but no one actually came to claim him. Ultimately, they came to the conclusion that Severus had no living relative left, or at least no one bothered to come for him. None of them, including the police, had thought that Severus was one of the survivors of the plane crash since the village was miles and miles from the accident site. It remained a mystery how Severus had found his way to the village.


Harry looked at Severus who was staring back at him with uncomfortable look on his face and tried not to sigh. He knew he shouldn't feel impatient. It wasn't Severus' fault that the plane crashed and he lost his memories.

And my name is the only thing he remembered, he thought sadly then shook his head. It will and must be enough for me that he's still alive. As long as he's still alive, I can start it all over again.

Harry cleared his throat, "Err, I'm really thankful for all you have done for Severus, but… may I have some time alone with him?"

The big family – grandfather, husband, wife and their children – that was sitting in front of the fireplace replied together that it was to be expected, after all, Severus was his family.

"Har—Severus…" said Mrs. Finnigan, correcting her mistake. "You can take Harry to the shed."

"…fine," said Severus reluctantly, getting up from his chair.

Harry felt a stab of jealously and pain as he followed Severus out of the living room. Severus behaved more warmly to the Finnigan family than to himself.

He just doesn't remember you, he said to himself. Give him time; don't pressure him.


Severus's POV

Severus put his hands in his coat pockets as he strode to the shed with Harry Potter following behind him. He felt very conflicted. He might have suffered amnesia, but he was doing alright with his life. He assisted the local mechanic to repair the villager's cars. It might not generate much money but at least he could afford food and rent a place to stay instead of being a lousy burden of the Finnigan family.

Then Harry Potter came along and claimed him as his guardian which he very much doubted because he was feeling anything but guardian-like toward the green-eyed young man. He had tried not to stare at him at dinner, but it was getting harder not to when he was left alone with him.

"It doesn't really look like a shed," commented Potter as he walked into it.

"This is where I live," said Severus quietly, suddenly feeling somewhat nervous – even though he shouldn't feel so – as Potter looked around the shed and inspected the bare necessities that he owned. There was a sofa and table that was picked by him from the dumps, an old bargained for lamp from some bazaar, and a makeshift bed from Mrs. Finnigan' thin mattress.

"Looks… nice," said Potter in a rather poor attempt to be amicable.

Severus snorted loudly. That came from a man who owned a Mercedes-Benz SUV which was worth more than £40,000. It wasn't a wonder if Mrs. Finnigan was suddenly behaving extra warm towards the young man.

"It's not nice, Mr. Potter, it's shabby," said Severus harshly. "I'm not a first-class citizen like you."

"Sev..." said Potter, looking crestfallen as his attempt to be amicable went to the drain.

"Let's cut to the chase. What do you want from me?" Severus asked coldly.

Potter threw him a hurt look and said quietly, "I only want you to come back. Is that really so hard to believe?"

"If you came earlier, I might have believed you. As it is... you didn't," said Severus flatly, giving him a quick sarcastic smile.

"Sev, if I could, I would have done so!" said Potter loudly. "It's a miracle I could even find this place, let alone find you! It's practically in the middle of nowhere, and you know it!"

He knew truth when he heard it, and what Potter had just said was the truth. The green-eyed young man was breathing heavily and looked like he wanted to cry, and somehow looking at his teary eyes squeezed his heart.

"Still, I'm not your Severus Snape, Potter. And, I don't know you," said Severus quietly, his voice quickly losing the hard edge.

"But I know you, isn't it enough?" asked Potter. "You're still the same person that I... I respect."

Again, he couldn't help but feeling annoyed at being reminded that he was supposed to be the young man's guardian. An uncomfortable silence fell over them as Potter rubbed his eyes roughly. Severus caught the young man's hand in his own before his brain could react, startling both of them.

Releasing Potter's hand at once, he prayed that he wasn't blushing as he said, "Don't rub it... your eyes will get irritated."

Potter blinked at him and replied meekly, "Okay..."

Severus averted his eyes when Potter's pink plump, kissable lips curled into a bright smile that made him felt guilty. A guardian wasn't supposed to notice how his male ward's lips looked, or feel the urge to push him down onto the bed and do something that was far less innocent than sleeping.

"May I see your scar?" asked Potter after a short silence.

Ah, yes, the scar. It looked terrible after the operation when his hair was shaved off. Even though his hair had grown since then, it still looked revolting enough if anyone looked closely. Mrs. Finnigan had given him the green cap one morning because she thought it bothered a customer. It was definitely a turn off for anyone. But, it wasn't like he actually wanted Potter to like him or something.

Since he was taller than Potter, he sat on the sofa and took off the hat then pushed his hair aside to reveal the scar that was caused by the plane debris, starting from the edge of his right forehead and ended at the crown. It looked like someone had chopped his head by an axe. It usually made woman swoon when looking at it.

"Is it okay if I touch it?" said Potter, leaning slightly toward him.

Severus gave him a nod. It had healed completely and didn't hurt anymore.

Potter's fingertips touched his scar gently, almost caressing, his warm breath brushing the skin on his head. Severus swallowed hard and kept himself very still. He didn't think that a simple act like touching a scar could be so arousing. Potter bent at the waist a little and for a moment, even though Severus couldn't see it, he thought that the young man was going to kiss his scar. But, Potter didn't, instead he straightened up and took a step back.

"Thank you for showing it to me," said Potter, flushing slightly.

Severus didn't know what to say. He was feeling half-disappointed, half-curious. A mere ward wouldn't touch his guardian so intimately then blush afterwards. He suspected there was something more about their past relationship. Before he could inquire about it, Potter changed the subject of their conversation and asked him what he had done in the last nine and half months.

He was usually tight-lipped for all he knew, but he found himself telling Potter his day to day activities with ease. Potter gave him his undivided attention, his green eyes solely focused on him like his story was the most interesting story that he had ever heard. Moreover, unlike everyone else, the young man was actually smiling and snickering genuinely at his attempt at dry humour and didn't find it to be weird or strange.

While he was grateful to Mrs. Finnigan and her family for saving his life and taking care of him when he was unable to do it himself, he had felt – although it was shameful to admit – that he was just an unwanted burden when no one claimed him in the first month after he was released from the hospital. Therefore, it was really nice to know that his existence actually mattered to someone.


He was too engrossed in telling his stories that he only realized that it was two in the morning when Potter nodded off on the sofa, the young man's forehead slumping toward his upper arm.

"Er, sorry..." said Potter at once, trying to straighten his body, blinking at him sleepily.

"We'll talk again later; you look like you need some sleep now," said Severus softly, his cheeks reddened slightly, feeling embarrassed he had been talking without stopping for almost three hours.

"Yeah," mumbled Potter, stifling a yawn. "Yeah, that sounds good."

Severus called Potter and raised his eyebrow at him as the young man got up and turned to leave, "Where do you think you're going to sleep, Potter?"

"Erm, in my car?" said Potter, confused.

"My bed is big enough for both of us," said Severus then added almost teasingly, "If you don't mind not having a pillow."

Potter stared at him blankly then furrowed his eyebrows closer together, "...are you sure?"

Severus felt like he was doused by cold water when he heard the hesitant tone in Potter's voice. He had stepped out of bounds by offering him his bed. Potter's warm attention had made him forget the gap between the rich and the poor.

"Why, yes, except if you feel that it's beneath you to sleep in a humble bed like mine," said Severus with a sneer, feeling defensive.

"No, it'll be a nice change," said Potter quickly. "Yesterday, I slept in my car, and... if it's possible, I'd prefer your bed anytime."


Severus took out his spare blanket and gave it to Potter as they settled for sleep. As he sat on the edge of the bed, he couldn't help but remember what Potter had said about preferring his bed. It sounded kind of suggestive. Though, it might be only his wishful thought that Potter might feel something for him. The reality was that he was old, scarred, and poor while Potter was young, beautiful, and rich. Why would someone like Potter want him as a lover?

Sometimes it was really hard to accept that life wasn't fair. Sighing, Severus slid into the bed, careful so he wasn't touching Potter then turned his back at the young man. It would be morning soon and they needed some sleep.

He thought Potter had fallen asleep when the young man asked with a small voice, "May I hug you?"

"Will you also ask me to baby you, Potter?" countered Severus with a sarcasm.

Potter fell silent and even without facing him, Severus could perfectly imagine the upset and hurt look on his face. He only lasted a few seconds before giving in to Potter's request. He turned around and pulled the young man closer into a quick, stiff embrace.


Severus heard Potter's breath hitch as the young man nodded, his forehead touching his shoulder when he did that.

"I... I'm really glad that you're alright, Sev," said Potter with a voice so soft that it was barely above a whisper.

Severus pulled away slightly then snorted quietly as he looked at him, "Of course, that is if having a six inch long gash across your head can be categorized as 'alright'."

Potter let out a low chuckle then said seriously, "Still... thank you for staying alive."

His lips twisted into a smile as his heart warmed at Potter's words. That was the next best thing to be told by anyone after 'thank you for being born' and he was unbearably glad that it was Potter who had said that.

"I don't need you to tell me, you silly boy." Severus raised his eyebrow and said, "Do I look like someone that will just keel over so easily?"

"Nah," replied Potter with a grin, shaking his head. "You're too stubborn."

Severus reached up and ruffled Potter's hair, making it messier. At least, if he really was Potter's guardian, doing such thing wouldn't be considered as strange. Yet, his heart was beating a bit faster due to their intimate closeness.

Feeling uncomfortable, he put on a scowl on his face and said, "Quiet! Unlike you, I will have a long day tomorrow, Potter."

"Okay," said Potter, shifting his body so his head lying on the same pillow, next to his own head.

Potter's impertinent grin was tempting Severus to deliver a smack on his little pert bottom. But if he did that, he had a feeling that it wouldn't stop just at punishment. Severus closed his eyes tiredly, trying to ignore Potter. The delectable little imp was going to drive him mad.


Harry's POV

Harry watched Severus as he slept on. He had only slept for four hours, but he was feeling more refreshed than he had for the last nine and a half months. He touched Severus' face, feeling the older man's rough stubble then stroked his eyebrow with his finger, mapping the face that he loved.

Even though Severus didn't remember him, the man was still the same old Severus. He sounded like Severus and behaved like Severus because the very essence of Severus was still there. Just because his memories were lost didn't mean that Severus had changed into someone else. Severus was still the person he loved the most.

Harry bent down and kissed Severus' scar like he had wanted to do yesterday, feeling sorry that he wasn't there by his side when Severus needed him the most. He didn't think it was necessary for Severus to wear a cap to hide his scar. It was barely noticeable, and he thought that it was the mark of a fighter who had fought and won the battle against death. Touching his own jagged mark on his forehead, he knew more than anyone how it felt to be surrounded by pain and how much easier it was to give up.

Listening to his story last night, he could only surmise, from his explanation, that Severus' life couldn't be considered good after he was released from the hospital. The Finnigan family had helped him start over from the beginning, but they couldn't help him much more than that. They were only a middle-class family themselves, and with five children, not much help could be offered.

Severus wasn't that young anymore, so the jobs that he could obtain were limited, not to mention the amnesia he suffered. Harry was forever grateful to Mrs. Finnigan that she had understood the difficulties and introduced him to her brother, the village mechanic, and since then Severus was working as an assistant there. While the pay was low, it was enough that Severus wouldn't have to starve and live on the street. Any man other than Severus – Harry knew – would probably choose the easy way out, death.

Harry shuddered at that thought; thank God you're too stubborn for your own good.

However, he didn't want it to ever happen again to his Severus. He only had to take one look at the older man to know that the combination of the accident and living in poverty had left a bad mark on him. Severus looked like someone who had been ill for a long time and had never quite recovered.

Harry sighed softly. He might not be able to lock the man down somewhere and swallow the key, but he could and would order a dog tag for him, no matter how much Severus protested.

So that if you're lost, you can always find your way back home, Sev.


Severus's POV

Severus was awakened by the smell of rich, spicy, coffee. His soft dreamy smile soon turned into a frown. He was living alone, not to mention that coffee was a delicacy that he couldn't afford to buy right now. How could the aroma of coffee be wafting from his living room?

"Ah!" he groaned as he sat up a little too fast and strained his back muscle in the process.

Right, yesterday... Potter, he thought, rubbing his aching back as he pulled the blanket aside and walked barefoot into his living room.

Potter turned his head to look at him and beamed brightly, "Coffee, Sev?"

He looked at Potter and stopped in his tracks, his heart skipped a beat as he was surrounded by a feeling of déjà vu, accompanied by a compelling sense of familiarity.


His green-eyed lover was dressed in blue plaid flannel pyjamas and turned to him with a bright smile on his face, "Coffee, Sev?"


"Sev? I hope you don't mind if I borrow your glass," Potter went on, not noticing his relapse, offering the coffee to him. "I found good coffee beans in the shop and asked the shopkeeper to grind them; you can have it if you want."

"Potter," Severus began tensely, his heart pounding fiercely in his chest.

"Yes?" Potter replied, slightly tilting his head.

"Do you own blue plaid flannel pyjamas?" Severus asked with a strained, breathless voice, feeling mildly light-headed.

If that glimpse wasn't just his overactive imagination at play, then it meant that for the first time since the accident, he had actually remembered something.

Potter's jaw dropped open, gaping at him with a bewildered expression on his face. The young man stammered, "I... I do have it... but how did you—?"

Severus suddenly felt weak at the knees and had to lean on the wall to prevent himself from falling down as a great wave of relief rushed through his veins.

Potter said loudly, "Your memories came back!"

"No!" Severus said at once, seeing how Potter's face fell at his reply, he added more softly, digging the memory up again. "Only a flash of it... We were in the kitchen... and you offered me coffee."

Potter suddenly let out a loud jovial cheer which surprised him immensely and put the glass down on the table with a resounding crack that made him wince.

"THANK GOD!" Potter exclaimed loudly, running toward him and caught his hands with his own, pulling him into a weird dance around the room.

"Potter, I said only a flash of it!" he shouted at the crazy young man.

"Yeah, but I thought you wouldn't remember anything!" said Potter, the joy didn't abate even a bit from his face. "One is better than nothing!"

Severus could feel his lips crack into a smile; Potter's cheerfulness was contagious. He shook his head in disbelief. Anyone else would probably press him to remember more, but Potter was happy with just one memory about him. He snorted. Impossible brat!

He lifted Potter onto the table and kissed him. Yes, it was only one memory but...

Severus pulled back and looked at Potter's eyes.

"You're my lover, and I love you."

It wasn't a question, only a true statement. Only one memory, yet, it held all his love for Harry Potter.

His lover's green eyes filled with tears and his lips trembled. With a sound suspiciously sounded like an animal's whimper, Potter threw his arms around him and crashed his face into his chest. Severus wrapped his arms around him as his lover broke into a flood of tears. He awkwardly patted his lover's head, not quite sure how to console him. These past months, it must have been painstakingly hard for Potter, not knowing whether he was dead or alive. Then, when Potter was finally found him, he didn't remember anything about him.

After a while, Potter sniffed, his eyes swollen from crying, and firmly declared, "You're the best Christmas present I could ever receive!"

Severus chuckled, amused, gently drying his lover's tears with his sleeve. "Should I tie myself in a gift bow for you?"

He blinked as Potter's expression changed instantaneously from adorable to devilish. Those green eyes glinted with mischief, and the younger man's pink lips stretched into a wide grin.

"I think that's a really good idea," purred Potter, looking like a cat that got the cream.

Now Severus wished he could take back his teasing words.



Three Months Later

Severus's POV

Potter's Christmas present for him was rather disappointing, a dog tag. But back in the village, when he received it, he still hadn't regained his memories about Sirius Black –that bloody mangy mongrel. Otherwise, he would have thrown it away at the first glance. To his displeasure, even after he was away from home for so many months, Nimbus – Harry's infernal pet cat – still hated him. Losing his memory or not, he found himself sharing the mutual enmity toward her. No matter how Potter tried to convince him otherwise, pissing on his travel bag on the first day he came home wasn't a good start to actually forgetting and forgiving.

Despite his lover's firm belief that he would never recover the rest of his memory, he was slowly regained it all. Now, he was back working at the company and rather pleased that Potter had decided to work with him again. His lover was, after all, his personal coffee maker, and he was actually didn't mind being distracted from his work if it meant having quick shag at lunch or any other break time.

As much as he loved Harry Potter, he would probably never tell the younger man about the mystery of why he ended up on the Finnigan family's farm. It was the last piece of his memories that he regained a few days ago.

It had nothing to do with Potter's ridiculous theories about teleportation or dormant magic ability. It was simply on of those barking mad things one did for love. Apparently, Potter ranked number one as the one thing – or someone – Severus couldn't live without, hence why his only thought when the plane crashed to the ground was 'God, I don't want to die! Let me see my Harry once again!'

That desire was so strong, so potent, that it was imprinted onto his mind, deeper than the level of his conscious awareness, willing himself to survive and made it possible for him to walk miles and miles with pieces of metal embedded in his head searching for his 'Harry'. That was why when Finnigan found him he was endlessly muttering his lover's name.

The memory of the whole incident left him quite embarrassed. Being too logical and realistic, he had never thought that he was the kind of man that would do anything for love, but Potter was apparently more logic defying that anyone could predict.

Speaking of the green-eyed man, Severus stole an appreciative glance at his lover's nice and firm backside and was absolutely sure that he wouldn't feel guilty if he didn't tell Potter about it, knowing that his young lover would probably use the knowledge to blackmail him into actually wearing the dog tag.

It seemed that, instead of Severus, it was his lover who developed a phobia about him flying for business trips. Harry insisted that, if he must travel by plane, then the little dog tag would keep him safe. He seriously thought the idea was ridiculous but he didn't dare point out – afraid of making Potter cry again – that if he was dead, it wouldn't do any good except for identifying his body.


Harry's POV

"Was that story about me being your guardian a lie?" Severus had asked him after a very nice Christmas morning snogging.

When he had told to him that it wasn't a lie, Severus had thrown him a rather horrified look before he had hurriedly provided an explanation, explaining that he, Harry, was of age when they became lovers. At Severus's wary, distrusting glance, he'd added with a mumble that Severus had never touched him, not even looking at him that way when he was underage.

It was only my one-sided love before, he had told Severus with his arms crossed, grumbling as he recalled the torment that he had gone through.

The fact about Severus was a multimillionaire and one of the co-owners of the famous Potter & Co. Pharmaceutical Company came off as a shock for both, the black haired man himself and the Finnigan family. Though, as Severus slowly regained his memories, the end result was quite satisfying for them all. Seamus Finnigan was offered a job as Severus' secretary as the Finnigan family refused to be repaid with money. And, his black haired lover finally got himself a permanent secretary that wouldn't cower under his glare. Harry duly noted that the experience from living closely with Severus for nine and a half months was definitely helpful.

Now, the only was left was to convince Severus to wear the dog tag that he'd given him. With his back to Severus, Harry smirked as he poured the coffee that he made for him into his favourite glass, aware of his older lover's lustful gaze on him. He had swayed most of his lover's resolution in bed – also outside of the bed – and he was confident that he would succeed persuading him to wear it before the next Christmas came around!

End of Christmas Special Chapter


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