az: Because I just had to write about Kate. And because apparently almost EVERYONE wanted to protect Rei.

To Protect that Important Person

By honou-no-izumi alias Izzu



She knew the future would be bleak for this child, this newly born younger brother of hers. Even though as an Alien Rayblood herself, she should not have these emotions that could weaken herself. At least, that was what her father claimed and taught to her. They were meant to rule the universe. Not even Yapool... or Hipporit would dare challenge their power. The one who could claim that title of her father's heir would be one most powerful. Yet, she ended up caring deeply for this small child.

For this one to have just been born as the days of the battle loomed near, Kate found it to be unfortunate. Although she knew that this child would have grown to adulthood in a short time, she still felt that she needed to protect this little brother of hers. The impending Reionyx Battle would prove to be intense, losers will not be spared. As per the rules, she herself would have to join that battle. But she could not possibly kill her own brother! Even as those other candidates should have also received some of the Rayblood genes that turned them into Reionyx themselves, her little brother was different. He alone would she claim as her own relative and no one else.

So even if she should sacrifice her own life, she would do all she could to turn Raymon into the strongest Reionyx. She could not kill her own little brother, but she would not allow anyone else take his life either. She would not allow even their father to do that! If Reimon succeeded in proving himself worthy of becoming the Rayblood's heir, even that Alien Rayblood would have to accept it.

That should protect Raymon. That should be enough. Her brother should be able to have the chance to live a longer life.

If that can only be achieved by giving up her own life, Kate would not have any regrets about it.

Kate took a long breath before placing her baby brother in the small pod she had acquired. She needed some time to prepare Raymon for the incoming battle. Therefore, she needed to send him far from Planet Hammer. At least for now. Until the time arrive, she would not let those other Reionix learn of Raymon's existance.

Perhaps she should send her brother to live among the humans. But she would not send him to Earth. Too risky. She have heard about a young Ultraman named Mebius being there. It would not be good for Raymon to be found by him or those other humans that fought with him. Ah, she remembered one other place she could send Raymon to. There was a small colony of humans making their stay on one other planet quite far from Earth.

Kate softly placed a kiss on Raymon's forehead before closing the pod shut. Using her own powers, she sent the pod far away, across the galaxy. She bit her lips as the last light from the small pod dissappeared from view.

"Till we meet later, Raymon. I'll definitely come to look for you soon."