az: I wanted to write more about Kate... post-NEO. But that would mean trying to think up a good way to revive her as a living being (not spirit-form) without sounding cliche. Dang!

To Protect that Important Person

By honou-no-izumi alias Izzu



Kate smiled to herself. Raymon had sensed her, as she had exppected him to. He seemed to be wary of her presence, well... they have been together for just a short time after all. It was understandable if he could not recognise her.

It was a bother to pretend to be a harmless human. But this was the only way for her to get close to Raymon.

As she had planned, Raymon did ended up being able to get stronger by defeating other monsters. But the rate he was going at the moment, she was not sure if that was any good. She needed to find out if him being with the humans were affecting his progress. Guess this factor could influence him in both ways.

To have Raymon think of her as an enemy, well... it did not bother her a bit. It was better this way, rather than him knowing from the very beginning that she was his older sister. Being with the humans for so long, Raymon has started to be like them as well. Humans do tend to be a bit sentimental on certain things and at this time, she could not allow Raymon to have these kinds of weakness.

But perhaps, she had been too quick to judge. Those humans might be useful after all in her plans to make Raymon become stronger. Meanwhile, she would keep on watching from a distance.


Sacrificing all three of her monsters did not bother her much. After all, once Raymon defeated her... she would not have any use of them either. If that was the price needed to push Raymon further...

There was no time to waste on petty chats or last words. Raymon needed to know of what would come in the near future.

"You've done magnificently well, Raymon."

Words could not describe how proud she was for him. Even though it had been a short period of time, amazingly Raymon had progressed very well. He was a really a fast learner.

"You've grown so much in this one battle. To awaken your hidden abilities, was the reason that I came here..."

Her time was getting shorter. She needed to tell him of the next test that he would have to undergo. The battle he was fated to take part in, regardless of whether or not he wished for it. It was time for Raymon to learn of the truth of his being...

"The Alien Rayblood had sent his gene throughout the universe. Beings who could control the monsters freely, the controllers... the Reionyx were thus born. The one who would triumph in the ultimate Reionyx battle, would be reborn as the Alien Rayblood's heir!"

Raymon had gasped in alarm at this. Certainly he had not expected something like this, but she could not let this make her drop her resolve. He needed to know this, this would ultimately decide his future. Raymon's future!

"Raymon. You... during that Reionyx battle, you must always be the victor. You really have to win it... Raymon! My brother..."

Tears fell from her eyes as she spoke. For an Alien Rayblood, the idea that she would even cry sounded so ludicrous. But right now, all of that did not matter.

If there was any regret left in her heart, it would have been... that she had not been able to spend more time with Raymon. To let him know more about her, to learn more about what he have become... if only things did not have to happen this way. But...

At least Raymon have become strong. He had someone who cared about him by his side. With this, she could finally let everything go.

Kate closed her eyes as she felt her body disintergrate into particles of light...