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Dig Through the Ditches

by. Lacrow

Sweat dripped from his nose, mixing with caked mud as the drops plopped to the ground in a dirty drizzle. The sun barely touched him as he sat against the trunk of one of the lush trees surrounding his group, fully shaded by its thick foliage. Even so, heat still seemed to beat on the pitiful looking boy from every angle. Air was filled to the brim with moisture and it felt like at any moment it was going to give way in a torrential waterfall, drowning them physically as their dismal morale drowned them mentally.

Soul Eater threw his head to the right with little control, trying his best to focus on the blurry image of Stein right next to him. His temporary meister was asleep, glasses long since put away somewhere in the pocket of his coat. The young weapon gave a snort, then flopped his head back to look at the broken party in front of him. If any of them were still awake, they didn't show it. His first instinct was to wake them up and give them hell for falling asleep, but he quickly backed out. There was nothing he could for for them now.

Their spirits were beaten and battered, and the only salvation the handpicked group of Lord Death's had in the past three days was sleep. Soul breathed in sharply at the thought; thirty-six hours without rest. Sounds of cracking twigs woke him up at night. Humidity kept him up. In the end, it was easier just not to go through the trouble. At least that's what he thought two days ago. Now that Soul was on the edge of consciousness and his eyes struggled to stay open, he regretted it altogether. It was dangerous for all of them to fall asleep at the same time, but it was no use fighting it as his lids began closing shut. With his vision went his senses, and soon it became very quiet in that makeshift camp of theirs.

Soul sucked in air right before passing out. He hoped that, if and when he woke up again, his real meister would somehow be there standing over him. The thought brought a smile to his then sleeping face.

Too bad it never happened.

The mission was bullshit from the start. Marie was out, Spirit was Lord Death's personal weapon, and Yumi was nowhere to be found. Also taking into account the fact that both Tsar Pushka and Tezca Tlipoca were long since dead and Justin Law was out being insane somewhere with the Kissin, that left only one other Deathscythe for the job. At first it didn't bother him being told that he was up for a high level mission. What did bother him was the fact that Maka wouldn't be the one to wield him.

He didn't like it. None of the weapons did.

It was broken down to him as such. The mission was highly covert, meaning no large parties. Split between the six of them were a handful of three-star meisters, including Stein. The rest were all weapons from Spartoi; Harvar, Jacqueline, and Soul himself. It seemed like a random match at the time, but Lord Death assured all of them that he had thought things through carefully enough to be confident in his decision. Maka had warily agreed, putting her faith in the shinigami as she always did.

Of course, that was little consolation to her partner. The night before they were scheduled to leave, Soul lay on the couch as he stared up at the ceiling. A week without his partner. That thought was hard to swallow. They lived together, went to school together, hung out together, and pretty much did everything else besides that together. Was it uncool to worry about leaving one you trusted so much behind? If it was, Soul didn't care. He just wanted his meister back, and he hadn't even left yet.

"Did you get any sleep?"

Soul wasn't surprised when he heard Maka's voice, in fact he almost expected it. Not a muscle of his moved as he continued to stare up at the ceiling, Maka's face popping into view as she leaned over the back of the couch. The demon scythe blinked. It was about all he could do.

"Depends. What time is it?"

She shook her head sleepily. "It's five-thirty, Soul."

"Then no, I haven't." he mustered a tired grin. The bags under his eyes were obvious.

Maka gave a long, winded yawn as she stretched her arms out behind her. Soul's grin quickly faded at the sight. He was going to miss that too. Nothing special about her yawning, but it was just another thing that he wasn't going to see for a hundred and sixty-eight hours. It was yet another thought that ate at him behind an expressionless face that no one could see through. Except for Maka of course.

"What's wrong, Soul?" she asked with a frown, bringing her face closer to his.

The weapon gave a halfhearted shrug as he slid his hands behind his head. "I've just been thinking, that's all."

"About what?" Maka continued to pry. Soul could hardly tell in the dark, but her eyes seemed as though they were pleading.

He sighed. "Nothing important, Maka. Now go back to bed. You got school in the morning."

"But you don't, is that it?"

Soul's normally harsh eyes softened. The lighting was poor in that living room of theirs, but he knew Maka could tell. As if her question was confirmed, she quietly got up and walked around to the front of the couch. Sitting herself right next to his head, Maka leaned over him and gently began running her fingers through Soul's thick hair. The girl couldn't but help to smile at the faintest hint of his flinching. She'd never really done that to him before, so it came as no surprise when he became confused by her touch.

"What are you doing?" he asked without really looking for an answer. It felt good. He didn't want her to stop.

"Helping you relax." she replied matter-of-factly. "I can stop if you want?"

"No, you're fine. Keep going."

Soul couldn't contain a grin as it began spreading across his face. Maka being this nice to him? The scene was so foreign, he didn't have much of a response for it. He just lay there with his head against her lap, closing his eyes as he enjoyed his meisters touch. No wonder cats purred when people scratched them. He'd be purring too if it didn't sound so uncool.

"Everything's going to be fine," Maka said quietly, almost as if trying to convince herself. "Stein will be with you. And Harvar, and Jacqueline. The others are all three-star mesiters too, so I'm sure they know what they're doing."

Soul's head swayed in satisfaction. "Yeah."

"And it's only for a week. You probably won't even be working the whole time. Just please don't do anything stupid down there, I don't want to hear from Stein when you get back that you partied the entire time in Brazil."

"You won't."

"In fact, you might not even have to stay there the entire time. Kishins are easy. You all will have them cleared out in no time, and probably be back before the weekend."

He opened his eyes, and his mood shifted immediately. Maka continued to fiddle with his hair, but Soul was too busy looking somberly at the ceiling to care. He'd forgotten that Maka wasn't briefed. She didn't know the whole story, meaning that anything she 'knew' at the moment was just speculation. Suddenly he found himself in a difficult position; tell her the truth and have her worry, or let her remain blissfully unaware of the dangers he'd be facing.

Soul leaned back a bit and caught the dark outline of Maka's face. His eyes adjusted to the dark, he could tell by the expression on her face that she knew something was up. Her fingers stopped their combing, and the two remained still for a moment. The demon scythe realized then that from the look in her emerald green eyes that she was already worried for him. If he didn't tell her fully what he was doing in South America, then she'd never forgive him for it. He couldn't let that happen.

"Maka..." he breathed out, still looking up at his partner. "...we're not looking for Kishins."

"Well, then why are you going down there?" she asked calmly. Her tone was even, but her eyes screamed with worry.

"There's been reports of compounds in the Amazon. No one's sure what's going on in them, because anyone who goes to check it out usually ends up never making it back out. All anyone does seem to know is that the people there are extremely dangerous."

Maka bit her lip, terrified to ask the question because she already knew the answer. "What do you mean, dangerous?"

Soul didn't respond. He didn't know how to. Maka was a smart girl, so he assumed that she had already figured it out. Looking up into her eyes however, he could tell by their reflected light that she was practically begging him to answer her question. His heart sank at the prospect, but he quickly realized that again he had to be fair to Maka. If Soul told her, then it would allow her to come to terms with the truth and hopefully not worry so much for him while they were away. It was the least he could do for her, but it felt like so much.

"We're going witch hunting, Maka."

His meister took a collected breath. Witches weren't like Kishins, they were far worse. "You're hunting a witch?"

"More like ten..." he added warily, noticing the shock in her eyes.

"Ten witches...? At the same time?"

"...Maybe more."

Soul could feel Maka as she slunk back against the couch, his confession hitting her like a ton of bricks. Her loving hand fell limp against his head, and from her tremulous breaths he realized that he had probably done the wrong thing. He should have lied, told her anything other than reality. At least that way her week would have been slightly bearable. Now he wasn't so sure if she could even function.

Laying there, with nothing but the apartments A/C rumbling outside to ease the awkward air, Soul contemplated telling Maka the one thing that had been on his mind all day. That he was going to be lost without her and her stupid pigtails. That he'd feel slightly incomplete without the outline of a book mashed into his face, or hearing her shout as she brought its spine into his skull. Soul needed to tell her, for the both of them. He flipped over and got on his knees, crawling over to Maka who had brought her legs close to her chest. Leaning into her and bringing his face down to hers, he only managed to open his mouth before she cut him off.

"I'm going to miss you." she choked.

His eyes widened for a minute in surprise, but then his face quickly settled into a wary smile. He realized then that Maka had been going through the same thing he had been. On one hand, it made him feel slightly worse knowing that Maka's thoughts had been in a jumble all day. On the other hand, he couldn't but feel slightly happy knowing that his meister cared enough about him to ponder such things. Both sides convinced him however that it was his turn to do the comforting. Maka had done enough for him already.

Wrapping his arms around her, he brought her head up with a simple call. Maka was surprised by his touch, but thoroughly embraced it. She placed her cheek against his shoulder as she hugged him back, looking over to the side as they held each other tightly.

"I'm gonna miss you too." he told her evenly.

She held onto him with all her strength, basking in his presence one last time. "Please be safe."

"I will." her weapon replied. He wished within the deepest parts of his mind that he didn't have to leave her. He wanted to stay.

Unfortunately, two hours later, Soul Eater found himself on the plane to Manaus, Brazil. One of the meisters sat next to him, fast asleep as his limp head kept bumping into Soul's shoulder.

He'd much rather it have been Maka. At least then he could have fallen asleep with her.

A twig snapped somewhere nearby. His eyes flew open, the noise sending his heart into a death-sprint. Any comforting thoughts of that night immediately escaped him, thrusting him painfully back into reality. Senses dulled and vision blurry, Soul threw his head around in desperate search for the origin of the sound. Fear rushed through him as the thought of a witch making it into their camp came to the forefront of his mind.

"Soul, calm down." a hushed voice told him. "I just made some eggs and I was wondering if you wanted some."

The weapon gave a tired sigh of relief. Vision becoming clearer, he adjusted his sight to a girl hunched over next to him. The smell of fresh eggs wafted through the air and into his nose as the image of Jacqueline with a small pan in her hand became apparent. The metal underneath grew bright red as fire flicked from her hands and around the cooking tool. Soul's mouth watered.

"Where the hell did you get eggs from?"

The black haired girl simply stirred the food with a stick. "I found a birds nest around here."

Soul cringed at the thought of Jacqueline stealing a birds eggs, but he kept any reservations he had to himself. His stomach was too empty to deny any form of food. While he hadn't slept in thirty-six hours, he also hadn't eaten in eighteen. There had been no time to stop for anything. Between attacking witches and running away from them, it was a tiring tug-of-war for control that ate up time for anything unnecessary. Like eating, sleeping, and bathing.

"You gonna eat, or not?" the demon lantern prodded, sticking the pan in front of his face.

He straightened his back a bit and let his head rest against the trunk of the tree. "Yeah, sure. Thanks."

Reaching into the searing hot pan, he grabbed a pinch of eggs and tossed them into his mouth. Barely chewing, he let the food slide down his throat and into his empty stomach. Jacqueline smiled as he immediately closed his eyes afterwards and seemed to fall right back asleep. For a moment, it looked as though he really had. However, a sudden muffled burp of his quickly tossed that theory out the window.

"Terrible." Soul murmured, causing Jacqueline's eyes to narrow at him. "I could've sworn I tasted feathers."

"Well then I'll be sure next time not to let you know when I find food."

He gave a tired sneer. "Chill, I'm just tired. I really do appreciate the breakfast."

"I hope so," she replied softly, grabbing some of the eggs and popping them in her mouth. "Because this is also lunch. Maybe even dinner."

"You gotta be kidding me! How the hell are supposed to hunt witches without eating a goddamn thing?"

Jacqueline shrugged. "I don't like it either, but we have to do what Stein and the others say. They're the meisters."

The albino scythe snorted at the concept, wondering why all of a sudden they had become blindly loyal soldiers. There was no real point to the mission at all. Hunting down witches was important, but not when there were such dismal odds of winning. Not to mention the fact that they were going in blind. No one knew what the witches were up to, so how could anyone be expected to defeat them when you didn't know what to expect?

"Are the others up yet?" he growled, not having the strength to complain anymore.

Jacqueline tucked her legs in and rested her head on top of her knees. "Stein and Harvar. They went to go scout up ahead a few minutes ago. I don't know how those two do it, they never seem to sleep and yet they have all this energy to keep going."

"Whatever, I saw Stein passed out a little while ago." Soul mocked offhandedly.

"And yet he's the one running around looking for witches, while you're stuck sitting down half dead eating breakfast?"

The demon scythe threw an evil glare at his weapon associate, met only by her coy smile as she looked back at him. Kim must have been rubbing off on her because he found that Jacqueline could be pretty vicious when she wanted to be. Granted, Soul did respect her for it. It was nice having someone around who reminded him so much of his own sadistic personality. That aside however, Soul was in no mood to be prodded. Jacqueline, although still smiling, took his cue and laid back against the tree. He in turn settled down and went back to greeting the inside of his eyelids.

Soul just let the sounds of the Amazon Forest take him away in a momentary reprieve as he thought of when they had first arrived in Brazil. Immediately getting off the plane, they went into town for supplies. Very little sight seeing, with even less conversation between them. Five hours after, the small team found themselves knee deep in jungles and rivers. It wasn't long after that when they discovered their first witch, an old man posing as a local healer. He ended up going down easy, but it was his family that ended up giving them the most trouble. A daughter, two sons, and what looked like his wife. Five witches souls in one day, and they hadn't even reached the compounds yet.

It was on the second day that Soul realized they were in over their heads. They had finally reached the target, but after noticing how many witches were down there, they stayed a very safe distance away. The number was more than anybody had expected. Stein estimated about twenty, but it looked more like somewhere around thirty. Soul remembered vividly as when they watched, a demented laugh built up in his chest. Nothing was funny about their situation, it was just the only thing he was capable of doing. And as the laugh escaped his lungs and filtered through his nose, he muttered to himself; I'm sorry, Maka.

Soul opened his eyes. He'd rather forget all of it.

"I'm gonna go take a piss." he said suddenly and begrudgingly, earning Jacqueline's ire.

"Thanks for telling me, I'll be sure to let the others know." she replied sarcastically, watching him flatly as he picked himself up.

Wobbling for a moment, he nodded unknowingly at Jacqueline's snide remark and immediately set out past the brushes and away from sight. Once he was gone, she sighed at his pitiful state. Soul Eater may have been acting as if he was taking it all in stride, but Jacqueline knew deep down that something was gnawing at him. Then again, there was a lot of that going around. Herself included, the weapons all missed their meisters. Even Harvar, who showed little to no emotion, seemed colder and more cross than usual. The adults didn't make anything easier. Stein of course tried, but with their current predicament there was not much he could do for them.

Jacqueline tilted her head, and sighed as she stared at the floor in front of her. "Kim, I wish you were here right now. I've got no one to talk to besides these two idiots."

"I hope you're not talking about me."

She couldn't have looked up fast enough. Immediately popping to see who it was, Jacqueline's gaze met a stoic Harvar's as he stood there in front of her. Pink quickly rushed to her cheeks in embarrassment, flustered to the point of almost not being able to respond.

"Harvar, I'm sorry! I didn't mean anything by it, I'm just tired and...I don't know. It just kind of sucks being surrounded by only guys, you know?" she sputtered, trying to cover her tracks.

His face was nearly expressionless, and tone monotonous. "I understand."

Jaqeuline sunk back into her spot on the ground and warily smiled at her friend. He always so robotic, so serious. Sometimes it was awkward, but other times, like at that moment, it was convenient for her. Thankful that she hadn't hurt his feelings, the demon lantern offered Harvar a seat right next to her. Without so much as a head-shake or a wave of the hand, he simply replied 'no'.

"So did you find anything when you were scouting with Stein?" she asked him, completely accepting his rude answer.

His reply was almost instantaneous. "There was one witch nearby."

"Are you serious?" Jacqueline sucked in air at the thought of one of them so close to their camp. "How close? Should we wake the others?"

"That won't be necessary." Haravar answered back.

"What do you mean, that won't be necessary?"

"It's being taken care of."

A brow raised on the girl's face at the strange way her teammate was acting. True, he had no personality to speak of, but something about his behavior just seemed out of character. They had been friends of sorts for years, so she knew when he was off. Maybe it was the way Harvar answered her questions, or perhaps it was the fact that with each sentence he seemed to be inching closer and closer towards her.

Then of course, her mind clicked. She had to be on guard. They were hunting for witches, the trickiest people to deal with. If something was wrong, they were usually the culprit. So why else then would her friend of so long suddenly start acting strangely for no apparent reason? It led to only one thing.

"Harvar..." she started evenly, keeping her eyes on him as he took another step forward. "...Where's Stein?"

Another step. "Looking for the witch right now."

"And why aren't you with him?

Another step. "Because it's dangerous."

Jacqueline gripped the soil beneath her. He was getting far too close. "Of course it's dangerous. We're hunting for witches."

Suddenly he stopped. "I'm not hunting them, though."

"Why are you the only one then?" The girl's heart was beating too fast, she couldn't control it.

Both of them stayed dead silent for a moment. Jacqueline's breath was collected but her pulse was through the roof. Harvar just stared at her through those orange sunglasses of his. Never showing emotion, only his calm demeanor and stoic features being the only thing he showed. The only things he ever showed anyone.

That is until a wicked grin spread across his face. It was frightening how quickly his aura changed, from cool and calm to malicious and evil. Jacqueline couldn't help but flinch from his sudden shift, reeling backwards as bright white teeth showed through a demonic sneer. There was no way she could respond to it, or anything else that happened after that.

In an instant, Harvar jumped onto her, clasping his hand over her mouth as he straddled her against the tree. Jacqueline struggled and squealed as his twisted face pressed against hers, those frightening eyes now fully visible through his glasses. Eyes like a bull-frog, they seemed to pop out of his skull. She tried to scream in horror but he wouldn't allow it. Pressing her against the tree trunk till air could barely make it into her lungs, he quietly hushed her as the others in the camp remained fast asleep.

"I wouldn't want to kill my own kind, would I?" he cooed in a voice so unlike Harvar's. "Besides. My time's being spent to much better use."

Jacqueline tried so desperately to call out to her teammates, but the impostor on top of her made sure that she stayed silent. She began to shake as his cold touch seemed to penetrate her skin, sucking away all of her heat. Again the girl tried squirming, but that only caused the witch to tighten his grip on her. She gave a muffled cry as his hands dug deep into the flesh of her face and arm, the demon taking great pleasure in the pain he was inflicting on her.

He licked his lips. "You have no idea what pain is, runt. Always having to live in fear of being killed by you shibusen brats. You can't comprehend our miserable lives. But don't worry. I'll give you a taste..."

The shaken girl's stomach flipped over itself at what she saw next. Harvar's mouth wide open, a giant tongue slipped out from between his lips. It was a disgusting sight to behold, and she began to gag while she watched as the witch started flick his appendage at her. Hair on the back of her head stood on end as he brought it dangerously close to her face, waving suggestively along her cheeks.

"...actually I lied again. You'll be the one giving me a taste." he smiled at her with a sickening sweetness. "At least this way, you won't die a virgin."

Tears filled Jacqueline's eyes as the witch on top of her started to inch closer, his bulging eyes twirling in their sockets. So close was he that she could feel his disgusting breath as it brush against her nose and lips. His giant tongue wavered back and forth as if trying to look for the perfect place to make contact with her. The fear inside her kept her frozen, even though she knew that it was almost too late. She had to to break free, but there was nothing more to do. The salty tears ran down her face. It was over.

"You're a sick freak, you know that?"

A blade came out from behind Jacqueline, effectively stopping the clone of Harvar dead in his tracks as it came close to his face. Still pinned to the tree, the girl knew right away that it was Soul. With every fiber of her being she silently thanked him, tears continuing to flow from her eyes only this time out of joy.

"You really think you're going to kill me with that pitiful excuse for a blade, 'Deathscythe'?" Harvar sneered, retracting the giant tongue immediately back into his mouth.

Soul Eater snorted in amusement. "I don't, but let's see what Stein has to say about it."

"Like I'm afraid of that fucking gray haired meister of yours-!"

"-You should be."

A thunder-clap. The sudden screams of the other meisters as they finally awoke from their comatose states. Jacqueline's wide, red puffy eyes staring at the tip of a bloodied spear as it flirted dangerously with the tip of her nose. It all came together as Professor Stein hunched over with the real Harvar in his hands, their electrical resonance slicing through the witches heart with barely any resistance. The sick creature was left to writhe in a death-throw, grasping at the spear's hilt in a desperate bid to free himself. A sadistic grin spread across the meister's face. There would be no escape.

Another jolt of lightning shot out from the demon spear, both Stein and Harvar putting all of their force into one last shock. His doppleganger screamed in agony one last time, then immediately fell limp once the electricity stopped surging through his veins. The witch's grip on Jacqueline promptly disappeared, to which she quickly bucked him off of her and jumped away from the scene. Still rattled by the ordeal she came to Soul, who awkwardly put his arm around her in comfort.

Together the four of them watched as the clone of Harvar twitched on the ground one last time, though they knew by then he was long since dead.

"What the hell was that!" one of the other meisters shouted as he approached them with the other in tow.

Stein shook his head at their tardiness. "It was a chameleon witch. Harvar and I lost track of him while we were scouting and he must have found his way here with our tracks."

"We should have never let that happen."

Harvar's weapon form soon flashed a glowing yellow in Stein's hands, the latter knowing to let go at precisely the right time as the boy transformed back. Once in human form the boy immediately rushed over to his two friends, leaving his meister to clean up after the witch's soul and inform the others what had fully happened. Jacqueline had already calmed and Soul had released her, but still she found herself wiping water from her eyes.

The normally stoic boy couldn't help but to not look her in the eyes as he approached. "Are you ok, Jacqueline?"

"I'm fine." she breathed in, regaining her composure. "I just got freaked out, that's all."

"I don't blame you, I'd be freaked out too if I found that thing on top of me." Soul hissed, motioning towards the dead body on the ground.

All three of them spared a glance at the corpse on the ground. By then it hardly looked like Harvar anymore, instead resembling what looked like a chameleon the size of a man. Again Jacqueline's stomach churned at the though of being violated by a reptile, but she hid her distaste when she caught view of Harvar's eyes droop to the ground from behind his glasses.

The girl put a soothing hand on his shoulder. "It wasn't your fault Harvar. You know that, right?"

He looked up to her and nodded. "I know. It's just that-"

"-We need to head out immediately."

Their attention turned to Stein as he approached them, the other two meisters following right behind him with fully loaded packs. Harvar instantly popped to attention at their presence, as if awaiting further orders. Jacqueline's shoulders sank, knowing full well that their short lived conversation had already ended.

"What's the rush? The witch is dead, we should be safe for now." Soul reasoned, scowling at the thought of packing up camp again.

"That's precisely why we need to leave right now." Stein answered back tiredly, looking at the corpse on the ground as he did. "If one of them knew even for a short time that we're here, others will probably know as well. We need to use the opportunity we have to find another camp while it's still peaceful."

The meister to the left of him held out a fully loaded pack to the Deathscythe, to which Soul took bitterly. "We didn't unload last night, so everything's already fully packed."

"Fuckin' lovely." he replied coldly, slipping on the twenty pound backpack in one motion.

Stein sighed at his pupil's attitude, but he had more pressing matters to attend to. Taking one last look around the camp to make sure nothing pointed to them being there, the professor then attended to Harvar and Jacqueline and helped them put on their packs. The two remaining meisters were tasked with scouting up ahead to make sure it was safe for the others to continue on. That left Soul to stand there, still tired and starving, to look around and let everything sink in.

Harvar was feeling guilty, if that was even possible for him. Jacqueline worried that her friend blamed himself, and also quite possibly was still shaken by the situation earlier. Stein was juggling being team leader, mentor, and father figure, and failing equally at all three. Those other meisters were fucking useless, being mere puppets for the weapons to do the real work of the mission. And what was left for Soul Eater? Nothing but the bittersweet thought of making it out of that hell-hole of theirs.

He closed his eyes just one last time and let the sun beat down on him through the foliage of the canopies above. It was hot. It was humid. But at least he felt something. At least the little rays of light that bounced against his face reminded him of that night with Maka. Her fingers gently touching his skin like that, it was such a new feeling and he barely had enough time to enjoy it, let alone take advantage of it. A smirk found it's way on Soul's face. He wondered what he would've done if he had more time with her.

"Let's go, Soul Eater." someone called to him from behind. It was probably Stein.

Snapped back into reality yet again, Soul's smirk disappeared as quickly as it came. With barely an acknowledgment he spun around and set off to follow the others as they followed suit. Still, even as they marched off through the forests of a dangerous country with witches all around them, Soul found himself smiling on the inside.

Because he knew then and there exactly what he would've done if he had more time with her.

Maybe it was just the Amazon heat making him feel that way.

Or maybe he always sort of wanted to.


I thought of Apocalypse Now when I started writing this. Very jungle-y theme, off-to-war kind of feel to it. Always wanted to write a story like that!

True, much of this first part actually involves Jacqueline with a little Maka in it, but I figured that the poor girl needed some ample limelight because quite frankly, she doesn't get much love in the character development department. Harvar either, although I'll be sure to flesh everyone out a bit later on.

And yes, that means I'll be continuing this. With Training Days on it's last days (I still need to write out that last chapter...) I'd mine as well make another multi-part story. Although to be honest, this one probably won't be more than three or four chapters.