A Hurtful Story


It was the usual day for me. I dropped Kimi and Kei off at school, I go to work with my Auntie Amulet, and come home cook dinner and picked up the kids. Kimi has his red eyes and my pink hair. Kei had his face and hair color, but my eye color. Kei and Kimi both had my attitude. No wonder they always get in trouble at school. Every time I look at my kids I see him and me together…but I also see those horrible times in middle and high school. He protected me from all those bullies…or at least he tried.


I was walking to my locker when all of a sudden I was push into a locker banging my head hard. The so called "cool kids" keep on bully me every day since middle school. It was

Ikuto: Popular, sexy, 18 year old. Has blue hair, navy eyes, football captain.

Utau: Ikuto's sister, beautiful, 17 year old. Has blonde hair in ponytails, blue eyes, the main singer.

Kukai: Utau's boyfriend. Good looking, 18 years old. Brownish hair. Soccer captain.

Rima: Drama queen,ice queen. 17 year old. Has golden hair.

Kairi: Student President. Quiet. Green hair, green eyes. 18 years old.

Saaya:Red hair, red eyes…annoying…

"Eww look at that thing!"Utau said.

If you can even call it a thing!" Saaya said.

"She isn't worth beating up… she is probably not worth anything!" Ikuto smirked.

I could never understand how I had a crush on him.

Anyway, they called me a lot of names like: Ugly, weirdo hair, loser,…mother killer. I hated those years! I had enough when Ikuto slapped me and made me fall down the stairs. He said that I told Utau she was a bad singer. Stupid right?

I sighed. Tadase… was the one I thought I loved. But he left me and my kids alone to go after Lulu. I thought she was my friend but I guess they always had feeling for each other. The only ones who is staying by me is Nadeshiko, Nagihiko, and Yaya. I love my Auntie Aumlet, she took me and Ami under her wing when mama and papa passed away. Mama was pregnant with another man's child. Papa found out and killed himself. I was only 15 at the time and Ami was 12. Mama didn't make it to the hospital because of the storm. I tried to do the pregnancy myself but it was too late. For some reason I got into the situation of being alone when someone was pregnant. I got stuck at a fast food restaurant helping a woman give birth. I succeeded a lot, but mama's still haunt me. I'm afraid of helping, I freak out every time. I was just like mama, but I had no help. I had to do my pregnancy alone with Kei. I was walking alone and then he came out of nowhere. I was a block from my house. When he was out a police car came by and took me to the hospital. Know I'm glad they are over with. Kimi and Kei are two happy healthy kids with a happy home and family.


"MOMMY!MOMMY!MOMMMY!MOMM-" I cut Kimi and Kei off.

"I'm coming you two! Take a Chill Pill!" I shouted. A vein pop on my head.

I was making lunch for them on a Saturday afternoon. My house was big enough for a least 20 people. Yeah I know, my Aunt and I work at Moonlight Records. She's a singer and I'm kinda a singer too.

We were in the kicten when there was a ding at the door. I put their sandwiches down and told them I will be right back as I turned on cartoons for them. I walked down stairs ( Yes the kitchen is up stairs ) and saw Auntie was already at the door. My Auntie looks a lot like me. Pink hair at the elbows, golden eyes. She could have been my sister!

Auntie opened the door to relieve Ami with this blued haired guy hanging off her shoulder. There was others in the back too…they look so familiar…

"Ami what is going on!" Auntie asked her.

"I'll explain later! Please you have to help them!" Ami yelled as she went into the nursery and laid down the blue headed guy on the bed. The others were put in chairs.

"Ami go get them some water! Now!" Auntie yelled. Ami ran to get water. I walked over to the blue headed guy and start unbuttoning his shirt.

"I don't even know you and yet your interested in me already?" He smirked at me. Who the hell is this guy.

"I suggest you shut your mouth before you bleed to death" I blushed and hissed at him.

He laughed at me. I took a cotton ball and put some alcohol on it. I put it on the wound and he flinched.

I looked at him, "You look familiar…"

"You do too…"

After I bandaged his wound Auntie and I talked to Ami.

"Look long story short, everybody here has issues with their lovers and since Rima and Utau is my friends I had to help. Ikuto ex wife shot him after he found out that she was cheating on him. She went crazy and we called the police. Their kids are at the park with their grandparents. Everybody's. Can they stay here for a while? Please Auntie and one-chan?"Ami begged.

I froze. Did she just say what I think she said?