Disclaimer: I do not own DN Angel, its characters, or this story idea. This story was originally written by Cleopatra2 and she titled it "Relationships Mixed Up." She never finished the story, so I have decided to rewrite it and finish it for her. I hope you enjoy.

It was an average Monday morning at the Rishwichii All-Girls Academy, until Riku and Risa Harada were called to the principal's office. The girls walked down their schools narrow hallway until they reached the office and then tapped softly on the door. They waited patiently until they were signaled to enter.

"You wanted to see us, Principal Ima?"

"Yes, please, have a seat."

The girls sat down in the two chairs on the other side of her desk. Principal Ima scribbled something down on a piece of paper and then opened her desk drawer and pulled out a collection of papers. She sifted through them quickly and then split the stack in half, handing one set to Riku and the other to Risa. The girls looked at the papers and then back at their principal, clearly confused.

"Um, what are these, Principal Ima?"

"Those are your transfer papers, supplies, and contact information. I'm sending both of you to the Tekada All-Boys Academy for the remainder of the school year."

"What! This is so sudden! When was this decided?"

"Before the school year began. The Board of Education has decided that performance reviews are required by not only state certified officials, but by other students as well. They require that we send two of our finest students to a school of their choosing for an entire year and then have the students report back after first semester and before the beginning of the next school year."

"And Risa and I are your two finest students?"

"Not exactly. You two rank very highly in our academy, but we had other students in mind. Unfortunately, we also need parental consent in order to send you away. None of our other students parents would consent."

"When did you talk to our parents?"

"A few weeks ago. They refused to send one daughter without the other, but said that if you both went, they would give us permission."

"Why didn't they tell us? And don't we get a say in this?"

"I gave them specific instructions to not say anything to the two of you. No one wants to do this, and I understand why, but it needs to be done. As long as your parents say it's alright, we don't need your permission. So I'm sorry ladies, but you'll be leaving first thing tomorrow morning."

"But Principal Ima-"

"No, no! Don't say another word. I'm sorry, but you have to go. This is not a discussion. Now please, get back to class."

Riku and Risa stood up and walked out of the office. As soon as they exited the hallway Riku started complaining to Risa.

"This isn't fair! We shouldn't have to go if we don't want to!"

"I don't know, maybe this won't be so bad."

"Risa, how can you say that? We'll be spending an entire year at an all-boys school!"

"I know. At first I was upset, but then I remembered that that's the school where Dark goes. It'll be so-"

"Risa! Why are you always obsessing over that guy? He's a pervert and a loser. Besides, you don't even know if you'll have any classes with him."

"He is not a loser! And I don't need to have classes with him, I'm bound to see him around school at some point."

"Oh, Risa, you're so girly. He's not worth your time, just-"

"Look, I'd love to stay here and chat, but we have to get back to class. I'll see you after school."

"Yeah, because you care about getting to class. You just don't want to listen anymore because you know I'm right."

It didn't matter what she said anymore, because Risa waved at her over her shoulder and rounded the corner. She was gone, leaving Riku to sulk and stare out one of the big windows of the upper level. She rested her head against the glass and sighed in frustration.

"I don't want to go."

The next morning, both girls arrived in front of their school with their suitcases in tow. Principal Ima was standing outside beside a small black car, waiting for them. They turned and hugged and kissed their parents goodbye. After watching them drive away, they grabbed their belongings and headed towards the car. They put all their things in the trunk and got in the backseat. They were told that the car would drop them off at the academy and that someone would be waiting outside for them when they got there.

Riku and Risa sat on opposite sides of the car and remained silent. Riku was still upset about having to go and Risa was still fantasizing about Dark. They knew speaking to each other would result in an argument, so they looked out their windows until the car pulled up to the school.

When they stepped out, they noticed the huge flock of students still floating around outside. Everyone seemed to stop and stare at them until the bell rang. Then everyone scattered off in different directions, running to class, or wherever they needed to go. The driver grabbed their bags from the trunk of the car and set them down beside them. A tall, skinny kid with brown hair approached them and introduced himself.

"Hello, my name is Ryuu. You must be Miss Harada Riku and Risa, yes?"

"That's right. It's nice to meet you, Ryuu."

Risa extended her hand and shook his. He extended his to Riku, but she was staring at the building and didn't notice his hand. He dropped it and turned towards the school.

"I suppose I should get you inside now. Principal Sakamoto is waiting."

The girls grabbed their stuff and followed Ryuu inside. The entry doors opened into an open room with two giant staircases leading upwards and an open walkway in between them. The walkway led to the commons area, which led to everywhere else. Riku and Risa looked in every direction they could see, trying to take in their new surroundings.

"I know, this place is pretty big. It's not as hard to navigate as it looks, though. For right now, we need to get you guys up to Principal Sakamoto. Her office is upstairs. Follow me."

They followed him upstairs and down several hallways, thinking about how hard it was going to be to find their way around, despite him saying it was easy. Risa began feeling a discomforting pain in her arms from shuffling her luggage around, but of course Riku didn't seem bothered. She was an athlete, after all. So she was glad when she saw an office door that read 'Principal Rikku Sakamoto.' Ryuu held open the door for them and shut it behind him.

"Well hello. You two must be Harada Riku and Risa?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Pleased to meet you, I'm Rikku Sakamoto. You may refer to me as Principal or Mrs. Sakamoto."

The girls nodded their heads in understanding. Riku was expecting her to say something about the fact that they had the same first name, only spelled differently, but she didn't. Instead, she pulled two pieces of paper from the printer tray and handed them over. Riku and Risa grabbed the papers, exchanging them when they saw their names written on them, and looked it over. It was their class schedules.

"I know this is sudden and straightforward, but since the year has already started, you guys need to get started with class right away. Those are your schedules for the current term. I will be going over rules and guidelines, graduation requirements, and be answering any questions you might have."

And so right away the lecture began. Principal Sakamoto explained the rules, went over the dress code, informed them of their graduation requirements, etc. The whole thing took a little over an hour. Both Riku and Risa were rather displeased with some of the differences between their schools. They were told to take notes on anything that seemed relevant for the review by Principal Ima, and this definitely seemed relevant.

Principal Sakamoto went into a side room in her office to arrange for someone to help them find their way around tomorrow. They would be starting class first thing in the morning. While she was gone, Riku and Risa compared schedules.

Harada, Riku

Period 1: P.E.
Period 2: Mathematics
Period 3: Drama
Period 4: Lunch
Period 5: English
Period 6: History
Period 7: Art

Harada, Risa

Period 1: Science
Period 2: English
Period 3: Lunch
Period 4: Band
Period 5: Mathematics
Period 6: History
Period 7: P.E.

"What kind of ridiculous scheduling is this?"

"I know. I hate Drama and Art. Don't we get a say in what classes we take?"

"I don't know, but if we do, I want to switch out of Band for sure. I don't know anything about playing instruments."

"I think these are the kind of things Principal Ima told us to take notes on."

"I think you're right. We'll get stuff written down when we get to wherever we're staying."

Both of them nodded at each other and waited for Principal Sakamoto to come back. When she did, she had two packages. She grabbed some things off her desk and told them to follow her.

"I'll be taking you to your room now. You've been reserved at the East dormitory on the second floor."

"Will we be sharing a room with anyone?"

"No, of course not. You two will be each others roommates. Although, there is a room right next to yours that connects to another pairs room. It's a double door that both parties have to open in order to cross rooms that way, so you will have your privacy."

The girls followed Principal Sakamoto and listened to her explain how the dorms work and where they would need to go to bathe, eat, etc. Along the way, Riku asked about changing schedules. Principal Sakamoto told her that the school decides students schedules and that there was no changing them. Riku was once again displeased, and made a mental note to add this to her actual notes for the review. When they finally arrived, the door was unlocked for them and they stepped into their new room for the year.

It was pretty small compared to their room back at their other school. It was very plain and boring and... basic. At Rishwichii, the rooms were a bit bigger and had more of a lively, homey vibe to them. Here, you had to make the rooms stand out. Both girls thought that their personal effects might not be enough to give them their old sense of comfort and feeling of home.

But they set their bags down and looked around some more. There were two twin sized beds on both sides of the room and two small nightstands beside them. In between the nightstands was a small desk that both girls were expected to share with a small lamp. There was a small, square rug in the middle of the room and a closet towards the foot of one of the beds. The door to the other dorm was at the foot of the other bed. The closet was small and both girls were going to have to work hard to divide the space up equally. In short, everything was small.

"Well, I hope you girls like your room. Here is a basic starter kit for you."

They both took the "kit" from her and opened it up. It contained two sets of uniforms, one P.E. outfit, a temporary library card, and a student organizer. It was indeed very basic.

"Enjoy your stay at Tekada Academy, ladies."

With that, Principal Sakamoto walked out of the room and shut the door. The girls picked their beds and began unpacking. When that was all finished, they sat down and took out their notepads. Riku began writing very descriptive notes, while Risa wrote more side comments then anything. She wasn't as displeased as Riku, but that was only due to the fact that she thought she'd be seeing Dark soon.

After a few more minutes of writing, Riku put her notepad away and looked at the clock. It was already half past eight. She walked over to the closet and grabbed her shorts and a t-shirt. As she began changing, Risa looked at the clock and got the hint. She also grabbed her nightgown and changed. They both grabbed their toothbrushes and a hairbrush and got ready for bed. Tomorrow was going to be a busy and exciting day.