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Jane actually couldn't believe her ears as she stared at Maura, rarely blinking. Maura was already having sex with Byron and had just admitted it to her. Jane really didn't know what to say to Maura then other than, "How is it?" and as soon as the words left her mouth, she wanted to kick herself for asking her best friend about her sex life.

Maura found herself smirking to herself and felt the blush creeping into her cheeks, "Jane, we've been talking about settling down..." the Medical Examiner finally said. She had been speaking with Byron a lot about being together, and moving in together. Now, she had told her best friend something she'd been trying to hide from Jane, as she hadn't known how to tell the Detective without hurting her feelings. Maura looked to Jane and sighed, as she waited on Jane's response.

"Settling down?" Jane raised a curious brow to Maura, "What do you mean, Maur?"

"We've talked about starting a family..." she told Jane.

"A family? Maura!" Jane blinked wildly then at Maura and she swallowed, "You want that? Or does Byron?"

Maura looked down into the bubbles and she glanced to the man across from them before she looked back to Jane, "We both do. Jane, I'm not getting any younger, I've been devoted to my career for so long, I'm comfortable with it now, it's time for my time now. And, we'd both like a family."

Jane sighed a little but she nodded, "If that's what you want to do..." she trailed off.

Maura could see Jane was holding back from speaking what was on her mind, "Jane, what is it?"

Jane looked up at Maura and straight into her eyes, "Maura, you've only known each other for what? Four or five months?"

"And, what's your point Jane?" Maura responded a little snippier than usual.

"Are you sure you want to settle down now? This soon?"

"Jane, I've been with men, and none of them have made me feel like Byron does." Maura smiled to herself, "We understand each other. We get the medical jargon and such...and Bass likes him."

"Bass likes me too." Jane responded and frowned deeply.

"Jane, Byron and I...I feel at home with him."

"If that's what you want..." Jane sighed and made to get out of the jacuzzi as she glanced to the guy, "She used to be between my thighs all the time..." she shook her head, "Now, she's between some guy's..." she stood and glanced briefly to Maura, as she stepped out.

"Jane!" Maura gasped and she made to stand up.

"No, Maura. Please don't follow me." Jane told her, "I need time alone." she sighed and frowned, going to grab her towel then, leaving Maura alone with the Jacuzzi guy.

The doctor watched after Jane and she frowned a little before she sighed and leaned back against the wall of the Jacuzzi, "I'm sorry you had to witness that..." she said to the guy who they had been sharing the bubbles with, "We often argue like this, it's nothing new." she forced a smile for him, "I'm Doctor Isles." she then outstretched her hand to him to make his acquaintance, "You can call me Maura."

"I'm Sherman." he told her, smiling brightly, taking her delicate in his chubby one, his sausage-like fingers dwarfing her own as he shook her hand. He looked over her and he then narrowed one of his eyes at her, "You don't strike me as a lady who bats for the other team..." he commented, retracting his hand from her grasp then and smiling softly, yet knowingly.

Maura looked down into the bubbles, "I'm not. Jane's my best friend, we've both been having trouble with guys. I'm dating her surgeon..." Maura sighed, "She's not very keen on the idea of me sleeping with him."

"Neither am I, but I'm not complaining." he winked to her and chuckled and she smiled up at him then.

"That's very kind of you." she blushed, "Jane often gets very impatient with me, she tells me I'm like Google Talk. I obviously sprout off a lot of facts, that are useless to her during an investigation." Maura then sighed and looked back down into the bubbles before she moved her hands through them, feeling them slipping between her slender fingers.