Twilight: Little nudger

(Alice's POV. Carla isn't born yet but Alice is in her 6th and final month of pregnancy. Yes she has a big belly. Immature. `-. - BUT OH WELL 29th November)

Bella gets out of her car. "Alice, wow, your baby seems to be growing" Bella says hugging me. "Well yeah, final month" I shriek. Eddie gives me a look like I'm stupid. "I may be pregnant Eddie, but I'm not stupid" I say as Eddie gives me the same look. Jazz walks outside. "Ali-bear what the hell are you doing in your night gown?" Jazz asks me putting his arms around my swollen stomach. "Belly boo just came" I say as she looks at me. "Don't call me that Ali boo" Bells says. "No! Pleeeeeeeease" I say pulling my puppy dog face. "You are evil Mary-Alice Brandon Cullen Hale" Bells says as I smile. "Wow, one thing I'm sure the baby will have the puppy dog feature" I say as Jazz laughs. I look up at Jazz. "Yes Cupcake?" Jazz asks me. "I love you" I say. Jazz smiles. "Jazz, why does the baby kick?" "Because he or she wants to know what's going on" Jazz says. "Well, were outside" I say.

(Well you know how Zafrina and Renesmee got along so well, I thought Maggie and Carla could share the same relationship. The first time they met. Maggie's POV)

I sit in the back of the car while Liam drives and Siobhan does her make up in the passenger seat. "Why do we have to go to the Cullens?" I ask as Siobhan looks back at me. "Because, Alice Cullen has had a baby" Siobhan says. "Fine but I'm not talking to them" I say. "Why not?" Liam asks. "Because, I don't want to and I'm listening to my IPod" I say as we park outside. A little kid waddles up to our car door. I open the door and pick her up. "Your actually quite sweet" I say. "We'll be back soon Maggie" Siobhan says. "OK Mom, see you" I say. I carry Carla do the door.

(I know it was short but oh well. Carla is three years old and the Cullens and wolves are chasing Victoria through the ravine. Alice's POV)

"Jazz just go in front!" I say. "Carla won't be able to keep up!" Jazz says. "I'll stay behind if she doe-" I say before Jazz kisses me. I hold him close. "All better?" Jazz whispers. I nod my head. I see Victoria. "On your left!" I shout. Everyone chances her. I notice Carla slowing down after an hour. Victoria disappears from sight. When I turn around Carla is gone. "Catch up Alice!" Emmett says. I realise and run faster than everyone. "She'll get away!" Esme says. "NO SHE WON'T!" Jazz shouts and grabs Carla from Victoria's arms and kills her. Carla cries in Jazz's arms. "It's OK" Jazz says kissing her head.

(Newborn army. Jasper's POV. Carla's 2yrs old)

Carla plays on the carpet behind the couch. "These newborn armies are getting bigger, if we don't stop them, the Volturi will" Carlisle says crawling towards us. I pick her up and sit her on my knee. She touches my face. "It's sunny this weekend" Edward and I say at the same time. "I'll take Carla upstairs, tell Alice to meet me" I say carrying Carla upstairs. I carry Carla to her room and put her down to sleep.