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~Chapter 1~

Gohan and Videl struggled to get out of bed. They are now 21 years old with a spunky 5-year-old daughter. They moved out of Gohan's house the year they were married, at age 16. About 8 ½ later, little Pan was born. She was there pride and joy but she had her times.

"Gohan?" said Videl sleepily. She didn't want to get up. It's their daughter's first day at kindergarten and they were worried sick. (A/N- Thanks greenie!!! I can't spell…^^ I fixed it! I KNOW HOW TO SPELL KINDERGARTEN NOW!!! Thanx bunches! *hugs greenie*)

"Yea Videl?" answered her sleepy husband. He was too out of it to really remember what day it was.

"Hun, it's Pan-chan's first day at kindergarten. Don't you think we should get ready and take her?" replied Videl as she started getting ready. She has short, semi-spiky hair and blue eyes. (A/N- *grins*….ehehhee…for her hair, think Buu Saga…I know she has different hair when Pan is born but she was older in the series and once again, it MY fic! *sticks out tongue* ^_^) She was putting on some jeans and a long white shirt.

"Oh yea…" grumbled Gohan as he got up to. "…I had forgotten about that…" HE began dressing himself as well. He put on some baggy khaki cargos and a long-sleeved navy blue shirt. He was still asleep as he followed his demanding wife to get Pan up and head for breakfast.

"You wake her up." Said Videl sassily. "I'll cook breakfast." She headed to the kitchen before giving him the chance to reply.

"…How is this fair?" he asked himself as he went into his daughter's bedroom and began his attempts at trying to wake her up. "She's so much like my father for Dende's sake!" he said after many failed attempts at waking the little girl up. He finally found a weakness. He grinned evilly as he began tickling the small child. It worked all right! She let out a shrill scream as a result.

"Good Morning Pan-chan!" said Gohan he greeted his ticked daughter. "G'mornin…" she said as she yawned. Gohan cleaned her room while she got ready. 'Doesn't she know to put her toys up YET? Oh well…it isn't that hard…at least she isn't the average 5-year-old girl who plays with Barbies and plays dress-up. She is into fighting like the rest of us….Dende did we get lucky!' He glanced over to see her fully dressed and slipping on her boots. She turned and smiled the classic Son grin at her father and walked over to him. He then picked her up and carried her downstairs.

"BREAKFAST IS READY EVERYONE!!!!" yelled Videl to the other two as they walked to the kitchen. Gohan was starving and you could say the same for little Pan. There was a LOT of food spread out…enough to feed an army! But that's no big deal for the Son family…they eat it all up with room for more. They all began eating their breakfast of pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs, biscuits, toast, cereal, omelet, breakfast sandwich, hash browns and more.

When they had finished, they got into the car.

"But daddy!!! Can't we just FLY?!" asked Pan, eager to show off how much she had progressed. She had a pleading look that begged for flight over simply riding in a car.

"Sorry kiddo, we gotta drive. We can't fly around town, no one is supposed to know that we can except family and your mother and my VERY close friends." Replied Gohan, mourning over the fact that Pan eyes dimmed a little. It hurt him and Videl when she was sad.

"Awww…" was Pan's reply. She was very upset…she had wanted to fly!

"It's gonna be okay. Look! We here Pan! We at your school, Orange Star Elementary School!" said Videl with mock enthusiasm. (A/N- Ehehe…as you know, I have zero imagination when it comes to this kinda stuff.) You could tell she was just trying to brighten the mood.

"Yea! Now you can go and learn stuff and…um….yea…anyway, c'mon!" said Gohan with even more enthusiasm. Pan rolled her eyes…she could tell whenever her parents were conveniently lying. She played along just to please them. 'What I do for my parents…*sigh*'

It was a pretty short ride but it was long enough for Pan to stare out the window. She watched all the people driving alongside them yelling or listening to the radio.

"Daddy?" said Pan.

"Yes Pan-chan?" he answered, not taking his eyes off of the road.

"Do you think it'll be fun?" she asked, worried.

"Of course hun! Kindergarten is easy…" he said convincingly.

Pan had her doubts but she decided to take her father's word for it. He sounded serious and still his normal nice voice. It won't be THAT bad.

They parked in front of the school. Orange Star Elementary…oh joy.

They got out of the car and headed to the office to pick up her schedule. Gohan and Videl told Pan to sit on the bench outside the office door while they got her schedule. Pan was once again peeved but she did as she was told. She sat obediently as a group of 5th grade students walked up.

"Hey kid. You got any lunch money?" asked the biggest kid, most likely the leader. The kid had black hair and wore a mean scowl. He had a red shirt and black pants.

"No." said Pan prissily, her parents hadn't done that yet. She lifted her head in superiority and went back to watching the people walking down the hall. She found great interest in a group of preppy 4th graders discussing their summer events.

"Well that's too bad huh, kiddie?" asked another one other the 5th grade boys in the group. They slowly walked up the chibi girl.

Pan snarled at them as they neared. They grabbed her by the sleeve of her gi and lifted her up off of the bench. (A/N- She's wearing her orange gi…like in DBZ at the end.) She smirked at them as her parents walked out. She didn't know they were there but those boys did when Gohan saw.

A low growl emitted from Gohan's throat, directed towards the boy holding his precious little girl by her gi. The boy looked and froze like a dear at oncoming headlights…he was terrified.

The boy placed Pan back on the bench, never taking his eyes off of her peeved father. Pan just smirked at him and put on a look of victory. She knew she could beat this weakling anytime, anywhere. But she would leave this to her dad…it would be much more fun this way…and she wouldn't get in trouble!


'Yea Videl?'

'Calm down…it's just a kid'


'There, there Gohan-chan…'

The leader's parents then walked over to see Gohan giving their son an angry look so they walked over.

"Just what are you doing?" asked the old lady to the Gohan that we all know and love. He looked over at her and turned to pick up Pan.

"I was protecting my KINDERGARTEN-aged daughter from your son. He was threatening her and she's only five. Do you think I'm going to let some 5th grader bully MY little girl? Think again!" spat out an angry Gohan. He was mad that someone would pick on HIS LITTLE ANGEL!

The principal walked out. "What going on here?"

Gohan, putting on his well-practiced I'm-a-little-angel-I-wasn't-doin- anything-wrong-what-are-you-talking-about look that he used so often in high school…3 years ago. "Huh? I was just asking why this 5th grade group of boys was picking on my daughter…she's 5 and we were on our way taking her to her first day of kindergarten. Is that so wrong?" asked Gohan.

The principal gave in. Gohan had long-past perfected the innocent-ness he was born with. "Okay, carry on Mr. Son."

Gohan's face brightened up as he motioned for Videl to follow. He smirked at the lady, her husband and the boy that had been mean to his wittle baby and the boy's friends. The lady scowled at him and cursed under her breath at him while he only smirked and continued walking.

They got to the room and walked in. What they saw was a classroom full of kinder gardeners and parents. Gohan was surprised because the bell had just rung and no parents had left. "Ummm….hello?" said Videl.

"Oh! Hi there! You must be the Sons! And this must be little Pan! Hi Pan!" chirped the over-enthusiastic teacher. Pan just scowled. She thought the teacher was too nice. The teacher didn't seem to notice.

"Pan-chan?" began Gohan.

"Yes tousan?" asked Pan.

"Say hello to your teacher hun!" he finished.

"Oh…okay….hi miss teacher lady…." She said flatly.

Gohan decided that that would have to do. He wasn't thrilled to death but it would have to work. "Umm, may I ask…why haven't any parents left yet?" he asked. He was very confused.

"OH!!! The parents are supposed to stay for the first day…to get to know the teacher and the other parents." She said with a big smile plastered firmly on her pale face. Gohan just stared.

"Oh really?" he asked, his eye twitching slightly. She didn't noticed this but Videl did…and her eye began slightly twitching as well. Pan seemed relieved though…probably because she wouldn't have to be alone in the midst of insanity.

"Yes really." Chirped the teacher again. "Circle time!!!" yelled the teacher in giddish delight. (A/N- Can anyone say, ditz? Lol! I just had to put circle time…it fits in with the……weirdness…)

"I…feel….sick…" stated Gohan as he paled a few shades. Everyone sat down in a…..well….more of a triangle than a circle.

"Nice…umm….circle." commented Gohan sarcastically. He got a glare from some of the parents but he just gave a quick glare back. They got mad about this.

"Now, we are going to introduce ourselves. If the children don't wanna talk, you parents can say it for them. I also want the parents to introduce themselves so we can get to know you better." Said The teacher, STILL smiling.

'My Dende…does she EVER stop smiling?'

'I dunno Gohan…I guess not…'

'She's…just…TOO happy…o.O'

"We'll start with you." Continued the teacher, pointing to the people sitting next to them. Gohan and Videl looked next to them…it was that lady with the 5th grade son!

"Wait a sec! Shouldn't YOU introduce yourself? You ARE the teacher…" mentioned Videl. The teacher looked dumbfounded for a sec but then it clicked.

"Okay…My name is Miss Olivia Schwartz." She chirped. "But you all can call me Miss Olivia." (A/N- I'm telling ya…I really overuse these things!!! ^^ *starts singing* It's a small world AFTER ALL!!! ^^;;;) Gohan and Videl face faulted.

"You're WHO?!?!" Gohan practically yelled in unison with Videl. Pan began giggling…her parents were being funny today.

"You mean you're related to MR. SCHWARTZ?!?!?!" screamed Gohan.

"Yea…he's my big brother…how do you know him?" She said…this confused her.

"He was our teacher in high school…" said Gohan, blankly staring off into space. "This is too weird…" he finished. Videl was in shock too.

"I didn't even know he HAD a sister." Videl added.

"Yup! I guess we can start with you two since I'm curious to know about you." She said, grinning at Gohan and Videl. This worried them.

"Why?" Gohan choked out. What if Mr. S. had told her about them?

"Because…I wanna know. Now, what are your names?" Miss Olivia asked nicely.

"Son Gohan." Gohan said.

"Son Videl." Videl said.

"Son PAN!!!" yelled little Pan, not wanting to be left out. Gohan and Videl just looked at her funny and grinned at how cute she was.

"Really? How old are you?" Miss Olivia continued.

This worried Videl as well as Gohan. If they said their age, everyone would know that they are only 16 years older than their daughter…they didn't want the others to make a fuss about it.

Pan, being clueless, yelled out her age. "I'M 5!!!"

This startled the teacher when the two parents didn't answer her question. "Um, what are you two's ages Mr. and Mrs. Son?" she politely asked.

"Ummm………" Gohan said as he looked at Videl. She looked confused on what to do as well.

"Are you two her parents? Ya'll don't look older than 25…defiantly younger. Are ya'll her brother and sister?" asked one of the parents.

"Ummm….no…we're her parents." Gohan mumbled…this was gonna be messy.

"Oh…sorry." Apologized the same parent.

"No prob." Gohan automatically answered.

Videl looked around at the other moms. She noticed that all of them were primly dressed in skirts or dresses. They all looked like they were trying to look their best while she was here in jeans and a white shirt. She didn't care that all of them were looking at her and Gohan strangely. Gohan was one of two fathers there. And the other dad was wearing a suit. She looked disgusted. She glared when she caught one of the mothers checking out Gohan. The lady stopped.

'What will we do Gohan-chan?'

'I'm not sure Videl-san…I guess we should tell them…'

'Yea…I guess…you tell them Gohan.'


'C'mon…go ahead.'


"We're 21…" he mumbled under his breath. "Okay, next person." He continued…much louder now.

"You're what? We didn't hear you." Mentioned Miss Olivia…clueless that he didn't want them to know.

"We're 21…" he said slightly louder glaring at one of the parents who was looking at him funny.

"Really? You're kidding right?" asked another one of the moms.

"I'm dead serious." He answered flatly.

"Well ummm….okay…how so?" asked the teacher timidly. A glare from Gohan was all that was returned. She gulped and decided it was best to leave it at that…he didn't look happy to share that info with the class.

The teacher continued on with introductions as the other parents said their own names and ages. No one else SAID anything to the two teens but the ladies kept eyeing Gohan and the other man was slapped down by his wife once and got a death-glare from Gohan the one time he dared to stare at Videl.


'Yea Videl?'

'I was looking at Pan's schedule and…'

'And what?'

'I was getting to that…and they switch classes for KINDERGARTENERS now…'

'Oh joy….more intros…it's just my day huh?'

'Yea…that didn't turn out well huh?'



"Well, now it's time for you parents to take your child to second period. It's a new system started this year. You don't have to come back anymore this year unless you want to. Have a nice day!" said the teacher as she dismissed the class.

"This is gonna be a loooong day Gohan." Stated Videl, scooping up Pan and starting towards the door.

"It sure will." He said, following obediently.

"On to second period I guess." Said Videl.

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