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~Chapter 7~

The two woke up in each other's arms…as they did every morning. Gohan yawned and stared at his mate, his beautiful Videl.

"Good morning sleepy beauty." Gohan said with another yawn.

"Good morning…" she said smiling…she almost didn't want to go home…she LIKED this time…^^ no Panny to ermm…interrupt them…ehehe…but that isn't the point…

"How did you sleep?" asked Gohan suggestively.

"It 'twas positively marvelous my Gohan-kun." She said in the same tone.

Someone knocking on the door snapped the two lovers back into reality.

The two quickly got dressed. Videl wore jeans and a black shirt while Gohan was dressed in a hunter-green, baggy shirt with jeans. The two answered the door.

"Ummm…were you two awake? I'm sorry if I woke you up…" stuttered Bura.

"Nah, we were awake…" he started glancing at Videl. "…It's okay." He finished with a smile.

Bura looked relieved. "I just wanted to tell you that breakfast is ready-" she started…before she could finish her sentence, Gohan was downstairs, ready to eat.

"He can be a total dork sometimes…sorry Bura-chan." Videl apologized for her husband with a smile. (A/N- Is it just me or was that sentence really confusing? Probably just me…)

Bura just smiled back as the two headed downstairs to find all the Saiyans stuffing their faces.

"Ohayo Videl!" greeted Bulma.

"Ohayo Bulma-san." She replied. (A/N- I'm pretty sure ohayo means good morning or something…either that or hello…I don't remember…but either works…)

They ate their breakfast and said their farewells….again.

"Bye…ummm…again!" said Gohan cheerily. He would miss them.

"Bye Gohan-san!" yelled Bura.

"Sayonara Gohan-san!" yelled Pan.

"Bye Bura! Bye Pan! Bye everyone!" shouted Gohan.

"Goodbye everyone!" shouted Videl.

"Bye Gohan! Bye Videl!" yelled all the different people saying yet another goodbye to their friends.

The two got into the time machine and launched back to their time. They arrived at CC at 9:00 am. They walked upstairs to see Vegeta in…a purple w/ pink hearts spandex???

"Eh heh…eheh…AHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" Gohan said as he began finding breathing harder and harder in between laughter.

"What are you laughing at Kako-Brat?!" asked Vegeta, still peeved that everyone was laughing at him…wait 'til I get my hands on those danged chibis…they will so die…

"I'm…ehehehe…laughing…eahhahahaha….at…y-your clothes!" he said in between fits of laughter.

Trunks, Bura, Pan and Goten could only stare at Gohan as he lost all self-control. They had never seen the out-of-controlness of him…well…at least not to this extent…

"Gohan! Breathe!" coached Videl. She noticed her efforts were futile so she walked up to her 5-year-old daughter.

"Hey hun! Were you good while mommy and daddy were away?" she asked. She got worried when Pan turned to the other chibis and smirked.

"Wait, sweetheart…how about you don't answer that one…" she corrected herself.

Pan smiled as Gohan calmed down. "I'm okay." He stated. Everyone smiled at him.

"We better go huh?" Videl said.

"Yea….C'mon Pan, Videl. Let's head on home!" he said, now in a great mood!

The two followed him. "Bye everyone!" Gohan said as he and his family left CC.

"Daddy? Can we go to the mall? I need a new gi!" Pan declared.

"I guess sweetie…" he said…still frightened of the mall.

"YAY!!! Thank you tousan! Thank you tousan! Thank you tousan! Thank you tousan! Thank you tousan! Thank y-" she started.

"YOU'RE WELCOME sweet pea…" he interrupted. Little Pan sweetly smiled at him and he calmed down a bit.

They soon arrived at the huge mall and Gohan groaned. Pan grinned as they entered the large place. She rarely got to go to places with a lot of people…well, not including school.

She saw the fighting store near the front and ran over to it. Her parent s wanted to go but decided to hang around outside for a while…if they went in, they would surly use up every penny they own.

As they were standing outside, Videl caught a glimpse of Erasa. Erasa turned and saw her friend and said, "HEY VIDEL! HEY GOHAN!"

Gohan then noticed the girl and her…ahem…husband Sharpener…his former rival for Videl. "Hey you guys!" Gohan answered happily.

"Hey you two!" answered Sharpener.

"How have ya'll been these past year...or…at least since the first day of school? We didn't really get to talk." Said Erasa with enthusiasm. (A/N- Lol…I Texan-ized her!!! Ya'll is a cool word!!! ^^ TEXAS IS THE BEST!!!!)

"Pretty good." Videl said back.

"Panny is in the fighting shop…Dende knows I wish I was but if I went in, I wouldn't leave 'til I spent every penny we own." Gohan said placing his hand behind his head and laughing. Everyone grinned at him…some things never change.

"Sooo…where did you two go and where in HFIL did you go that month Gohan?" asked Sharpener suspiciously.

"Eheheeheee….when Sharpener?" he asked his friend.

"Ya know? When you two, well, STOPPED coming to SCHOOL?!" he clarified.

"Ooooooohhhhhh!!!! My mom got us to collage within a year…I had already learned most of it by the time I was 6…she quickly taught everything to Videl. Then we went to collage and yup." He answered.

"Kay…that explains that…where did you go that month you went missing?" asked Erasa.

"Ohh….I doubt you'll believe me…" he muttered.

"C'mon! We will!" Erasa answered eagerly.

"Oooookay!" he started, drawing out the 'O'. "Ya know how I was the Gold Fighter? Oh, you didn't? Well, I was and I was helping Videl-san out when a portal thingy got in the way. I was transported 20-some-odd years into the future and met a buncha people! Some I shouldn't tell ya cuz it might kill the future so it's MY LITTLE SECRET!!!" he finished, grinning ear to ear.

They stood there for a minute, dumbfounded. Videl rolled her eyes. "Dramatic today, aren't we Gohan?" she said to him sarcastically.

The Demi-Saiyan blushed lightly and the two friends sweat dropped. "I guess." He answered, smiling.

As the adults continued talking, Pan walked out of the place with lots of fighting gis and other various training things. She was grinning and walked up to her teachers.

"Hi Miss Erasa! Hiya Mr. Sharpener!" she said.

"Hi Pan!" they replied.

She grinned. "What are ya'll doing here?" she asked her teachers.

"Oh, we were just talking to your parents." They answered.

As they all began conversing, a snobbish lady with two bratty sons and a quiet, fat little husband walked up to the group. "Hey, your that shrimpy dude that's brat didn't let my son steal her money, right?" the lady asked…it was little…no BIG Bethany Ricketts and she once again put her life on the line with that little comment.

"Excuse me?" he said.

"You heard me!" she snapped.

Gohan's eyes went dark and Pan looked up in confusion. Realization struck her as she saw Brice and Chase. She glared at them and they smirked.

"HEY! What are ya'll doing here? If you think I have any lunch money, I DON'T SO BUZ OFF ALREADY!" she hissed at them. Gohan smiled proudly at her…what can he say, he doesn't blame her.

"Did you hear the way she spoke to MY BABIES?!" Bethany screeched.

He smirked and replied, "Yea I did…and I'm darn proud of her thank you very much." Bethany glared at him.

"You sure are immature to be a parent." She said…Gohan didn't take it lightly.

"Well, well, well, miss I'm-Too-Good-To-Obey-The-Rules, who's teaching their children it's okay to FRIGGIN' ATTACK OTHER PEOPLES CHILDREN! Who's son attacked WHO'S daughter with a KNIFE and tried to friggin' KILL HER?! HUH?! I'd say that shows that immaturity is by-far better than that." He hissed. "AND I AM NOT IMMITURE!" he added on.

She stood there dumbfounded. Erasa and Sharpener were extremely shocked. As Gohan was catching his breath, they asked, "Which son? Is Pan- chan okay?!"

"It was Chase and his gang of morons…yea, she's okay…that reminds me, I'm going to report that…." He mumbled to himself as he made a mental note. "Panny-chan had distracted me with ice cream soon after she told me about it…she must have wanted to take care of it herself…no more Veggie-sama for you Panny." He told his daughter. She snapped her fingers but decided she could get her easily manipulated daddy to change his mind.

"Well, it's good that she's okay…but think you should report that…they may try it again. And I don't want an angry you loose on the streets." Said Sharpener jokiningly…he didn't know the half of it.

"No kidding…Saiyans can be a menace to society if made mad…" Videl stated as Gohan blushed.

"What's a Saiyan?" Erasa asked cluelessly.

"Must everyone ask?" Gohan sighed.

"Yes, Gohan-chan…because the average human doesn't know about the evil warrior race of aliens who were originally bent on destroying the Earth and taking over the Universe...with the exception of you and your dad…you're often to naïve and your dad was dropped on his head as a child…" joked Videl…lucky for her she was one of the few people that could say that and live to tell the story.

"Hey!" he said.

"Hey is for horses!" she joked again.

"He-….arrrgghhh…" he said as Videl laughed an the Pencils looked confused.

"Alien? GOHAN'S AN ALIEN?!?!?!" Erasa screeched.

"Shhhh…well, sorta…I'm only HALF alien…my dad's a Saiyan an my mom is human…" he explained quietly so the bad people (A/N- the evil Ricketts people….*growls*)

Erasa and Sharpener still looked shocked that the friend they had always thought of as "The dweeby little Nerd-Boy" who always got good grades was an alien hybrid…that was kind freaky…no…that was REALLY freaky!

*All of a sudden a strange girl with a microphone walks out on stage….*

Girl-With-A-Microphone: And a word from the author!

C-chan: TADAAA!!!! It's me…^^

J-chan: Joy…

C_chan: OOOOOoooooOOOOOooooOOoOOOOoooo!!! Guess what! I thought of something funny today!

J-chan: Enlighten me…

C-chan: *sings* Yankee J-chan came Texas, riding on a Go-Cart! Gave me an ice cream, made me happy. Complained my fic was way to sappy!

J-chan; …………it is! They kiss too much in 'Without You'! AND GOHAN IS MINE!!!!

C-chan: You just KEEP on thinkin' that…ASHLEY EMAILED YOU!!! HAHAHHAHAHA!!!! *smirks evilly*

J-chan: You're too evil…WHY DID YOU TELL HER EMAIL ADDRESS??? WHY?!?!?!

C-chan: I dunno….evil streak I guess….^^

Gohan: Who are you?

C-chan: Remember me? I was in the other story too…I'm the author!

Videl: Oh….it's you two again…*groans*

C-chan: HEY!

J-chan: Hmph…I never liked her….

C-chan: We better go…the readers are probably tired of me talking…

J-chan: I wouldn't blame them…

C-chan: HEY!

J-chan: Gotta go! ^^; *poof*

C-chan: Bye! WAIT FOR MEE!!! *poof*

Girl-With-A-Microphone: Well, that concludes our word from the author…have a nice rest of your life. *walks off stage*

As everything went back to normal, everyone had somewhat been distracted from the newly acquired information.

"Well, we better head home…see ya'll later." Said Gohan as they left the giant mall and went home.

"Bye Gohan! Bye Videl! Bye Pan!" shouted Erasa and Sharpener to the family while Bethany and co. just glared.

---9 months later---

"Push! Come on Videl!!!" encouraged Gohan as his wife sruggles to bring baby #2 into the world.


"Ehehe…sorry, I was just trying to help…" he muttered.

Soon enough, the child was born as family and friends gathered around the hospital door. Would it be a girl or a boy? The doctors hadn't been able to tell so no one knew yet.

The doctor picked up the newborn and declared, "It's a baby boy."

Gohan and Videl's eyes lit up. "C-can I hold him?" Videl asked timidly.

"Of course." He replied. "We just need to clean him up real quick."

Videl was disappointed; the doctors had let her hold PAN when she was born…oh well. The doctor gave the baby boy to his young mother and she help him tenderly.

"What should we name him Gohan-san?" Videl asked quietly.

"I'm not sure…" he answered, staring in awe at his new son.

"How about we name him after your father?" Videl suggested.

"Sure…" he answered, smiling.

"Okay, Goku, welcome to life." She said sweetly to the baby.

Goku Jr. giggled and smiled with big, adorable eyes into the face of his parents.

The doctors let everyone in to see the baby. "OMIGOSH!!! I have 2 grandchildren!!!" rejoiced Chichi. Everyone sweat dropped.

"So what was is Gohan? Boy or girl?" asked Krillin with interest.

"Boy." Gohan answered with a smile.

"Alright! Name?" asked Yamcha curiously.

"We decided to name him after Goku…" answered Videl.

"He deserves it…that's wonderful! Congrats you two!" cheered Bulma.

"Now I have a nephew you too, that's so awesome!" declared Goten. Gohan grinned at him; Goten could be so funny.

"Panny, cummere." Said Gohan to his daughter.

She walked up and looked at her tiny baby brother. "He's so tiny." She said in awe.

"You were that small too when you were a baby…what do you think about having a little brother Pan-chan?" asked Videl.

"It's cool! I'll take care of him and anybody who picks on him will be blasted to kingdom come!" she declared.

"Hehehe…you do that Panny." Gohan said, laughing.

Everyone then went to a baby shower at CC. It ended several hours later and everyone congratulated Gohan and Videl as they headed home.

"It looks like we're in for another round, ne Videl?" said Gohan.

"Yup…THREE Saiyans to feed…great joy…" Videl stated flatly. Everyone laughed and they went on with life, setting up things for the baby and beginning another round of Saiyan toddlers…what fun!

Well, that's the end of the sequel. I wanted to end it so I could start some other things. Sooner or later, I'm gonna make another sequel. IN the mean time, I have two stories I've been wanting to write….R/R!!! You know you want to…and read my other stories!!! Well, toodles! *blows raspberry* ^_~