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For those of you who don't know, I had this idea to post the first chapters of some stories I've been working on, just to see if people actually like them (because I'm currently only working on one story, and I feel like I don't have enough variety to keep me motivated).

I've had this one in the works for a few months, and I think I'm finally content enough with it to post it on a purely trial basis. Although, as I write this A/N, I have yet to think of a title for this... Oh well.

Anyway, here we are. I think I'll accept some OCs for this, just to make it interesting. More information on that at the end.

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Chapter One

"Lindsay Gardner, age twenty-seven, found murdered in an alley last night in Quantico. She was a prostitute, who often worked in the area where she was found." JJ paused as Garcia brought up another image next to a picture of a pretty redhead on the projector screen. The same woman was in a crumpled heap on the ground. The wall behind her was covered in blood. "The coroner said that... Her head had been blown up from the inside." Another picture, this one of the back of the woman's skull, which was completely destroyed.

"But... How would that happen?" Morgan asked, frowning. JJ shrugged, looking green.

"The police suggested a bullet hitting the side of her head... Or maybe entering through her mouth..." She said. Everyone in the room looked sceptical.

"No bullet I know of would do that." Rossi commented. The other BAU members nodded in agreement.

"The Quantico PD brought in the people who found the body for questioning, they are waiting for us to get there first." Garcia informed them, taking down the pictures of Lindsay.

"Who are they?" Hotch asked. Garcia frowned and brought up two pictures on the screen. The first was a short boy with long golden hair in a braid and matching eyes, and the second was a slightly taller boy with long slightly darker gold hair and the same gold eyes.

"They're just kids." Morgan said, his brow furrowing. Garcia nodded.

"Edward and Alphonse Hohenheim. Edward is sixteen, Alphonse is fifteen. That is the only information the police could get out of them. Those two are completely off the grid. No birth records, no medical records, no school records. Absolutely. Nothing. It's like they fell out of the sky!" She ranted, throwing her hands in the air.

"Nothing?" Emily repeated, shocked.

"Not. A. Thing." Garcia said, frustrated.

"Alright. The jet will pick us up in and hour. Garcia, while we're gone, look for information on the Hohenheim brothers. Anything you can find. Also see if any murders like this have occurred before." Morgan said. Garcia nodded and packed up her laptop, going back to her office.


"This is such a waste of time..." Edward growled quietly. He and Alphonse sat side by side at the table in the small interrogation room, sitting perfectly still. Both looked perfectly calm, but if one were to look close at Edward's eyes, they would see anger and impatience.

Edward wore black pants, and a black shirt under a black jacket. His red coat was nowhere to be seen and his hair had broken free of it's usual braid. Alphonse wore the same thing (an extra of clothes that Edward had been carrying), but the clothes hung off his skeletal frame.

"Please relax, Brother. We have no idea what we're up against." Alphonse replied, equally as quiet. Edward sighed, clenching his gloved fists.

"We should be tracking down Scar." He murmured, gritting his teeth. Alphonse nodded slightly.

"I know. But we just have to wait. As long as this goes smoothly, they should let us go." He reassured the other blond.


"What strange looking kids..." Prentiss murmured, watching the Elric brothers through the two-way mirror. "Look at the older one's posture. He looks annoyed, and he has a every dignified air about him."

"The younger one seems completely loyal his brother, and he's very calm." Rossi commented.

"Reid, Prentiss, you two talk to them." Hotch demanded, handing two glasses of water to Prentiss. Reid and Prentiss nodded, opening the door of the interrogation room and sitting across from the brothers. Edward fixed an irritated gaze on them, while Alphonse smiled uneasily.

"Hello. I'm Doctor Spencer Reid and this is Agent Emily Prentiss." Reid introduced, holding out his hand to Edward. Edward slowly shook his hand, very aware of how hard his metallic hand must have felt.

"Edward Hohenheim. This is my younger brother, Alphonse." Edward said stiffly, watching Reid warily as he shook Alphonse's hand.

"How are you two feeling?" Prentiss asked, handing each of the blonds a glass of water. Edward eyed the water carefully before gingerly sipping it. Alphonse paused, watching Edward for a moment, before taking a sip of his own water. Edward then set his glass down and rolled his eyes at Prentiss' question.

"Just great. Where the hell are we, anyway?" Edward questioned, raising a daring eyebrow at the FBI officers across from him. Reid and Emily exchanged a surprised glance.

"Uh... Quantico, Virginia..." Reid said slowly. Edward's eyes widened, as if in recognition, and Alphonse followed suit, feigning relief.

"Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. Pretty big city." Edward commented lightly. Reid and Prentiss exchanged sceptical glances.

"Where are your parents?" Prentiss asked gently, trying to coax the teens into a sense of security.

"Gone. Our Mom's dead and our Dad's MIA." Edward stated coldly, glaring at the adults.

"What's your father's name? We could track him down." Reid said. Both Elrics shook their heads.

"His name is Van Hohenheim, but you won't find him." Alphonse said quietly.

"Besides, we don't need that bastard, we can take care of ourselves." Edward added, his tone dripping venom. Reid and Prentiss looked shocked for a moment, but quickly regained neutral looks.

"Okay... So how did you find the body?" Prentiss asked. Both brothers' faces darkened.

"We were chasing Scar, and he killed that girl." Edward clenched his fists. "If we had just arrived a minute sooner..." Alphonse's eyes were full of guilt.

"It's not your fault, Brother... If I had woken up sooner..." He murmured. Edward shook his head.

"What do you mean, 'woken up sooner'?" Reid asked. The Elrics exchanged a quick glance.

"We were fighting Scar, and he knocked out Al then ran. I waited for Al to wake up before following Scar, and he killed that girl." Edward said, straightening his shoulders. The lie rolled off his tongue easily. In reality, they had somehow ended up on this side of the gate and it took a while for them to wake up after. By the time Alphonse had woken up (surprisingly, in his own body), Scar had already killed the girl.

"Oh..." Prentiss murmured, her eyes softening as she watched the brothers. Alphonse gripped Edward's left hand tightly, as if he had forgotten the feeling of flesh and bone. The younger Elric looked a lot less healthy, the agents noticed. Edward was about 5 foot 5, muscular, tanned and overall tough. Alphonse, on the other hand, was an inch or two taller than his brother, very thin, pale, and overall very frail looking. Like he had spent the last few years in a cave or something while his brother had been in the sun.

"Don't look at us like that. We don't need your pity, we've seen death before." Edward snapped, glaring at Prentiss, who looked slightly taken aback. Alphonse frowned and squeezed his brother's hand.

"Edward." Alphonse's tone was one of gentle warning. Reid was reminded of the way a mother wolf nipped the scruff of a misbehaving pup.

"Do you two want anything to eat?" Reid asked. Edward, who had turned his head to glare at the wall, turned back and looked levelly at the BAU agents, his mood turning neutral at the drop of a hat.

"Yes, that'd be good." Edward said slowly, his golden gaze flickering to Alphonse and then back at the BAU team. The flash of worry in his eyes wasn't lost on Prentiss.

"Would pizza be okay? We can have it delivered in less than an hour." She said, watching Edward with slight curiosity.

"Uh... Yes. That's fine, thank you." Alphonse spoke up, smiling at the agents kindly. Prentiss smiled back and stood.

"Alright. We'll be back in a little while. Our supervisor might want to talk to you two." She said as Reid stood as well.

"Great." Edward deadpanned, letting his forehead drop onto the table with a dull thud. Alphonse rolled his eyes at Edward and stood, walking behind his brother.

"What are you doing, Al?" Edward asked, craning his neck around to look at Alphonse. Alphonse's answer was holding an elastic band between his teeth and jerking Edward's head around, combing through his hair and braiding it.

"You 'ook 'ike a home'ess person, Bro'her." Alphonse muttered through his teeth. Edward huffed, crossing his arms.

"You're one to talk, Al. If a butterfly landed on your shoulder, you'd probably fall to pieces." Edward retorted. They both laughed at that, some sort of ironic humour breaking the tension they had been feeling since toppling (quite literally) into this strange futuristic world.

"Do you know what a 'peezza' is, Brother?" Alphonse asked, taking the elastic from between his teeth and twisting it around the braid. Edward shrugged.

"Not a clue. Some kind of food, I guess. Here, we'll have to find some scissors later." He gestured to the chair beside him and took out another elastic. Alphonse sat and waited patiently while Edward combed through some harsh tangles and then put his hair in a simple pony tail.


"Weird kids." Rossi commented as he, Hotch, Morgan and JJ watched the Elrics.

"I don't think I've ever seen siblings so close before." JJ said, smiling slightly.

"Rossi, Morgan, you can finish interrogating them. I want a little more information on them before I talk to them." Hotch said watching the golden haired brothers with a calculating gaze.

"Alright, come on, Morgan." Rossi said, walking into the room. Immediately, the Elrics stopped talking and turned to watch Morgan and Rossi. Both brothers stood and shook the older mens' hands before sitting again.

"I'm David Rossi, and this is Derek Morgan." Rossi introduced. The Elrics exchanged a glance and then looked back at the men.

"I'm Alphonse Hohenheim. This is my older brother, Edward." Alphonse introduced them while Edward sat back, evaluating their current company.

"So, what do you two want?" Edward asked, raising one eyebrow.

"We just want to talk." Morgan said. Edward snorted.

"Sure you do. You want to know about Scar, right? He's a cold-blooded murderer who says he's doing 'God's will' and a bunch of bullshit like that to justify killing." Edward growled the last sentence, clenching his right fist around his water, shattering the glass cup. Morgan and Rossi looked shocked, but Edward just shook his hand, annoyed that his glove had gotten wet. Alphonse squeaked in surprise.

"Brother! Are you okay?" He asked, alarmed. Edward just nodded, still annoyed. Satisfied, Alphonse turned to Rossi and Morgan. "Sorry about that, my brother has a short temper." He apologized with a sheepish smile while Edward grumbled something angrily about 'not being short'. The profilers exchanged a surprised glance.

"Uh... No problem." Morgan said slowly. Rossi was ignoring them, watching Edward intensely. Edward stared back at Rossi, quirking an eyebrow.

"What are you staring at?" He grumbled. Alphonse elbowed him. Edward shot his brother a glare. Rossi's gaze continued to burn into the elder Elric.

"You're sure your hand isn't bleeding? You crushed that glass." Rossi said suddenly. A tiny shock of something close to panic lit up Edward's eyes, but it was gone too fast for Rossi to identify. Alphonse frowned and looked between Rossi and Edward, worried.

"No. I'm fine. These gloves are thick." Edward's lie was smooth, flawless. Or so it seemed. Rossi's eyes flashed.

"Hey, why are you wearing gloves anyway? It's summer." Morgan mused. Edward scowled.

"None of your damn business." He grunted. Alphonse elbowed him again.

"Brother!" He hissed. "Don't be so rude." Edward rolled his eyes.

"They're interrogating us, Al, I'll act however the hell I wa- OW!" Edward cut himself off with a yelp as Alphonse jammed his elbow into his ribs for a third time, a lot harder then before. "Geez, Al, your elbows are bony." Edward moaned, clutching his side. Alphonse crossed his arms.

"You deserve it. Stop being such a jerk." He retorted. Edward sighed, but a faint smile pulled at his lips.

"Sorry Al." He muttered. Alphonse glanced at his brother and his irritation melted away.

"Good." Was all he said. Rossi and Morgan watched the brothers, confused and more then a little suspicious.

"Alright, that will do. Someone will be in with food shortly." Rossi said, standing. Morgan also stood, his gaze lingering on the brothers. Alphonse looked relieved, but Edward looked angry.

"So we can't leave?" He asked, his voice carefully measured, although there was a sharp edge to it.

"Not yet. You're key witnesses in a murder investigation. Besides, we can't let minors go without their parents. Either your parents or guardians show up, or we make arrangements for you." Rossi explained. Edward stood abruptly, looking livid. Alphonse quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back into his chair.

"That's fine. Thank you." Alphonse said quickly, clapping a hand over Edward's mouth when he opened it to protest. The two agents walked out. Alphonse dropped his hand, leaning back in his chair.

"Al... Are you okay?" Edward asked, furrowing his brow. Alphonse looked exhausted, his skin pasty, his eyes shadowed and his face drawn. But he just shrugged lightly.

"I'm okay, it's just been a while, you know?" He said. Edward nodded. They both knew what he meant, but the people listening didn't. Alphonse sighed and looked at Edward.

"Ed, what are we going to do?" He asked helplessly. Edward sighed as well, resting his chin in his flesh palm.

"I don't know, Al. We can't let these people stick us with some random family, or worse. We need to get back..." He murmured. Alphonse sunk further into his chair, his eyes drooping. Edward glanced at him and smiled slightly. "Get some sleep, Al. Like you said, it's been a while."

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-A neighbour of Reid (preferably female and young, preferably a science major/PhD).

-An ally for Scar (some sort of serial killer/criminal. Male or Female).

-A few homicide detectives (mixed genders and ages).

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