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It's a Wednesday night. The crowd is a good size for the night, not as big as the weekend one. Most of the people sitting at the various tables are regulars, a few new faces but nobody who really stands out. The waitresses are fake-laughing at the sexual compliments given to them by creepy men who come for the skimpy outfits. What else could be expected by a bar run by Puck?

Brittany Pierce can't complain much though, like she ever would anyways. Puck had hired her as the choreographer for the various random dances that happen throughout the nights. He wanted a strip club, but decided he wanted to make his mother proud. This was his hardly better solution. A blown whistle means the girls better find some room to whip out the sexy moves that seems to make the money flow a little more. The girls usually got some pretty good tips as well.

Her desire to be social with people and lack of things to do at night have also led her to be a bartender. While she doesn't mind the outfits or even the creepy comments, she was scared of her clumsy feet when she wasn't dancing. It was easy to get distracted by all of the things going on. Some people played pool all night, winning and losing money. There were some theme nights every now and then, and of course karaoke and nights to celebrate the big games during various sports seasons. All of this led to Brittany strictly working behind the bar. She liked it because it gave her a chance to talk to the people who were more lonely, sitting on the stools by themselves instead of in groups at the tables.

Tonight she was mostly talking to Finn. He worked as a delivery man and actually dropped off most of the liquor that circulated Puck's bar. Since Puck and Finn go way back, he was at the bar almost nightly. He's been offered a job here many times by Puck but he only works when he needs the money, otherwise he prefers to "enjoy it." Brittany is a little creeped out by that statement, knowing Finn is currently single, and often hits on the girls way out of his league.

"How was your route today?"

"Nothing special. I dropped two cases of some special imported stuff, now that's coming out of my check. Luckily I've been eating pretty much nothing besides TV dinners and this bar's food so I have a little bit of extra money to cover it."

Brittany scrunched up her nose at the mention of the man's eating habits. TV dinners were just gross and everybody knew the bar food was a little sketchy. She was about to reply when a whistle was blown. The girls working out on the floor immediately set down any trays or pitchers they were holding and moved to free space. There were hoots and hollers from the slightly more drunk and perverted men. Even a few drunk girls threw out some shouts and started wiggling dangerously in their own seats.

Finn had a goofy grin on his face while Puck came up beside Brittany and smirked at the customers' reactions. Bass Down Low by Dev started to play loudly through the speakers set up strategically throughout the bar. The girls started their dance.

Brittany never really participated. She did, however, do small movements as she did the dance in her head and watched to make sure all of the girls were getting it. Sometimes they would have trouble with Brittany's more advanced moves and she tried to make it simpler and helped them to her best abilities but some were just a lost cause. Also, the various girls who downed shots on the job while Puck wasn't looking didn't help themselves.

"Tina's looking a little sloppy tonight. She been having trouble at rehearsal?" Puck whispered this to Brittany, not wanting to draw any attention to the girl in question.

"No. I think it's Artie. She's been having trouble with him. Tina found out he was saving money and not telling her. She had gotten her hopes up for an engagement ring and then Monday he came home with a new expensive gaming thingy." Brittany shook her head in disgust. It was guys like Artie that reminded her why she always kept girls an option in romantic relationships.

"I bet he didn't even know what he did wrong. I like the guy, but sometimes he needs to get his head out of his ass. Girls are way more fun than technology."

"I really think that was the last straw for her. They've been together for so long that she doesn't want to be the bad guy and break it off but she needs to be happy. I told her to just go for it and if she needs a place to stay, my apartment is open."

"What about Berry?"

"She won't be back for another month or so. She's doing promotion for her latest movie. She wants us to go to the premiere but it's supposed to be action-y. I don't like those kind of movies. She should do a Finding Nemo 2. I love Dori!"

"Do you think she'd be my date?"

Finn's head snapped back to the conversation going on behind the bar at the mention of Puck taking Rachel to the premiere. That had been his plan. Puck was oblivious but Brittany saw the hurt look on his face. Both guys had been thinking about asking Rachel out since they met her through Brittany but she didn't want any relationships while she was working on her movie. Now that it was pretty much done, they both had the same idea.

"I don't know…"

"C'mon Britt! Give me something. What's her favorite kind of flower?"

Brittany scrunched up her face, confused. "Why would you want to know that?"

"So I can get her flowers! Don't girls like stuff like that?"

Brittany scratched at her nose, contemplating whether or not she should really answer. "I guess."

"So tell me!"


Puck just sat there with his mouth open. Brittany was always willing to give people a helping hand, especially when it came to other people getting together.


"Because it will give you an unfair advantage! Duh!" Brittany rolled her eyes, why didn't Puck get it?

"Unfair advantage?"

"Yea. Maybe other people want a chance, too." Finn shifted uncomfortably at Brittany's rather true statement. He had avoided entering the conversation but had been listening intently for awhile now.

"Like who?" Brittany sighed. He was clearly not aware of his best friend's longing for the same girl.

She started cleaning a few shot glasses, trying to stall and avoid giving Puck a definite answer. Luckily, she was given the perfect distraction. All three mouths dropped as a gorgeous, yet distraught looking, brunette sat down a few stools away from Finn. The woman in question practically threw down her phone and shook her head.

Brittany's mind turned to mush as she took in the beautiful Latina sitting not too far from where she stood. The currently un-named girl had luscious dark tresses, not to mention lips that could be kissed for hours. The blonde quickly appreciated the cleavage that was currently on display, then realized she was staring, blushed, and turned away. The rest of the tan girl's body was hidden by the bar, but Brittany was already imagining it in her head, and she was impressed.

Puck almost immediately went over to her with a confident smirk on his face. Rachel had already been forgotten.

"What do you want to drink, sexy?"

Santana Lopez has had a shitty day.

It started out, in fact, with a trip to the hospital. She worked as a cheerleading coach for the local high school. Her squad had won her enough trophies to rival Sue Sylvester, who had inevitably gotten her the current job. It was at a private school so she was paid well for what she did and how much she won. Having an award winning squad must not have occurred to her kids today because they decided to be fuck-ups and drop the head cheerleader, Britney.

After making sure the girl was still breathing, Santana had one of the younger girls call an ambulance because she was so not taking any of those gross kids into her car. The dumb-ass had tried to remember the address of the school to give to the dispatcher instead of just saying the name of the school. Making sure, one of the older girls was keeping Britney conscious, she took over the call and got the ball rolling. Ten minutes later, she was on her way to the hospital.

Because it was an early morning practice, when Britney's parents were notified, they weren't happy since they had each just arrived at work. Both came in and started yelling at Santana, ignoring their blonde daughter's pleas of "Don't yell at Coach!" and "Cut it out!", fearing she was going to get cut from the team due to her parent's antics.

"Pull your goddamn princess out of cheerleading if you don't want her to get hurt. It may not always be considered a sport, but it runs the same risk of injury as any other one."

Britney looked horrified and yelled at her parents to get the hell out of her hospital room and apologized to her coach.

"I'm so sorry Coach Lopez! They aren't thinking straight. I want to continue cheerleading!"

"Get your spankies out of a bunch, you're still on the team and still head cheerleader. However, if this happens again, you're gone."

With that, Santana walked out of the room.

When she arrived back at the school, there was an excited buzz going around. She stalked the halls, parting the sea of children just like she did when she was a teenager. Paying attention to the snippets of conversation going on around her, she found out there was a new student teacher starting today. Apparently it was some hot blonde that was already winning over the hearts of the kids and staff. If Santana had been here all morning, she would have been sure to have put the fear of God in the new girl and remind everybody who the HBIC around here is.

Usually when she walked into the teacher's lounge, everybody would stop what they were doing for a second. The males would stare at her with want and the females with jealousy. However, today the blonde was in the center of the room talking to a few of the other teachers about how she loved children and all of that crap. For the rest of the day, people wouldn't even look twice at Santana because all everybody else was hot for teacher. It didn't help her mood at all.

The next blow came from her best friend. Quinn Fabray was apparently scoping out her latest potential relationship, as found out by Santana through a phone call once she arrived home.

"I need a favor." Santana scoffed, so much for hellos anymore.

"What do you want this time?"

"What do you mean this time? I hardly ever ask you for anything."

"Ok, first off, you ask me for crap all of the time. Second, you should sass anybody your asking a damn favor from. Didn't your mother teach you any manners?"

"Considering she didn't fight for me when my dad kicked me out, I don't really try to learn from her example." Santana remembered that situation well. It was how she had grown to be friends with Mercedes, who volunteered her house as a safe haven for Quinn.

"She let you back in after the divorce."

"Can we get back to the original topic?"

"Ok, What?"

"I need you to take Ariana Friday night."


Quinn paused, knowing the torment that was about to come with this.

"I have a date."

"With who?"

"A guy I recently met."

"How the hell did you catch this one?"

"Does it matter?"

"Yes. Your life is like my own personal soap opera and I wants to know the deets." Santana expected backlash for the last word. None came, however, so she knew this was going to be good.

"He is a father of one of Ariana's classmates."

"Oh lord. Isn't one kid enough for you, Q. Do you really need another?"

Quinn knew this was how it was going to go. Santana was always critical of every potential date. She knew it was because the girl was protective of her ever since the whole Ariana pregnancy with Sam in high school. Santana had blamed Sam for Quinn being kicked out since he knocked her up, even though he had been nothing but supportive in all of Quinn's decisions.

"It is a date, Santana. I'm not marrying the guy."

"Wait, you've seen his kid, right?"

"Yes?" Quinn wondered where that could be going.

"Well, I mean, he could've just been lurking around the school yard. Creeps do that, you know!"

"Ok, enough with the jabs at my dates. Do you think I have no standards?"

Santana snorted.

"Thanks. Anyways, will you take her?" Santana heard Quinn's daughter next. "Please, Auntie Tana!"

Santana sighed, already knowing she would, but it wasn't fair of her best friend to use full on Ariana cuteness when she knew Santana had a weakness for that kid.

"You can come, Ari. Make sure your mom knows you're getting plenty of sugar and unhealthy stuff when you come, though."

She heard a squeal of delight from the 5 year old and a groan from the girl's mother.

"Do you have to do that every time I ask you to babysit?"

"That's what makes me her favorite aunt."

"Whatever, Santana. But seriously, thank you, I don't know what I would do without you."

"Die. I'm your life support."

"Well I've gotta go. My mom's taking us out to eat tonight. Want to come?"

"No." Santana hated Judy Fabray with a passion.

"Bye, Santana." Quinn handed over the phone. "Bye, Auntie S!"

"Bye Fabrays."

Santana loved that little girl but Friday nights were usually her night. She was finally given a reprieve from the devil children that plagued her days during school hours. Usually she took those nights as her opportunities to find some new one night stands. Looks like she'll have to do double another day next week.

Finally, the cherry to top off her day came. Santana dressed up and made sure she looked smoking hot. Maybe tonight she would do her double duty to make up for Friday. She was going to her favorite club to drink away her stress from all of the people who added some rain to her sunshine today. It was a little weird that they were all blondes. It was inevitable that the last straw would be given by yet another blonde.

As she walked into the club, it was already thumping from the loud bass. Santana walked straight up to the bar, basking in the attention she was receiving from everybody around her. Jaws were dropped and some drool made an appearance on a few faces. It didn't take long before something familiar caught her eye.

Dancing in the middle of the floor, gathering almost as much attention as she was, was her most recent ex. The blonde haired beauty was grinding on a some guy who looked like a major douche. As the girl caught Santana's eye, she turned around and started to make out with the very handsy guy. The Latina practically growled. She didn't care for her ex anymore, but it was more of a territorial thing. That, and she knew the girl was only doing it to spite her. Girls were such bitches, but damnit they were so soft and sexy.

Not wanting to deal with that drama, Santana left the club. She was now more pissed than ever and practically sped to a different bar. It was one she had heard of around the school that sometimes served minors out of the back door. It sounded a little sketchy, but she figured at this point, she didn't give a shit.

All of this left her where she is now, sitting at a bar. When she walked in, she silently and quickly appreciated the sight of the practically half naked waitresses, but headed straight for the booze.

She had chosen her seat that was away from most of the other people. The closest guy was a tall, wide man who looked a little worried or nervous. He was talking to two people behind the bar, neither of which Santana cared to acknowledge or even look at. That is, until the mohawked one approached her.

"What do you want to drink, sexy?"

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