Santana returned Brittany's embrace. She spun them around so they could slowly walk to the bed, both giggling because neither wanted to let go and they would rather face the challenge of walking together. When Brittany's legs hit the bed, the two started to kiss between small bursts of happy laughter.

Santana lightly pushed her fiancée back slowly, hoping to move their activities to the bed. Right before gravity took over and they fell, Brittany sprung back up. "Wait!"

Santana's arms were suddenly empty and she had to look around to figure out why. A shy smile came back when she noticed Brittany carefully picking up the hand-made sign as if it was made of glass. The blonde moved it over to their dresser and set it down, smoothing it out so it wouldn't crinkle. She smiled at it, rereading it again before turning back to the bed. She picked up the ring in its box with even more care, as if breathing on it might somehow tarnish it before returning to Santana. Her eyes were still fixed on the ring now that she was finally getting an up close look.

"It's so beautiful, San." Brittany breathed out softly, looking up to smile at Santana. Her smile only grew when she noticed Santana looked slightly embarrassed still.

"It was the prettiest one in the store so there was no question about it. I wanted to get you a better one but, of course it depended on um, if you said yes, I wanted to be able to get you the perfect wedding ring." Santana looked away shyly, nervous about admitting her plans and her decision about the rings.

"Aww, you're just so adorable!" Brittany laughed and leaned over to kiss the brunette on the cheek. "So, are you going to put it on me or what? You kind of have to do it." Brittany eagerly bounced in place and handed over the box.

Santana's hand shakily rose up to take the ring. She didn't know why she was so nervous anymore, Brittany had already said yes. But what if the ring didn't fit? That could be a bad sign! What if she was allergic to it?

Still running through bad situations in her head, Santana dropped down on one knee. Brittany gasped and grinned widely, not expecting the whole show. A tan hand reached out for hers. Her ring finger was singled out as she tried to not take her hand back so she could dance with joy. Wait just a little bit longer, Brittany! Brittany Lopez! Brittany Pierce-Lopez? Brittany Lopez-Pierce? Ahh! She's putting the ring on!

Brittany bit her lip to keep from squealing or screaming or making any loud or obnoxious noises. She just watched with shining eyes as Santana looked up to her with a huge smile when the ring was finally comfortably in place. It's on. No explosions. It fits. Good work, Lopez. Now, ravish your glowing fiancée. Santana grinned at her thoughts as Brittany practically ripped her hand away from Santana to jump up and down in circles letting out joyful squeals and little squeaks of "I'm getting married!" and "Lopez-Pierce-Pierce-Lopez-Pierpez-Lorce!"

"Are you really trying to mash up our last names?" Santana asked.

Brittany stopped her dance and pouted. "I don't know what we are going to call ourselves so I tried to do every combination."

Santana stood back up and hugged the blonde. Having the ring fit so perfectly and having Brittany dance and show such happiness wiped away all of her fears for now.

Brittany returned the embrace, looking at the ring on her hand over Santana's shoulder for a bit before pulling back and looking into dark eyes. "Now we can totally get it on."

Santana laughed because it was such an unromantic thing to say but it was just what she wanted to hear. Her laughter was cut short when Brittany picked her up. Her legs wrapped around the toned body on instinct, not that it was necessary because the blonde's muscles were more than enough to keep her safely held up. Brittany's arms held her tighter as she turned her back toward the bed to flop them both down onto it, causing Santana to straddle her.

The two finally brought their lips back together and they couldn't help their hands from reaching for each other's bodies. Brittany's roamed up and down the strong back of her fiancée and she suddenly wished they were nudists. Clothes can be so cute but they take away sexy-times time. Santana's own hands were half tangled in Brittany's hair and half resting on the pale face she was kissing, her thumbs rubbed soothingly over soft skin.

When Santana broke the kiss for air Brittany stared up at her with a big smile. This wasn't exactly what she dreamed of when she was growing up. She had dreamed of marrying a guy that was kind and gentle and had a white horse. A guy who would save her from the dragon but he wouldn't kill it because that'd be mean. Charity would have been her maid of honor and Lord Tubbington was going to be the one to marry her and her husband. While she still wished her cats could play their parts, she figured marrying Santana was better than her dreams. "I love you."

Santana smiled at the confession. While Brittany was thinking of her past wedding dreams, she had gotten lost in her own thoughts. She remembered when she had given up on marriage. Her life wasn't going to end with a white picket fence and a lifetime of memories with a certain person. Suddenly, she wouldn't have it any other way because Brittany was perfect. "I love you too, fiancée."

"What do you want to do tonight? Role-play? Sexy lingerie? Sex toys?" Brittany asked, wondering what Santana had in mind since tonight was kind of a special night.

"Actually I was thinking of going natural. It seems-hold up, we don't have sex toys?" Santana said, but made it come out as a question because Brittany didn't seem to notice her slip up.

"Oh yeah. Um, well, I was walking around the other day and I passed a store that looked pretty. It had some flashing lights and a pretty girl on a poster in the window. I was going to wait to give it to you as like, an engagement present." Brittany ended her story, slightly embarrassed that she ruined her planned surprise.

"Oh?" Santana arched an eyebrow and smirked at the beauty beneath her. She leaned down and whispered, ghosting her lips over Brittany's own. "We'll have to try that later, for now, I want to be the only person or thing to bring you, pleasure."

Brittany couldn't hold back her moan at the way the brunette had said the last word. She quickly moved her lips to capture the ones that were teasing her. "I really like the sound of that!" Brittany said enthusiastically and before Santana realized her partner's lips were gone they were back.

She felt strong hands move underneath her shirt and try to scoot it up, hindered by the way their bodies were pressed together. Brittany pulled back to check what the problem was and pouted when she realized the solution. "Can I rip your shirt?"

Santana looked confused before she realized Brittany didn't see moving apart as a solution and instead just ripping the clothes right off of her. She quickly pecked Brittany's lips again before lifting up and trying to ignore the pout in front of her. She whipped of her own shirt and quickly unhooked her own bra before flinging that away as well and nuzzling back up to her fiancée. "Better?"

"Yes, although I did get cold for a bit there."

Santana kissed her again, tangling their tongues together much to the approval of both of the women. "Accept my apology?" She whispered, eyes sparkling with joy.

"Only because I don't want to make you sleep on the couch on our first night as an engaged couple. I think you owe me a puppy now." Brittany said seriously.

Santana couldn't help her groan. She just wanted to get it on with her fiancée and now she was bringing up getting a puppy? "How about we talk about that later? For now, I'll make it up to you in other ways."

Brittany seemed to remember that Santana was topless and pressed into her and suddenly thoughts of puppies were gone and replaced by much less innocent thoughts. Instead of replying, she went straight back to ravishing the girl on top of her. Despite her reluctance at parting earlier, she pushed Santana up into a sitting position and shucked off her own shirt. Her face was at just the right height for her to kiss and lick at her favorite pair of breasts. Her mouth traveled, hoping to cover as much skin as possible and eventually coming in to focus on the hardening nipples that topped them.

Santana was delighted at the change in events, finally progressing to more satisfying things. Her moans weren't held back at all, sounding out into the room and matching Brittany's muffled ones. She managed to pull herself together long enough to help the gorgeous girl underneath her get her bra off. After it was discarded, she happily palmed Brittany's breasts and looked down to find a dazzling pair of dark lust-filled blues looking back at her.

Brittany couldn't take the gaze of the almost-black eyes looking at her and wrapped her arms around the tiny but fit body on top of her. Before Santana knew what was happening she was being flipped onto her back and she felt hands working at her pants.

"Stupid button. Stupid zipper. Stupid clothes. Want my fiancée naked." Santana heard the blonde mumble. She had to bit her lip to stifle her giggle. It was kind of cute and at the same time it turned her on because of how much Brittany wanted her. She lifted her hips up, hoping to help the process of getting her clothes off but she's pretty sure that Brittany wouldn't have let anything stop her.

The grin that appeared on Brittany's face was almost comical in Santana's opinion. In reality, she didn't have time to dwell on it before something even more amusing happened. Her fiancée started to hop around the room, tearing off her clothes and if it wasn't for her experience with balancing as a dancer, Santana was pretty sure the girl would've fallen to the ground multiple times.

Finally rid of all of their clothes, Brittany climbed back onto the bed, laying so the two could face each other. Time seemed slowed down now that they weren't attacking each other. The two women just looked into each other's eyes, smiling and letting a few giggles escape.

"Are you ready, fiancée?"

Brittany loved the way that rolled off of Santana's tongue. "Yes. Are you, fiancée?" She couldn't help but try it out for herself.

Santana nodded and leaned forward, her hand going to the back of Brittany's neck to pull her gently in. The kiss wasn't rushed, but it wasn't chaste either. It was sensual and felt perfect in this moment. Santana used to strive to be perfect, now all she needed for perfection was to be with the blonde beauty sharing the bed with her. With the ring on the appropriate finger, it was a promise that it would always be perfect.

"I love you." Santana pulled away from the kiss, thumb rubbing gently at the soft skin of Brittany's neck. It wasn't something she felt obligated to say because of the moment, she just really couldn't hold it back.

"I love you, too." Brittany replied and after a moment's worth of gazing into each other's eyes once more, their needs took over. Their lips roughly reconnected with the hunger they had for each other bursting through. Brittany wanted to be the first to give tonight, feeling as though it was something Santana deserved.

Santana's eyes were still closed and she frowned when she felt Brittany move away from their make out session. She felt the other girl shifting on the bed and reluctantly opened her eyes. Brittany was kneeling at the end of the bed, slowly moving back up and between Santana's legs. She picked up each of them and switched back and forth, showering each with slow, sweet kisses. Her fingernails drug lightly up, following the paths her lips were making and forcing goose bumps appear on the tan skin.

"Britt." Santana breathed out, desperately fighting the urge to let her eyes fall shut at the pleasant sensations that were being administered to her body. Brittany's only reply was letting her eyes dart up to lock with Santana's as she quickened her pace, not being able to resist Santana's arousal that she could already see.

Santana pushed her head back into the pillows, finally giving in and closing her eyes at the feel of blonde hair tickling her inner thighs and warm breathe right where she needed her fiancée the most. Becoming impatient when nothing else happened, she looked down to see Brittany giving her a smirk. I'll wipe that smirk right off of your face if you don't star-oh. Santana's thoughts disappeared when a wet tongue finally ran along her slit. Her left hand quickly moved to Brittany's head, lightly pushing and bucking her hips up, hoping to set a rhythm. Her right hand reached up to grip at the headboard. If she had long fingernails, they'd be leaving marks.

Brittany started with long strokes, letting Santana's taste invade her mouth and giving herself a chance to explore and discover sensitive spots. She couldn't help but smile as much as her current activity allowed when she felt Santana's hand push on her head. To be honest, she didn't mind if it meant the brunette would keep making those sounds.

"Fuck, so good. Keep going. More." She could only let out a few words at a time. The feeling of Brittany's mouth on her was the best and it had only just started. Santana's hand switched to moving the hair out of Brittany's face when it fell, giving her a better view and letting the other girl have a chance to breathe. It was almost worthless however, because her sight was often hindered by her own body as it rolled involuntarily as the girl between her thighs picked up her speed.

Brittany figured she had teased Santana enough and started to move her tongue faster. As her pace increased, she had to get a stronger hold on Santana's body motions. Her head moved up to flick at Santana's clit, bringing a whole new, yet familiar, set of sounds to the symphony of their love.

"Mmmm Britt. Right there. God I fucking love you." Brittany chuckled at Santana's confessions. It only added to the sensation the brunette was feeling and she went back to lightly tugging at the long golden strands of Brittany's hair.

Time for the finale. Brittany took one of her hands off of Santana's hips, making sure to adjust her grip with the other to prevent a huge increase in Santana's mobility. The girl writhing on the bed didn't even notice the removal of the other hand and instead kept her mind focused on the amazing sensations she was feeling. She was right on edge and just needed a little more.

"FUCK BRITTANYYY!" Santana screamed out as her hands unconsciously began to work at her own chest to add to the feeling of Brittany's fingers filling her. Her hips were on autopilot as they moved quickly to match Brittany's fast thrusts. She looked down and noticed her fiancée's head following her movements so her lips could stay attached to the brunette's clit and brining Santana to an unmatched level of ecstasy as she finally fell over the edge.

Brittany slowed down her motions as she brought her girl down slowly. Only heavy pants could be heard as she finally pulled away.

"Fuck, you're so amazing." Santana panted out, hardly believing the intensity of the orgasm she just had. She could barely move and that wasn't okay with her because she needed to return the favor. "I'm so tired. You have to come to me."

Brittany, who had been lying on her side to admire the glow of Santana, went on all fours to look down at Santana. "I'm here."

"Straddle me."

"San, you don't have to do this right now. If you're tired we can take a n-"

"Britt, please?" Santana begged, looking at Brittany with nothing but desire and love in her eyes. She was happy when the other girl finally complied, straddling her thighs.

"Higher." Santana pulled at Brittany's thighs. The other girl slowly crawled up to sit on Santana's lower abdomen. "Higher." Santana lightly scratched at Brittany's thighs, urging the girl up more. Brittany's breath caught as she looked uncertain before moving up so she was right below Santana's breasts. Unable to help herself, she moved her hands down to push them together and massage them, effectively distracting both of them for a few minutes. Finally, Santana gained back her mindset.

"Higher." The two stared into each other's eyes. Dark blues questioned the dark browns, which in turn tried to reassure and plead. Finally, the blonde gave in.

As Brittany's thighs moved to either side of her face, Santana reached her arms up after finally gaining back some strength. She lightly massaged Brittany's hips, following the curve of the hip bone that she found extremely sexy.

Her fiancée was still slightly nervous and Santana could tell. Instead of waiting for the blonde to lower herself, she moved her head up for her first taste of Brittany. Simultaneous moans sounded out, Santana's just adding to Brittany's pleasure. Her strokes eased the other girl's tension and she slowly pulled back, happy to feel Brittany following her down.

Brittany recognized when the brunette was settled back on the pillow and had to bit her lip to distract herself from just grinding on Santana's tongue. Not wasting any more time, Santana took Brittany's clit into her mouth and flicked her tongue repeatedly over it.

Biting her lip wasn't working for Brittany anymore and she couldn't help the subtle rocking she started to do. Santana tapped on Brittany's hip and the girl immediately lifted up, not wanting to stop but not wanting to do something wrong either. They locked eyes once more. "You have to let go baby. I want you to, so much."

Brittany sucked on her bottom lip before nodding. She was so turned on that words wouldn't come to her. Santana nodded at her in confirmation before lightly tugging the girl back to her mouth. This time, she let her tongue slip inside her fiancée.

"Ohhhh San. There!" Santana was pleased to hear Brittany's breathy voice, giving in to what she was making her feel. The muscles in the thighs that straddled her flexed as Brittany started to bounce up and down.

Brittany straightened up, pinching at one of her own nipples while her other hand tangled into her hair. She looked down and her breath caught before releasing an exceptionally loud moan at the sight of Santana's dark eyes staring back at her with so much want. Brittany threw her head back as her hips sped up. "Fuck, your tongue feels good San. I can't believe I'm riding it." Brittany moaned out, hardly believing the position she was in.

Santana moaned into Brittany, becoming increasingly wet again at the visual of the unbelievable woman on top of her and the way she was talking. She felt tight walls closing in around her and the rhythm faltered slightly. Hoping to help out in any way possible, she grabbed Brittany's hips firmly and dragged her back into a quick bouncing rhythm.

"So close. So close! Ohhh God!" Brittany cried out, hips bucking wildly as she jerked through her high. Santana was grateful because she was starting to get sore but as she watched Brittany come apart she knew it was all worth it.

Exhausted and not wanting to suffocate her fiancée (I can't get enough of that!), Brittany got off of Santana and flopped onto her back. She was happy when the brunette snuggled into her side because she wanted to be close but moving wasn't much of an option now that she was a dead weight on the bed.

"Well, that was nice." Santana giggled.

"Nice? Try mind-blowing. Like, even more than usual. Like, words cannot describe it." Brittany said, not believe that was all Santana could say.

"You were always better with words." Santana laughed as she kissed Brittany, her fiancée, her future wife, her future baby's mama, hers. "Time for bed?"

Brittany shook her head slightly, still not feeling up to moving much. "Time for a nap. We'll continue this later. Tomorrow, we can start wedding plans!"

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