Lamentation – Chapter 2

As he was slightly constricted in his movements in the morning Jizabel once again found himself cursing the long strong limbs he had given the man that held him. He crawled back out of the arms, very carefully so as not to wake him, and reached over for his glass of water on the nightstand.

It wasn't long until he felt a hand sliding up his damp bare back to pick strands of hair off it, he glanced over, finding Cassian giving him a light sleepy smile.

He turned back to staring into his glass, his face burning a light shade of red, "Sorry."

Cassian hooked an arm around his waist, pulling him back to lie against him, "You still look tired." He pointed out softly as he tilted his face towards him.

"I slept better than usual." He tugged his face away again; there was only so much intimacy he could take at once, especially while admitting such a thing.

"What are you going to do today?"

It didn't take much for Jizabel to know the tone of voice in which Cassian asked him that; he had no intention of being threatening, or fussy. He was being gentle, and must have been genuinely curious. "Don't start." But somehow, even knowing that much, it didn't keep him from answering him any differently than usual.

He didn't want to tell the other but after the night in his arms he didn't really want to pull out of them and thus feigned his exhaustion to crawl back under the sheets. Relieved, the other wasn't deterred by the bad attitude he knew he had and wrapped an arm around him affectionately anyway.

He released a soft inaudible exhale, a feeling of happiness welling up in his chest when the man's fingers began drawing patterns into his stomach.

"Do you want me to stay with you?"

"You don't need to; you should go out. I'm fine on my own."

"You know I don't like leaving you alone." He rolled the man over and let him bury his face in his chest, continuing with the gentle ministrations on his side and back. Jizabel shuddered suddenly, gripping onto the other and chewing on his lip as it instinctively pulled into a smile. Cassian looked down at him with surprise. "Are you ticklish?"


Cassian was intrigued and found himself running his fingers softly over what must have been Jizabel's very sensitive sides.

The younger man immediately began trying hard to restrict his laughs, his body rattling with the feelings that he was trying so hard to hold back. "Stop it…" He hit him lightly in the chest, biting harder to stop his smile, "Really… stop."

Cassian did as he asked but continued to chuckle at how long it took for Jizabel to adjust once he did. "I didn't know you were ticklish." He inched his lips closer, brushing them lightly against the other's cheek.

"I didn't know either."

The two shared a long passionate kiss; so much so that Jizabel's mind was taken off everything else. Being this close made him feel like he could more easily put everything in life into perspective. Feeling the desire between them he didn't have to think twice; he sat up, crawling into the other's lap without tearing their lips apart for even a moment. He pushed himself down on him slowly, he had a short but sharp intake of breath and Cassian took the opportunity by their position to kiss the column of his neck gently.

This had been painful for him just the night before, but it wasn't ever like Jizabel to run from the pain, so he wasn't all too surprised that he could initiate it freely again so soon. There was nothing Cassian could ever do could hurt enough to keep Jizabel away again.

As Cassian's hands gripped at the other's thighs beneath the blankets and robe he began to move the two of them slowly, and Jizabel continued to bite hard on his lip to silence himself. Unused to hearing the pleasurable sounds coming out of his own mouth he welcomed anything that could maintain or heighten the pleasure he felt, but silenced the sounds also. As his face burnt deep shades of red at the exertion and embarrassment of the sounds he pulled Cassian into another deep kiss, hoping that he wouldn't look at him.

Going by the intense feelings that were welling up in him Jizabel found his own movements to be more fervid, more so when Cassian took him completely into his hand. His groans grew louder, but it had come to the point where he couldn't care; it just felt good, and hearing the older man's moans only encouraged him further.

The heat welled up in both their bodies, an unbelievable pleasure spreading through them as they clung to each other tightly and kissed each other quickly. Jizabel's body trembled at the feeling of being filled in that way, gripping tighter onto the other's back and arm. The two shared a quick and chaste kiss before Jizabel relaxed against him, burying his face in his neck and giving him a light kiss there too.

Cassian smiled against his neck, running his fingers gently through the man's hair, "You really warmed up." He pointed out, touching his side with delicate motions. When there was no reaction to the tickling Cassian tilted Jizabel's head up, he patted his face lightly, "Hey…"

With no motion and no reply Cassian cradled Jizabel in his arms and rolled them both over; he placed Jizabel's head on a pillow and with a worried glance began cleaning the both of them up.

Creeping down the stairs he couldn't describe how thankful he was that he found Riff, "Can you help me?"

Riff smiled and placed the pitcher of water down on the nearest surface, "What do you need?"

"Food for Jizabel; he's not doing too well."

"Should I call a doctor?"

"Not yet; I think he just needs to eat." Cassian squirmed a bit; he didn't want to have to say much else. "So? Can you help me?"

Riff chuckled, walking past him, "Of course." In the kitchen he pulled out a silver tray and took a look around, considering things carefully for the picky Jizabel, "Are you sure you don't want me to call a doctor for him?" He poured out a glass of cool milk, glancing over his shoulder.

"I'm positive. I don't think he'll appreciate me bringing anyone else into this."

"I understand."

Cassian watched him place two pieces of fresh bread with jam, "You think he'll eat that?"

"I hope so; he doesn't have too many options at the moment."

"I hope he can get over this in the future."

"Do you want to eat something?"

"I'll have what he's having for the day."

Once he stocked up the tray well, enough for the two of them, Riff past it to him. Cassian gave him a brief smile, took the tray and left. He knew the butler was aware of his appreciation, and he was thankful.

When he returned to the bedroom Jizabel had moved; he looked up at him with half lidded eyes and scowled, "You should've stayed." He told him.

"I went to get you something to eat."

"It's cold now." He squirmed around beneath the thick covers.

"If you ate a bit you wouldn't feel so cold." Even if he said that he was sure to stay close to him, shielding his body from any cold and warming him up with his own body. "Let's eat."

He pulled the tray close and passed him the piece of bread and Jizabel stared at it with a look of distaste, crinkling his nose. Cassian huffed, "It's not bad, I promise." He bit into the bread before he passed it back to him.

Jizabel ate, though he ate for the sake of being able to say that he ate and so that Cassian would complain a bit less. It didn't taste too appetizing but he imagined that it was the only thing Cassian could bring him when he knew how fussy he was when it came to food.

Cassian passed him the glass of milk and Jizabel drank it readily. "Don't you feel better?"

"A little." Jizabel sat up, arching his neck and massaging the back of his tense shoulder. "I'm going to go bathe."

"Alright." Cassian lay back and stared off the balcony.

Jizabel sighed, peaking out of the bathroom, "Are you not joining me?"

Cassian stared at him momentarily, blinked and then scuttled out of the bed. "Oh, right!"

Even after an hour Jizabel was still squeezing water out of his freshly washed hair, sitting out on the balcony and staring into the sun. "It's not smart to do that." Cassian pointed out slowly.

"I know that."

"You know that but you do it anyway?" He hit him in the shoulder. "You know so you shouldn't do it."

Jizabel glanced up at the other; there was something in Jizabel's eyes that only Cassian could see. He could see it but he wasn't sure of it. "Can we go outside?"

Cassian stumbled back a bit, "Really? You really want to?"

"I need some fresh air."

Cassian nodded firmly, pulling Jizabel up, "Fresh air is good."

Jizabel smiled a bit; his heart didn't seem entirely into it and he held onto Cassian's arm almost desperately. The older man took him by the hand and found that Jizabel was ready to follow him just when he gave it a light tug. In the hallways Jizabel began to speed up, being a bit more comfortable outside of his room than he had initially expected.

Downstairs he saw Cain again for the first time in a few days; he had been so wrapped up with Cassian that he almost forgot what his brother's face looked like.

Jizabel looked over at Cassian, and he relied on the man to understand.

Cain smiled lightly, tilting his head to the sitting room for Jizabel to join him. They sat on opposite ends of the couch, "You look like you're feeling better."

Jizabel didn't say anything; he didn't think his mouth would let him even if he knew what to say.

"You look good, Jizabel; I'm happy to see you walking around."

"It's just downstairs." The older brother retorted.

"Right now it's downstairs; maybe later it'll be the backyard, and after that maybe it'll be out in the city again."

Jizabel played with a strand of his long hair, scoffing, "Trying to get rid of me already?" Even with an accusation like that he had no courage to look at his brother in the same defiant way as he had intended it.

"Of course not. In fact, I would rather you stayed here for as long as possible."


"You're my brother; we've got lost time to make up for."

"You're making fun of me, aren't you?"

"Not at all." Cain replied with all seriousness on his face. He pulled something slowly out of his pocket, and then dangled it out near Jizabel. It was the cross he had given Riff when he had expected his fate to have been worse than it was. "I didn't get rid of it because you may genuinely want it, and it should be your own choice; but by the look on your face you forgot about it easily in the past few days and I think that's an amazing thing."

Jizabel snatched the cross back, clutching it in his hand. A part of him was tempted to wear it and curse himself out for having forgotten it, but another part of him just…had no idea what he felt when he looked at it now.

"If I were you…I wouldn't keep it; I think instead of motivate you it will try to bring you down."

"You don't even know what it means."

"You've told me." Cain reminded him, chuckling. "And I still don't recommend you rely on it."

He made eye contact with his brother, smirking rebelliously as he the cross on around his neck, tucking it into his shirt. "I'll show you." He stood up and went to leave.

"Jizabel," Cain called after him quickly, gaining his attention. "I'm really happy you're here."

"You're too soft, little brother."

"You're just as soft."

He couldn't really argue with him, though he would have loved to. Without really thinking about it, he returned to his bedroom and seated himself on the bed. Shortly, Cassian joined him, embracing him gently from behind. "What do you want to do?"

Jizabel looked over his shoulder, "What should I do?"

"You don't need to do anything you don't want to; take your time."

He felt a bit sour for thinking it, but if Cassian said one thing then maybe at a time like this it would be good to do the opposite. "Let's go outside."

"You're sure?"

Jizabel nodded, and then led the way into the yard. Shielding his eyes from the sharp sun he lay in the cool shade under a large oak tree. Cassian leaned over him momentarily, chastely touching his lips with his own. Jizabel blinked with surprise. "What was that for?"

"I admire you. Do you know that?"

How could he answer that? He didn't, and he wanted to tell the other that he had no reason to also. Instead, he rolled over onto his stomach, propping his head on his arms as he played with a few blades of grass in between his fingers.

Cassian chuckled, a little bit defeated as he lay down beside him, "Maybe bit by bit you'll continue to learn to listen to me." He leaned in, capturing his lips in a quick kiss.

Red in the face with embarrassment Jizabel turned his head away, retorting with, "Don't hold your breath." Though his implied threat was entirely empty, and he didn't dare fight off the arm that protected him.

It was only something that he'd keep to himself, but the cross he now wore around his neck meant very little to him. Suddenly it didn't hurt very much, even when he was reminded of its existence.

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