Shizuo took his usual seat in class that was in front of Shinra and next to the flea. Shinra leaned forward and smiled at his childhood friend.

"Excited about the map project we're be assigned?" Shinra asked in his usual happy tone whenever they were assigned a school project.

"No, they're so boring and pointless." Shizuo said leaning on the palm of his hand.

"I think they're a lot of fun, I heard it's a partner project so maybe we'll be paired up!"

"Hey no way Shinra, Shizzy wants to be paired up with me." Izaya said leaning up against Shizuo's desk. Shizuo looked up at the annoying brunet and grinded his teeth together.

"I'd rather have a huge rock fall on my head and crush my skull." Shizuo said acidly.

"Izaya Orihara take your seat, the bell has rung and class has started." The teacher said who was now standing at the chalkboard, ready to start the lesson. Izaya smiled at the teacher and quickly took his seat next to the annoyed blonde.

"Alright class today we will be starting a geography project, you will have to create a map of a country of your choosing, write a key for all the land markings on that country, and write a five page essay on the history of that country and how it was colonized. You will have today, Saturday, and Sunday to complete your project. After you get your assigned partner you and your partner will have the rest of this period to figure out what country you are doing and how you are going to work together. This project counts for 25% of your final grade so work hard." The teacher started passing out the assignment packets with the name of each student's partners on top of the front page.

"Who did you get?" Shizuo asked leaning back towards Shinra. Shinra looked at the name then nodded towards a short blonde haired girl sitting in the first row.

"Wait if he got her, who'd I get?"

Shizuo grabbed the packet from off his desk and almost ripped the paper to shreds when he saw his partner's name.

"I can't wait to work with you Shizzy." Izaya said smiling his Cheshire cat grin at Shizuo. Shizuo shot Izaya the most evil, angry, most annoyed look you could give someone.

"If you look in your packet there is a list of country's you can choose from, a planning sheet, and a timeline sheet that will be attached to the back of your essay. This whole packet is to be filled out and handed in with your essay and map drawing. At this time please get with your partner and decide what country you two will be researching." Everyone except Shizuo started getting up and moving next to their assigned partners. Izaya slid his desk right up against Shizuo's and smiled at him.

"Sooo Shizzy, I was thinking we could do Japan as our country! Since we know the most about it, it will probably be and easy A." Izaya said cheerfully; the blonde glared at him and pushed his desk away from his own. Izaya pouted and quickly moved his desk back next to the annoyed blonde's.

"Come on Shizu-chan, you really have no choice but to work with me so the least you can do is cooperate. The sooner you stop being a big baby the faster we can get this done! Since we have all weekend to do this why don't you sleep over my house, we can probably get more work done if we pull an all-nighter and if you sleep over tonight and on Saturday we can probably get it done by Sunday morning. I was thinking we could put a map under a large piece of paper then you could trace the map of Japan, while I go online and research the history and write the essay. Then I just have to edit the essay and you can color and key the map. If you don't get mad and rip up the project we might even be able to get it done by Saturday night." Izaya had already wrote down his little plan and showed it to Shizuo, just in case the blonde didn't catch everything he had said. Shizuo straitened in his chair and snatched the paper out of Izaya's hands.

"No give me one good reason why I should go sleep over your house? You aren't afraid I'll get pissed off and rip up your whole room?" Shizuo asked circling the country they had agreed on.

"Well if you've seen my room then you'd know I really have nothing to rip up. All I have in my room is a desk, a bed, a closet with my clothes in it, a small dresser with a mirror the holds more of my clothes, and my laptop. So the only think you can do it throw my desk at me." Izaya said tiding up all the papers.

"Your room sounds pretty boring, don't you have like a TV or something?" Izaya just looked at him confused.

"No…well my sisters do but my parents really didn't bother buying any of those toys or video games. Since I'm their least favorite child, they really don't pay attention to me. But if I spend all day in my room they'll think I'm planning something "evil" or whatever. So you sleeping over will give me an excuse to be locked in my room, away from my family. I'm getting really sick of hearing my family talk shit about me, they wouldn't talk about me that way if you sleep over, because they always say I don't have any friends because I'm an unlovable evil little child. So if you come over they'll think I have friends…and they won't be able to harass me." Shizuo starred at the teenager both shocked and a little sad for him.

"…Fine…I'll sleep over." Izaya almost fell out of his chair when he heard Shizuo's answer.

"You're really gunna sleep over my house?" Izaya asked excitedly

"Yeah, I'd rather sleep at your house because I don't want you knowing where I live

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