Shizuo knocked on Izaya's bathroom door….no response. He knocked again and this time he could hear Izaya's chocked up voice.

"G-go away." Izaya whimpered.

"Um Izaya I just wanted to see if you were ok…could you unlock the door please?" Shizuo waited a few minutes before he heard Izaya unlock the bathroom door. Shizuo slowly opened the door to see Izaya sitting on the edge of the bathtub; crying into his hands. Shizuo re-locked the door and sat beside the crying brunet.

"I told your sisters off for you." Shizuo said trying to think of a way to cheer the teenager up. But alas Izaya continued to cry hysterically into his hands. Shizuo sighed and carefully moved the brunet into his lap; he grabbed one of the washcloths and carefully started wiping off the ice cream and tears. Izaya buried his face in the blonde's chest and wrapped his arms tightly around Shizuo's neck, not wanting Shizuo to ever let him go. After Shizuo finally got all the ice cream out of Izaya's hair and off his face he picked the teenager up bridal style and carried him to his room.

"Let me get you a clean shirt." Shizuo said trying to unwind the brunet's arms after he had set him down on his bed.

"Don't let go." Izaya cried keeping a tight grip on his lover.

"I'm just gunna get you a clean shirt, your dresser is 2 feet away." Shizuo said; he carefully un-wrapped Izaya's skinny arms and started searching threw his dresser drawer. He took out a black t-shirt and handed it to the raven haired teenager who had already stripped out of his ice cream covered shirt.

"Thanks." Izaya said as he put on the clean shirt.

"…I'm really sorry Izaya…is your family always that mean to you?" Shizuo asked as he sat back down next to the brunet.

"No…they're worse." Izaya said looking as if he was going to burst out crying again. Shizuo's hands went into fist and he quickly grabbed Izaya by the shoulders and made Izaya face him.

"Don't listen to them Izaya, they're the ones who are freaks! What kind of mother hits her own son; and not to mention her only son! And your sisters are just a bunch of spoiled brats. So…don't even listen to them…you may be completely out of your mind and you harass me constantly but…I still find myself loving you….for some reason every time I see you cry….it drives me insane….I hate it when you cry…I love you Izaya." Shizuo said starring at the brunet. Izaya was quiet for a long time; just starring at the blonde with wide ruby eyes.

"I love you to Shizu-chan." Izaya cried. He quickly wrapped his arms around Shizuo's neck and smashed their lips together. Shizuo snaked his arms tightly around the small frame and nudged his tongue into the teenager's mouth. He felt Izaya shiver as he deepened the kiss.

"So…does this mean we're dating now?" Izaya asked looking up at Shizuo with those irresistible ruby eyes. Shizuo just smiled and nodded as he re-locked their lips together.

"Mmm I love you Shizu-chan." Izaya said between kisses.

"I love you to Izaya."

"Sooooooo Shizuo I heard you and Izaya are boyfriend and boyfriend now? Exactly what did you guys do in his room?" Shinra asked curiously.

"Oh shut up Shinra, we didn't have sex and yeah I guess we are dating." Shizuo said his face growing hot.

"Shizu-chan!" Shizuo heard his boyfriend's voice yell from down the hallway.

"I'll leave you two alone then." Shinra said in a cheerful tone. Shizuo was about to glare at him when his boyfriend's arms wrapped around his waist. Shizuo turned around and smiled at the brunet.

"Look Shizu-chan, we got an A+++ on our project!" Izaya said holding up the graded papers.

"Wow I've never gotten that high of a grade." Shizuo said looking at the paper shocked.

"Really? Hm well since you are my boyfriend I guess it's my duty to help you with your homework every day after school. It'll probably take a while for you to get your grades up so we're probably going to have to have to sleep over each other's houses…ya know for an all night study sessions." Izaya said snaking his arms around the blonde's neck.

"Yeah but can we do it at my house? I hate your family." Shizuo said wrapping his arms tightly around the small frame and kissed the brunet sweetly on his cheek.

"Haha me too; and maybe we can study this to." Izaya said pressing his lips up against the blondes

"Mmm definitely." Shizuo said as fan girls started screaming and taking pictures of the teenagers.

"I love you so much Shizu-chan."

"I love you so much to."

Author's Note: yes this is the last chapter. I hope all the hard work and countless hours I put into this was worth it. Please comment! My next Shizaya fanfic will be coming very soon! Love you all my humans!