Jane finished brushing her hair by her bathroom mirror and studied her reflection. She hadn't put on any makeup as she knew she'd step into the shower any minute.

There was a gentle knock on her door. She turned around just in time to see him let himself into her apartment and step into the room bearing a gift.


Just the thought of that one word made her heart leap with joy. Her Garrus. Forever.

She walked over to greet him, to put her arms around him like she would never let go again. He was wearing a different outfit this time, beige and pink and it looked absolutely stunning on him.

"Heeeeey …," he drawled, presenting her the gift. "I brought chocolates."

She accepted the gift from his hand and smiled. "Chocolates? A quick learner, hm?"

He leaned forward, just enough so that their forheads touched, a gesture she now understood was a turian sign of affection.

"I learn from the best."

"So you do." She gave him a quick kiss. "I have something for you too."

She took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. A small parce waited on the quilt for him and he immediately recognized the company emblem of Saronis Applications.

"What's this?" Throwing himself onto her bed he grabbed the parcel and opened it.

A visor! Similoar, but different to his old one. He picked it up, felt it against his palm. It was nearly weightless.

"It's custom made for you, they based this one on the Kuwashii frame."

"Oh ..," he said delighted. "You shouldn't have ..! This must have cost a small fortune …"

"Well, I got myself a discount," she smiled. "Go on. Try it on."

He did. It fit perfectly along his temple, resting against his fringe without him even noticing.

Upon booting the software a multitude of menus and options became available, all waiting for his command. He prompted the target reticle and it popped into being. But there was something more to it than a simple crosshairs. It seemed as if he was getting readings from the room, and from her body. "Wow ..!"

"I hope you'll find the specs to your liking." She smiled at him. "How about this: it has a one hundred times zoom function, is capable of targeting and tracking objects by thermal, Sonar, LADAR or EM measuring. Furthermore you'll be able to assess certain physical reactions in a subject within a ten metre radius. Might prove useful while interrogating a suspect, no?"

He flipped through the menus until he found one that read Biometric scanning and entered its base mode. A tiny pulsating LED dot indicated her heartbeat and an audio link registered her breathing.

"This is amazing ..!"

"Well," she smiled "if we're going to work together on a regular basis, I need you equipped with the best tech money can buy."

Good point!

"Furthermore, it can detect biotic fields within a range of one hundred metres and there's a kill-counter for boasting purposes. I bet you'll run that one on overdrive, won't you?"

He chuckled. "Most definitely!"

"And guess what?" She reached out and touched the tip of his nose with her index finger. "It plays music too. So .. if you ever get bored during our … sessions … "

"Commander …" He shot her a dirty look. "You're giving me a hard-on." He dropped his mandibles to bare his teeth in the turian equivalent of a grin.

Because, against his better judgement, he had watched one of those vids last night in the hope of picking up some useful phrases. Some dirty talk. And it had been very educational in that department.

And then he gasped because her hand had drifted to his groin.

"That … " He drew a ragged breath. "That was a joke."

Staring him straight in the eye. "Yeah? Well I'm not laughing."

"Oh …"

Her touch grew firm against him, rubbing ever so gently and ripples of pleasure spread up his rear to the small of his back. He allowed himself to relax and dared his tip to explore the touch of her hand through his trousers.

And then she was inside his trousers.


He let out a long, slow breath, revelling in the sensations ravaging his body.

"Please ..," he begged. "Please don't stop."

A gentle light seeped through the blinds, casting shafts of light on the walls and ceiling.

They lay together, side by side, in Shepard's bed … two naked bodies, one human, one alien, still hot and moist from showering. Both smelling of peach.

He looked into her eyes and felt as though he could drown in her. His heart was still beating a little too fast after his exertions, he felt sluggish and spent but utterly content, and there were the most erotic memories of Jane Shepard's amazing body next to his, doing all those wonderful things to him, and of him giving back in return.

Making love to her would be his mission today, tomorrow and forever.

There was nothing to disturb this perfect moment. For the first time in a long time there were no pressing concerns demanding their immediate attention.

And for the first time in a very long time, Garrus Vakarian was a happy man.