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Robin's POV

We did it. We actually caught the Joker. I never thought we would be able to do it. One thing worries me though, he had a bomb, but he made no attempt to actually set it off. It's unlike him, to give up the chance to kill a someone. He has said before, killing one person is better than killing nobody. But I didn't have time to worry about it because we were on our way to take Joker to Arkham in M'gaan's Bio-Ship.

We had kept him in a special holding jar of my creation. Thank God that the glass is soundproof. Knowing Conner he would have gone insane listening to the Joker's 'jokes' and his insane laughter, and beat his head in. Unfortunately for Wally, he was stupid enough to look back at the Joker when he was mooning us. I'm sure that thought will always be scared into his brain. Not that I'm going to let him talk to me about it, because I don't want it in my brain.

Thinking about Joker got me thinking on how we even captured him. It started with Bats debriefing us on a bit of information we got from an unknown source saying that a bomb attack would happen in a facility in the heart of Gotham City. I thought I was just another villain coming out of the woodwork because it happens very often in Gotham, Bats had the same thought I did. Bats said he would've taken care of it, but an urgent League matter had to be taken care of.

We told Bats about what happened and how we caught Joker as soon as we got on the ship. He seemed hesitant at first but let us take him to Arkham anyways. He left us a strict warning before we cut off communication, 'Be careful.'

I looked over at Roy and Barbara. They had been spending a lot of time on the team. Roy won't admit it but I think he wants to be part of this team. Barbara is already working on becoming a part of the team, but until then she just goes on missions with us.

I looked over at the Joker looking like he was trying to talk to Roy. I think Joker just likes the sound of his own voice.

A few minutes later we arrived at Arkham Asylum. No matter how many times I come here with Bats, I never get over the feeling of madness and insanity. This place gives me the creeps, but I have to be strong for the team.

We walked out of the Bio-Ship rolling Joker on a cart. We walked across the courtyard with Joker still making faces and trying to annoy us. I looked at the asylum, it had 4 parts to it, an north, east, west, and south building.

We rolled the Joker up to the entrance of the building took the glass case off. Artemis, Roy, and several guards were holding weapons at him to make sure he doesn't try anything while they put him on a dolley with restrains on it.

"Come now guys, you can't tell me that you don't trust me." The Joker said acting hurt.

"Shut up. You can talk all you want back in your cell in Intensive Treatment." One of the guards yelled at Joker.

We walked into the front door a started walking towards an elevator that led to Intensive Treatment, when we saw Scarecrow being walked in.

"Who is the Freddy Kruger, wannabe?" Wally whispered in my ear and pointed to the glove with syringes poking out of the fingers.

"That's Scarecrow AKA Jonathan Crane. He has this fear gas that make your worst fears come alive. Well only you can see them, and they aren't really there." I explained.

Wally gave a nod and looked over at Scarecrow one last time before following us all into the elevator.

"Hey guys, could you please tell Killer Croc that I'm back. I would like to catch up with my old buddy." Joker said maniacally laughing. Everybody except Barbara and I flinched at his laughter.

"Hey Boy Blunder, where is big daddy Bats?" Joker asked turning his attention to me.

"It doesn't really matter does it?" I said trying to block out the sound of his voice.

"Well somebody has their superhero undies in a twist." Joker said letting out another laugh.

Once we got out of the elevator we started heading down a hall with cells lining the walls. Yells of hate and questions on Batman were all being said before the guards yelled at the inmates.

When we got to the end of the hall a doctor was standing there waiting to check on Joker's condition.

"Well it seems as if he has minor cuts and scratches but they should heal on their own." When the doctor looked at Joker's a little closer Joker made a threatening movement and scared the doctor.
The Joker let out a laugh as the doctor yelled the guards to get him in his cell.

We got into another elevator and on the way down I heard Joker mumbling to himself but I couldn't make out the words. Just then the lights go out in the elevator.

"What's he doing?"

"Get a light on him!"

"I don't have a flashlight."

When the lights turned back on Conner had his hand wrapped around Joker's neck. It looked as if he was strangling Joker.

"Superboy, let go of his neck." I told the clone. He looked hesitant, but he let him go anyways.

"Man that kid sure has a grip. He almost killed me." Joker said laughing yet again.

We got out of the elevator but where told to stop because Killer Croc was coming through.

When we saw Killer Croc come through everybody but Barbara and I gasped.

He stopped and smelled the air. "Batgirl, Robin, I can smell you. I know that your here, and I'm going to rip you two in half, then I'll get Batman."

Killer Croc was then taken away by several guards. The team still looked shocked at the sight of Killer Croc, and I can't blame them, the dude is scary.

"That reminds me. I really should get my suit cleaned." Joker said letting out another laugh.

"Man, that guy sure is crazy." Wally whispered in my ear. I just gave a small nod.

When we finally arrived outside Intensive Treatment we met Jim Gordon.

"Hey kids, where is Batman?" Jim asked looking for him.

"Not here. We caught him today." I said with a little bit of pride in my voice.

"Good job kids. Keep it up and Batman won't have to do a thing anymore." Jim said with a laugh then went in the other direction.

We continued walking until we where outside the holding cell area for Intensive Treatment.

"Sorry kids, you can't go in there. Staff only." One of the guards said as he closed the metal doors.

We walked over to a glass window that allowed us to see where Joker was being taken.

The guards where taking Joker to his cell when he fell down. I knew something was up then but I thought I was paranoid.

"Get up." A guard yelled try to stand Joker back up.

Joker turned on him and started to strangle him with his with the chain on his handcuffs. Another guard came and undid the cuff and Joker punched him in the face.

Conner punched the glass and I jumped through. I ran towards Joker when I heard him yell 'open it.'

The cells opened and Joker ran through a doorway. After Joker ran through the doorway was blocked by an electric ray. Apparently Joker has someone working on the inside.

I turned to see several thugs that had come out of the cells. Two arrows came then and let out a gas that knocked out the thugs.

I saw the rest of my team run towards me and I turned to see Joker smiling at me through the doorway. He said one thing.

"Welcome to Hell."

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