Author's note: This is set in a universe where there was a protagonist for both the spacer and colonist backgrounds. I'm planning on doing a chapter for each of the main missions of bothe ME1 and ME2 as well as doing some of the more interesting side missions. I will be including content from asteroid X57 (I forget what the DLC is called), operation overlord, lair of the Shadow Broker, Arrival and both Kasumi and Zaeed's respective DLC's. Please R&R as any feedback would be greatly appreciated. If you think i should go ahead with romance scenes later please let me know as I am still undecided on the subject. Anyway I'm going to shut up now and let you enjoy the story.

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Second Edit: Noticed I had put Shepard/Tali as my characters rather than Shepard/Garrus. Problem now fixed.

'Nihlus, you're coming with us?' Jenkins asked, hopeful that he could see a Spectre in action.

'I move faster on my own.' Replied the turian as he jumped out of the cargo hold.

'Nihlus will scout out ahead. He'll feed you status reports throughout the mission, otherwise I want radio silence.' said Captain Anderson.

Shepard turned towards the Captain, 'We've got his back Captain.'

'The mission's all yours now, Shepard. Good luck, and remember: Commander Thompson is down there somewhere. If you can, try and see if he'll help.'

Joker's voice sounded over the comm channel, 'Approaching drop point two.' without a word the trio moved towards the open cargo bay doors and prepared to disembark.

With a well-practised precision they moved forward, each squad mate covering the others. Shepard crouched down and motioned Jenkins on ahead; as he moved out into the open two geth drones that were hiding around the corner opened fire. No! Shepard thought as immediately Jenkins hit the ground. Aiming down the sights of her rifle she gunned down both drones in quick succession. She walked towards the lifeless form of her squad mate. Damn it, less than a minute in and we've already lost Jenkins. A tear formed in the corner of her eye. Jenkins was a good man, he didn't deserve to die. Shepard shook her head. No, I need to stay focused on the mission. She looked at Kaidan. He's going to take it pretty hard, they were close.

Kaidan walked over to his friend's corpse, 'Ripped right through his shields, never stood a chance.' He said.

'We'll see that he receives a proper service once the mission is complete, but I need you to stay focused.'

'Aye aye ma'am.' he responded, drawing his pistol and setting off towards the objective.

Shepard looked at the spaceport, it was crawling with geth and there were more of those spikes with the strange blue husks on them. She couldn't tell from this distance but it looked like there was a body in front of some crates. Crouching behind cover she opened fire on the lead geth platform. They responded immediately, returning fire and getting behind cover. At the same time the spikes retracted and the husks got to their feet. As she took down another geth something caught her eye. Oh shit. She thought as an even larger group of geth appeared from behind the spaceport. This could end very badly. As they exchanged fire with the geth the husks began closing the distance alarmingly fast. Quickly changing her target she shot one through the head only to watch in horror as it shrugged off the round and kept coming. She quickly reached for her grenade pack and hurled one into the middle of the group, and the resulting explosion knocked the husks off their feet, but two of them got back up. They were far too close now; she managed to kill one just before it reached her but the other one fired off its E.M.P and knocked out her shields. It was just charging for another blast as Williams tore through it with her shotgun. Turning back to the spaceport she saw about a dozen geth still standing. At this rate her team wouldn't last much longer.

Then she saw a very odd sight indeed. A man in full black armour, his face obscured by a helmet, leapt from the cliff face to her left, landing on one of the geth platforms. Rolling as he hit the ground he dove at another geth, striking it in the chest with a blade protruding from the wrist of his armour. This newcomer to the battle forced the geth out of cover, making them easy targets for Shepard and her squad. The man struck a geth in what passed for its throat while simultaneously grabbing another and smashing it into one of the crates. He then punched it in the chest hard enough to form a crater around the point where he struck, completely collapsing it. The last geth platform still standing raised its rifle and aimed at him, but before it could even pull the trigger he had drawn his pistol and shot it through the head-light-thing. He holstered his gun and turned towards Shepard. He waited as she walked briskly up to him, her companions following warily. The man reached up and removed his helmet, letting it drop to the floor. He had short black hair and eyes the colour of steel. A wide grin spread across his sharp features as a twinkle lit up his keen eyes.

'Shepard old friend, it's been far too long.' he said in a calm, quiet voice.

'Thompson! I should have known you would show your face eventually.' she replied, an equally wide grin lighting up her face.

'Well, you know me, I can't resist a good fight and an opportunity to smash some geth was just too good to pass up.'

'You two know each other?' asked Ashley, clearly confused by the appearance of this strange man.

'That we do Williams, may I introduce Commander John Thompson. We grew up together, trained together, even served together for a while.' she said, walking over to him.

'John this is Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams and Lieutenant Kaidan Alenko.'

'A pleasure to meet you, any friend of Shepard's is a friend of mine,' he turned towards Shepard, 'I assume you're here on a mission? You look a bit heavily armed for shore leave.'

She slapped her head and groaned, 'Of course! I always forget something,' she said, still grinning, 'we came here to recover the beacon, fancy tagging along?'

'I don't see why not, things are more fun when you're around and I could use a break from the boredom of shore leave.'

Shepard laughed as she began walking up the steps to the spaceport. She stopped laughing however when she noticed the body in the middle of the platform. It was Nihlus.

As they arrived at the other platform John saw a large cylindrical object leaning against the wall. He quickly ran up to it and began examining it. Shit, he thought.
'It's a bomb,' he said to the others, 'on a timer, by the looks of it we have five minutes until it blows.'

'Are there any others out there?' Shepard asked, clearly concerned.

'If I'm reading this right then it's linked up to three other charges. We'll have to disable them all.'

'Can you do it?' Kaidan said.

'Child's play,' John responded 'whoever set these up obviously didn't think that someone would stumble on them.' he turned back to the device. It was a simple four button sequencer with a five digit passcode. It shouldn't take him long to crack. John quickly began typing in various codes while at the same time firing up a code on his omni-tool, just in case. As it turned out it wasn't needed as he cracked the code on his third try. A beeping sound confirmed the deactivation and he rose to his feet.

'Let's go.' he said, walking up the stairs next to the bomb. As they got half way across the catwalk he spotted a squad of geth just about to open fire.

'Get down!' John shouted, diving behind one of the panels on the railing. As his squad mates began returning fire he examined his omni-tool. It told him that there was another bomb nearby.

'Cover me.' he said to Shepard, who nodded and pulled out her sniper rifle. John engaged his suite's stealth systems, becoming completely invisible. He broke cover and ran across the catwalk over to the next bomb and began disarming it. Within a few seconds the device beeped, informing him of his success.

'That's two down, another two to go.' he said over his comms. Keeping his stealth systems engaged he crept up to the group of geth. Shepard was doing well, there were only two left. With a quiet clink, he extended his wrist mounted blades. All at once he disengaged his stealth and speared the two geth through the chests, dropping them instantly. He waited for the rest of the team to catch up.

'I've never seen anybody fight like that,' said Ashley, 'those blades are really effective.'

'It's just how I fight, most people think that hand to hand combat is long gone in this age. Just makes it all the more surprising when they find my blade embedded in their vital regions.' Williams nodded and looked away. She clearly wasn't prepared for his casual attitude towards such a dangerous method of combat. He could see another group of geth advancing towards them. He reached over his shoulder and primed his sniper rifle, motioning for the others to do the same. Shepard, Williams and himself set up behind a low wall while Alenko prepared a biotic blast to force the geth out of cover. John looked down his scope, aiming right into the optics of the lead geth platform.

'Now!' he shouted as he pulled the trigger, sending shards of metal flying everywhere. He heard gunshots from his left as the others opened fire. They managed to kill half of the geth before they could reach cover. As soon as they had, Kaidan released a singularity, causing the geth to fly out of cover. The three snipers cut them down mercilessly as the metallic forms hung helplessly in the air. As the last enemy fell John holstered his weapon and ran over to the next bomb. Two minutes left. He quickly disarmed the charge, taking only a few seconds to do so, before sprinting on to the final bomb. He disarmed it with exactly one minute and thirty seconds left. Plenty of time. He rose to his feet.

'That's the last of them. Let's go find this beacon.'

Turning a corner they saw the prothean beacon on the platform below them; It was surrounded by geth. John fired up his stealth system again as the rest of the squad scrambled for cover. He vaulted over the railing just as bullets started ricocheting off the walls. He sprinted for the rearmost geth, dodging past two others whose shields had already begun to buzz with the shots bouncing off them. He grabbed the geth and threw it to its death over the edge of the platform before turning around and burying his blade in another geth's back. He quickly dove behind a nearby pillar, the geth beginning to turn their attention towards him. Just as he reached cover they began firing at him, causing his shields to thrum loudly. His distraction allowed the others to take out several more geth. When he looked out from around his shelter there was only one left, hiding behind a low wall. Turning his stealth back on he slowly crept towards it. When he reached it he grasped its head with his right hand and yanked upwards. Hard. With an almighty screech the geth's head separated from its body which fell limply to the floor. He signalled the all-clear to the squad and turned to face the beacon.

'Normandy, the beacon is secure. Request immediate evac.' Shepard said over the comms. Ashley and Kaidan approached the beacon.

'This is amazing. Actual working prothean technology. Unbelievable!' Kaidan said in clearly amazed tone.

'It wasn't doing anything like that when they dug it up.' Ashley mumbled, turning back towards Shepard. Kaidan walked slowly up to the beacon and suddenly it lit up, pulling him towards it. Shepard immediately ran at him and hurled him out of the way, trapping her in its field of energy.

'Shepard!' Kaidan yelled as it pulled her up into the air.

'No! Don't touch her, it's too dangerous.' Said Ashley, holding Kaidan back. Shepard began to jerk violently as the beacon started emitting a high pitched noise. The pitch grew higher until the beacon exploded, throwing Shepard back and knocking her unconscious. John turned on his radio.

'Come in Normandy, this is the shore party, we have a problem.'