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It has not been read by my wonderful "editor" because life is a nasty thing that consumes us, so the mistakes are mine.

I own nothing, except their children and their memories.

The ladder fell with a clack and I ominously looked up into the attic of our home. I glanced at the woman behind me that I loved, the daughter that was once my little princess and now heading off to college, my teenager and finally my innocent thirteen-year-old twins.

"Here goes nothing. Let me and Mom go first ok?" I said as I hesitantly tried the first step.

Each step cracked as I made my way up the short ladder and stepped onto the wood floor of our attic. I turned around and held my hand out for Casey to step onto the attic floor. I pecked her on the lips and held my hand out for our oldest daughter, Ainsley. She scowled at our kiss and started to walk around the attic.

"Kate, watch your sisters ok?"

"Yea, whatever Ma."

"Kate Marie!" Casey hollered at their daughter, while rolling her eyes at me.

"I never should have let you hold onto important documents," Casey muttered as she joined us looking around the attic.

"Oh shut it Case— oh my god!" I breathed as I held up a photo of Casey, about six with buckteeth, uncontrollably curly red hair and sparkling green eyes.

"Put that down Benson." She said laughing as she tried to snatch it from me. Ainsley had wandered over and took the photo from me.

"Damn Casey." I saw Casey shutter, our daughter had taken to calling us by our first name, "I'm an adult now, you know," was her response when we asked why. I told Casey it was a phase, but neither of us were happy about it.

"I blame your grandparents. Plus I was too busy running around with your aunt Vi to care what I looked like."

I grabbed her face and kissed her, "you were gorgeous babe, then and now."

"Shut up," she replied, feigning hurt and looked deeper into the box. "Oh wow. More pictures."

Sitting on the old loveseat, I pulled Casey into my lap and Ainsley silently settled herself next to us. I flipped through the pictures letting the memories flow over me.

To be continued.

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