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Ainsley walked onto the back porch and found Olivia sitting on the steps that led to the fenced in backyard. She settled in beside Olivia, "Hey."

Olivia looked up, "Hey sweetie, how are you?"

"Eh, I'm fine. Where's Casey?"

Olivia rolled her eyes and smirked, "your mom is at the store."

"Hmm," Ainsley responded tapping her feet lightly.

"Something you want to talk about?"

"Er, Lincoln is having a art show, and they are showcasing some of my work."

"Wow, Ains, that's wonderful, when is it?"

Ainsley nervously fidgeted, "About two weeks."

"Ok," as if reading Ainsley's mind she smiled, "we'll call Grandma and have her take the girls and go just you me and your mom."

"Well I was thinking about inviting Miranda and her moms."

Olivia tried to keep her face calm, "That's not a problem hun."

Ainsley squinted at her mom, "Really?"

"Of course, we used to all work together. I'd like to see Alex again."

"You and Alex worked together?"


"Just worked together?"

"Spit it out Ainsley."

"I don't know I get the feeling there's more."

You really have my intuition Olivia thought with a smile, "We dated a while back, before your mom," she added.

A million questions raced through Ainsley's brain as she digested the information. "When did you two break up?"

"When she went into Witness Protection."

"Then you got with Casey?"

"It wasn't like that."

"Is it weird seeing Alex and Lilly?"

"No, I'm glad Alex found happiness, I'm glad I did too. That was a million years ago Ainsley, things have changed."


"Mom?" Kate asked poking her head out from the back door then approached the duo. "Hey what are you two doing?" She asked settling next to Olivia.

"Nothing, what's up hun?" Olivia asked.

"I can't figure this math problem out, can you help me?"

"Yea sure, after dinner ok? Your mom is bringing back some food."

"Did you tell mom about your show yet?" Kate asked leaning forward to address Ainsley.

"Yea, they're going to come."

"I heard they are going to let classes come and see it in the library prior to the show."

"Yea, everyone's really excited Ains."

"You knew about this?" Olivia asked dumbfounded at Kate.


Casey walked through the house trying to find Olivia, when she heard noises outside she walked towards the door. On the porch steps were Ainsley, Olivia and Kate sitting side by side. An immediate smile crossed her face as a memory slid over her.

Casey was seven months pregnant with the twins and looked as if she was going to pop any day. Olivia had forced her to go to the spa with her best friend Allyson for the day trying to get her to relax under the stress they called daily life. She had come home expecting to be greeted by Olivia and the girls only to be slightly disappointed as she entered a seemingly empty house. She walked around the house looking for the girls and finally found them on the back porch.

"—Look Ma! Look!" Ainsley all but yelled as she turned towards Liv, a wad of gum in her small mouth and trying to desperately blow a bubble. Instead of making a bubble the gum was spit from her mouth and landed on the grass.

"Here baby, let me show you again," Liv said soothingly as she grabbed the gum packages. I looked beside her and saw that there was a growing pile of wrappers between the three of them. When Kate turned to the side she had a piece of gum in her mouth too, happily chewing loudly on it. Casey never gave the girls gum. She watched the trio as Ainsley attempted to blow a bubble and Kate basked in being included by the 'big girls.'

Casey wordlessly slid the glass door shut and leaned against it not wanting to interrupt the scene in front of her. She was pulled out of her reverie and found herself covering her mouth to keep from laughing at Olivia who had an absurdly huge grin on her face as Ainsley blew a small bubble keeping the gum in her mouth this time.

"Mom!" Kate called seeing Casey and standing up and running into her arms. She couldn't really get that close with Casey's large stomach but tangled herself around her legs.

"Look Ma gave us gum!" She said proudly displaying the gum on her tongue. Which promptly fell onto the deck. "Oops, Mom," Kate said as she licked her lips tasting the sugar on them, "here," she said handing it to Casey.

"Uh-oh," the seven-year-old Ainsley muttered as she spit the gum onto the grass and grabbed Kate making a quick getaway.

"No wonder they aren't ever excited when I plan something that 'mommy doesn't normally allow,' you're indulging them constantly." Her voice was serious but her smile played at her lips as she approached Olivia.

As if repeating history, Kate saw Casey, this time she didn't run to her, but gave her classic smirk, "hi mom."

Ainsley's head turned around and she wondered how long Casey had been standing there, jarred by the thought of hurting her mom and starting something she tried to smile, "Casey."

Ainsley lay in bed, trying to digest the new information about Olivia and Alex. For the millionth time she reached for her phone then threw it back down on the bed next to her. It was obviously sensitive territory, but she couldn't help wondering if Miranda knew. She picked up her phone on last time and texted her "did you know Olivia and your mom Alex dated?" When Ainsley didnt get a response wihtin a few minutes, she threw her phone on the bed and picked up her history book.

Miranda looked down at her phone and frowned. The text from Ainsley boggled her.

Alex turned from her spot at the stove and asked, "You've been staring at that problem for fifteen minutes, you ok?

Miranda flicked her pencil against the table a few times not looking up at Alex. "I'm over math." Alex thought she sounded slightly like a petulant child instead of the woman her and Lilly had raised. Hearing the whine, Alex raised her brows at her daughter.

"Are you finished?"

Sometimes, Miranda thought, she hated being treated like an adult. As if Alex sensed a bigger issue at hand she sat down across from Miranda at the table.

"What's going on M?"

She eyed her mom carefully, "did you date Ainsley's mom?"

No other question would have startled Alex more. She looked at her hands for a moment, then up at Miranda, "who said that?"

"Does it matter?"

Alex carefully chose her words, "yes, we did."

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