Once Ranger and his men had secured the building they found a small room behind one of the main meat refrigerators with seven very frightened latino women in it. None of them spoke English but with a lot of coaxing Lester discovered that they'd all fled parts of the Southern Americas with the promise of better things. Records hidden in the main office provided the names and fates of over a hundred other women and eight 14-16 years olds who'd be 'processed' at the plant.

Baron managed to find an additional file in a safe in the janitor's cupboard of Leo's apartment which was written in a complex code. Months later when it was deciphered it provided additional dates, venues and ring leaders that blew the whole sex slave ring out of the water - information that would eventually help to recover many of the woman who'd been 'processed' at the factory. The money recovered as a result of the information the file contained was used to provide support and counselling to all those affected, both the victims and their families.

Leo was sentenced to life but only lasted for three years – he was killed in a riot that he himself had started. Seems that Baron had been right when he said that Nayeli tempered him - it would appear that without his weekly sessions with her to focus his volatile temper he lost the plot completely and quickly spiralled out of control.

The Manoso family mourned not for the death of their son, but for whatever it had been that had taken him from them so many year's earlier.

Nayeli tried to escape but was caught as she tried to board a plane to the Bahamas. She spent seven and a half years in prison and fled abroad at the first opportunity. She moved to Jamaica and was never heard from again.

Ranger still planned to let Steph into his life more so that at New Year's Eve she would say yes to his repeated proposal but Steph beat him to it - by three months and four days - she proposed as they walked away from the scene of the crime that night and Ranger rammed the ring on her finger later that night.

Joe dated Tiffany. Properly. With meals out, flowers and everything. He quickly introduced her to Bob, but waited a little longer to take her to visit with his mother. When they had dinner with Bella she threatened to put a curse on her – "marry my grandson or else!" She hissed over the dessert. So she did a year later.

They had a set of twin girls, Yvette and Naomi with fiery red hair and the combined temper of their colouring and their Italian heritage. Joe went gray at 35 and bald not long after but always had a grin on his face.

Current day:

"Push! Come on, Babe!" Ranger pleaded with his tired and sweaty wife. He squeezed her hand and whispered more words of encouragement, this time in Spanish.

Moments later their bundle of joy made an appearance, covered in blood and very unimpressed at being taken from its warm, dark home. The midwife held the now screaming baby "It's a boy!" she smiled out and the three adults grinned at each other.

Ranger cut the cord and immediately little Xavier Frances Manoso was whisked away by the assistant midwife to be checked over.

"Looks like he's perfect" the midwife said as she handed him to his mother for feeding. Immediately Steph held the swaddled bundle to her breast where he snuggled in and latched on.

"Babe" Ranger said, grinning from ear to ear "He's perfect, just like you." He said, with the hint of a tear in his eye as he gazed at first his wife then his son.

Steph leant over and cupped his face with her free hand and rubbed her thumb over his stubbled jaw "I love you, Carlos." she said as tears rolled down her face "Did I break anything?" she added, gesturing to his fingers which she had spent the three hours trying to snap.

"No, but I think you may have dislocated something." He replied smiling as he caressed his son's nose affectionately and flexed his fingers.

"Good!" she replied playfully before sinking back onto the bed and closing her eyes.

"Be good for Mommy!" Ranger said as he whipped out his phone "Better update the troops. Shall I send in your father? I think he's worn a hole in the corridor."

" No" said the midwife, firmly "Frank can wait until they're both cleaned up and settled."

"Mom!" Steph said petulantly then smiled.

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