Everything went black and all my fear vanished. Almost as if by magic everything was fine and peaceful. As I enjoyed this new sense of freedom. Voice began to drift around me. At first I tried to ignore them. Then as they became more frantic I had a strange sense that maybe I should care about the voices. Some small part of me knew that they were important. Even thought I knew that I should care. I just didn't. That small part of me screamed for me to listen. So finally I tried to hear the voices but I couldn't make anything out. Though they seemed scared somehow and maybe a little mad. I not sure how I knew it I just did.

The only real thing I could really tell was that there was two of them. It felt as though they were fighting. The more I listened the more annoyed the voices made me. Their annoyance grew with my own. Why couldn't they just leave me alone and let me enjoy my peace. Then they went silent. Briefly I wondered where they went. That was soon forgotten as I began to drift away. To a place I just knew would bring the peace I longed for.


When I broke through the trees I could see them fighting. Jasper was fighting some bloodsucker that I had never seen before. As hard as Jasper tried the other bloodsucker was just as fast. Matching him blow for blow. I watched in awe at their speed and strength. I ran toward them with all I had but it wasn't enough. An earsplitting screech rent the air and the bloodsucker ripped Jaspers arm off. Before Jasper could reacted Bella charged the leech. Only to be knocked away like a rag doll. I lost sight of her as she flew down the other side of the mountain. In that moment my whole world shattered and I pushed myself even harder.


At Bella's silence my heart exploded and I went at Dimitri with all I had. I knew that with only one arm I didn't even stand a chance. All I knew is that I was going to go out fighting and that meant something. I went at him with vengeance but no matter what he was just as fast. Without my arm he landed even more blows. It didn't matter how hard I tried it wasn't enough. He matched at every turn. I was beginning to loose hope and came to realize there was nothing I could do to save us. I went at him one more time. He side stepped me and knocked me to the ground. At that moment I knew it was over and I closed my eyes. I laid there just waiting for the end.


I reached them as Jasper hit the ground. It would have been over then but they hadn't noticed me. So as that bloodsucker reached to give Jasper what would have been the final blow. I jumped him from behind and sank my teeth into his head. With one swift motion his head was gone and I tossed it away. I wasted no time dismembering his body. I was almost finish when Jasper joined me. He set fire to his remains and purple smoke filled the air. Now that the danger was over we ran to Bella.


It was just like any other day. I was surfing the internet to see what fashions were trending. I had just found a amazing blue satin dress when it hit me. I was filled with so much pain and fear that it almost knocked me over. All I got were blurry images and pain lots of pain. I could feel Bella's bones snap as she slammed into the ground. With one more impact everything went black and it was over. As I came back to myself I was shaken. It took me a few seconds to compose myself. I was so glad that everyone had went hunting. I didn't want to share this information. Well at least not until I had time to process it. All I knew for sure is that they were alive and something major had just happened.


As I approached Bella's lifeless body I shifted and fell to my knees beside her. My whole world was crashing down around me. She was so bloody and broken. I felt for a pulse and by all miracles found one. Very faint but still there. That was all I wanted was a chance to be able to help her. Though as much as I wanted to help her I couldn't. Not all the love in the world was going to fix this. We would never make it to a hospital in time. I had never felt more utterly useless. The only thought running through my head was that she had to live. So in that moment there was only one option left.

" Jasper" I barley squeaked out.

Within seconds her was beside me.

" Is she alive " He whispered.

" Just Barley ' came my answer matching his fear.

" what are we going to do " He said broken?

" Its not what we are going to do but what you are going to do I" I said with more conviction than I felt.

" You cant possibly mean for me to change her" He said taken back.

" I don't have enough control. I will kill her" he said sound more terrified than before.

" You Have too" I yelled. Tears running down my face.

" I cant I will kill her " He yelled back.

" You have to. If you don't try she will die anyways. You love her don't you I yelled .

" Yes I love her. I love her more than I have ever loved anyone" He said with a look that said he would be crying to if he could.

"Then just do it if you truly love her . You could never kill her" I sobbed.

" I don't know if I can but what choice do we have" He said in defeat.


Jacob reached Bella before I did and I was so afraid to ask the question I had to.

The whole world seemed to stop as I waited for him to answer. Never had two words sounded to absolutely amazing and no two sweeter words have been spoken. In those two words I found hope that I had lost and the strength that had drained from me. She was alive and that was all that mattered. the next few moments were a blur. By the time my head cleared I had agreed to change her. I was so scared that I couldn't do it. But it was the only option we had left.

" Promise you will stop me if I cant. Stop me in anyway possible" I pleaded with Jacob.

:I promise you " He whispered.

With that I started the process I had swore to never do again.


I drifted thought the darkness. Lost in the nothingness and I guess on some level I knew I was leaving. The strange part was that I was completely fine with it. Letting go didn't seem so hard not from here anyways. Dying would be easy. TO be at peace forever and to have no more pain. I couldn't find a reason not to. That's when I felt it. Small prick on my neck, my wrists and my ankles. What started out as tiny pricks grew into a raging inferno inside me. Slowly it spread to my whole body setting it ablaze. As the pain intensified it was as though I was being sucked throw a straw and slammed right into hell. The burning was so unreal and all encompassing. There was nothing I could do. I couldn't move I couldn't scream I was stuck in hell.

Authors Note Hello well i am back. My old computer died and I just got my new one. I put this one together pretty quick so I know its not perfect. I just thought you guys had waited long enough. So I hope you enjoy and thanks so much for sticking with me. You all are awesome.