It was the day of the concert and my friends Kat, Kylie, Imani, and Amber had all decided to skip school today since it was Friday also.

The night before we had all crashed at Amber's house because both of her parents were away on business trips. "Erika, get your ass up" said Kat shaking me lightly. "

Ngh let me sleep" I said tiredly because I had tried to pull an all-nighter.

"Sorry I can't let you, the concert is in 5 hours and we still need to get ready" she said pulling me to my feet. Because I hadn't eating in a few weeks I immediately fell back down on the bed dizzy. "Erika, this is why you need to eat. You're already skinny enough" she said pulling me up again. "No I'm not skinny" I said standing up and hanging on to the bed post to keep me from falling.

She sighed "Just try not to faint during the concert" she said turning around to find her outfit for tonight. "Even if you were to shape shift into a snickers, I still wouldn't eat" I said jokingly walking over to my friend who had turned into a snickers. "If you won't eat me I'll eat myself then" she said turning around to bite her ass. "That's just wrong" I said going over to my bag to get my stuff out of my bag. "Shit" I said looking through my bag knowing I had forgotten something.

"What" said my friend Kat who had shape shifted back into her normal form. "I forgot our acrylic paint at the house" I said rubbing my temples knowing it was my job to bring it for everyone. "You forgot the paint" said Imani walking into the room and sitting on the bed. "Yea and I'm really sorry" I said. "Did you forget my secret" said Imani running her hand through her hair. "O yea, I forgot you could teleport stuff" I said laughing. She then snapped her fingers and it appeared in my hand. "Thanks Imani" I said getting up to hug her. "Don't mention it" she said walking out the room. "Are we still going on with the plan we came up with last night" said Amber walking in. "Yes we are still going on with the plan, we weren't joking and were not chickening out" I said getting up.

I just hoped that my premonition didn't come true when we put our plan into action. I walked down stairs to see that Kylie was passed out on the couch. "Kylie, you need to get up. Show is in five hours" I said pulling her off the couch to get her up.

"Was that necessary" she said sitting up and yawning. "Yes" I said. "Lemme guess, one of the reasons you woke me up is to play blackout with you" she said standing up. "Now that you mention it, yes" I said.

"Fine" she said walking around to stand behind me to catch me. I started hyperventilating and when she said 30, I stood up quickly from my squatting position and held my breath. Within seconds I felt that vibrating feeling I loved so much travel through my body.

Then I "woke up" to half my friends screaming at me to get up. "What happened" I said starting to remember when Amber started helping me up.

"I told you to stop playing blackout, you were out for 10 minutes" she screamed. "You're addicted and you need to stop" said Kat leaving with Amber to go upstairs. "Give me your lighter" said my friend Imani. "Why" I said handing her my lighter.

"So you don't set yourself or the house on fire" she said turning around and running up stairs. "Hey, come on you've got to be joking" I screamed. "No I'm not, I'll give it back to you after the concert" she said from the top of the stairs. With that I went back to the room to get my outfit to take a shower

When I got out of the shower my friends were rushing to get ready because we now had 3 hours before the concert. I dried and straightened my hair quickly, then teased it to get my hair up. That in all took an hour because my short black hair was thick.

I then quickly applied a mixture of both Andy and Ashley's make-up on my face. Then I got my outfit on and grabbed my purse and went to wait for everyone else.

"Come on you guys" I screamed "We need to go NOW if we want to be up front". Just then I saw my four longtime friends run down the stairs. "Come on lets go" Amber screamed and pushed us out the door.

When we got there we ended up having to push our way to the front and that took up most of the concert. They were singing their last song of the night. "We're bored to death in Heaven and all alone in Hell, We only want to be ourselves" we sang along while Andy came around and touched all of our hands. We screamed when that happened.

"We scream, we shout we are the fallen angels" he sang. Then I motioned for Imani to go do her part in the plan. She then took our stuff we wanted to get signed and left. When she left the song had ended. "We want to thank everyone who came tonight, and please stay for the autograph signing at the back table."

He said in front of us. We reached out to try and rip off his shirt. I think he noticed, so instead of us ripping it he took it off and handed it to me then left. I screamed

"O MY FUCKING GOD, HE GAVE ME HIS SHIRT". "Lucky" said my friends. Then we left to go our part of the plan.

"Come on, someone might see us" whispered Amber. Then we heard the click and the tour bus finally opened after I have been trying to pick it for over an hour. "Were do they keep their cell phones" Kylie said looking through drawers. "They certainly couldn't have them on them during the show, they would keep going off" I said laughing.

Then we heard footsteps. "O SHIT" I said panicking. "Get into the bathroom, quickly" said Kat quietly. "HOLY SHIT, someone broke into the tour bus" said a voice we all knew was Ashley Purdy. We all got into the bathroom just in time because right when we locked the door the bus bounced a little, like someone people had just gotten on.

"Doesn't look like anything was taken" said a voice that belonged to Andy. "Yea, but it looks like they went through Jinxx's drawers" said Jake laughing. "Crap that was my underwear drawer" said Jinxx. Kylie face went really red then because she liked Jinxx a lot. Amber started giggling but I jabbed her in the stomach to be quiet.

Then the bus started moving and we all were scared. I took out my cell and texted Imani to teleport her ass into the bathroom on the bus. Then when she texted back I had totally forgot it wasn't on silent. "You're not alone

We'll bra -" we all went quiet. "Wasn't that a verse from Carolyn" asked CC. "Yea it was" said Andy. Then I heard footsteps coming towards the door, we all held our breath scared he see that the door was locked and know we were in it. Then I regretted telling Imani to teleport here, because when she did the bus bounced.

"What was that" asked Ashley. "I don't know but I think our answer is in there" said Jinxx. Then the door opened, I saw Andy and Ashley standing in the doorway. After that I blacked out.

Sorry if you don't get the plot so far XD the idea just came into my head while I was texting some of my friends, and we are all really big fans of Black Veil Brides. They even came up with the funny bits in it, like the snickers and the underwear drawers, and yes this is an ongoing story to. I have also changed my mind about envy's time at whammy's, I have decided that I won't split it up into chapters and it will just be one big one

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