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Black Veil Brides Stowaways

Chapter 5

"What the hell are you guys doing" Kat practically screamed and woke up the whole room. Andy quickly retracted his fangs from my wrist and moved away, he looked embarrassed. "Nothing" I said waving my hands but quickly regretted it and hid them behind my back. "Andy what did you do" said Ashley getting up and walking over. "Blood sharing" he said quietly with his head down so only Ashley and I could hear. Ashley sighed before he looked over at me and asked if he could see were Andy drank my blood. I showed it to him and I was surprised to see it wasn't still bleeding, it looked like it had healed a little but I could see where I had pierced my wrist and where Andy had technically bit me. "Nice, you have the ability to heal quickly" said Ashley putting down my hand. "What blood side is that from" I said looking over my wrist area. "Werewolf" said Ashley getting me in a head lock and giving me a noogie. "Hey" I said getting slightly annoyed because my hair was probably messed up now. "Sorry I'm just happy you finally got your first werewolf ability" he said releasing me from his head lock. "Sometimes I wonder why we vampires can't have that ability" Andy said while he pushed up from the wall. Then Kat got up and walked over to Jinxx and Kylie. "Hey you two get up, you guys fell asleep fighting over the recliner" Kat said shaking both of the sleepers lightly. Luckily Jinxx woke up because he was hugging Kylie while they were sleeping. He quickly retracted his arms from around her and moved so he was sitting on the arm rest, you could tell he was really embarrassed. By the time Kylie got up she would never had noticed that she was sharing the recliner with Jinxx. Luckily I still had that picture on my cell so I could show her later. "Do you guys think they'd let me leave the hospital" I asked really wanting to get out of the hospital outfit. "I think I could talk them into letting you go early" said Jinxx getting up to leave the room. When he left Ashley spoke "He's probably going to use his mind control on them" he said taking the seat on one of the arm rests. "Does everyone in this band have powers or something" I asked walking into the bathroom to get my purse. "Yea, pretty much" said Andy's voice outside the bathroom. 'Wow what powers does Jake and CC have, what was Sandra's power' I thought to myself. "You'll find out later" I heard Andy's voice again. 'Damnit Andy stop reading my thoughts' I screamed in my head. "Nope, you just have to learn how to block me" he chuckled. "What are you going on about" asked Kat who had taken up the other arm rest on the chair. Before I could say anything Ashley answered "Andy keeps reading Erika's mind" He laughed. "You wouldn't like it either" I said going over to sit on the same rest as Ashley, so I could punch his arm hard. "Ow, what was that for" he said rubbing his arm back and forth. "For laughing at me" I said smirking. "O yea, Kylie I have something I wanted to show you" I said pulling out my cell so I could show her the picture. "Ashley can you go talk with Andy for a while" I said before I clicked on the picture. "Why I want to see to" he said trying to get my cell. "Fine I'll show you, later though" I said pushing him of the recliner. When Ashley had joined Andy I showed Kat and Kylie the picture. Kylie screamed then said "Send that to my fucking cell now" she said bouncing in the middle of the recliner. "Lucky and lucky for me no one knows who I like in this band" she lied because she had told me. She had like a humongous crush on CC she had told me the first time we saw the video of him drumming when BVB had announced him as the new drummer when Sandra left. I had just sent Kylie the picture when Jinxx walked back in. "They said your set to go" he said smirking. "Yes, let's ditch this place and get back on the road" I said then everyone was racing down stairs to the bus.

I was last on the bus because I didn't know where the fuck it was. But I thought it was funny when they ran off without me towards the bus. "Thanks for ditching me" I said out of breath while walking into the black bus. "O sorry we forgot you didn't know where we parked the bus" Jinxx chuckled. I collapsed onto the leather couch and instead of sitting up I laid my head down in Ashley's lap. Ashley didn't complain so I stayed down and asked Imani a question. "Isn't Gir a big fan of BVB" I asked using Kat and I's little brother's nickname so no one knew who we were talking about. "Last time I spoke to him yes" said Imani because she probably already because she always gets this look in her hazel eyes when she knew. "Who's Gir" asked Andy and Ashley coincidently. "You'll find out soon" I said then gave a look to Imani telling her to do it. Within seconds she had teleported Jacob and he had the look like 'what the hell happened just now'. "Hey little brother" I said walking over and getting him in a head lock so I could give him a noogie. "Hey dude my hair" he winced then Kat came over and we shared a group hug. "Where have you guys been, I've been worried sick" he said escaping Kat and I's hug. "Sorry we have been caught up with something" as I looked over towards the band and I think he followed my eyes and looked to. "O MY GOD YOU'VE BEEN TOURING WITH BVB" he said loudly. "Yea but can I tell you why, alone for a second Gir" I said pulling him towards the room on the bus with the bunk beds. "Ok, tell me why you are touring with Black Veil Brides" he said in a very serious tone. "Well it's a Lo-o-o-o-o-ong story, no joke" I said while he fluffed his hair, typical little brother. "Shoot" he said sitting down on one of the bunk beds. "Ok well when Kat and I slept over at Amber's we came up with a plan to sneak onto the bus and find their cell numbers so we could text/call them" I said leaning against the bunk bed post. "I'm guessing that plan failed" he said waiting for an answer while he scratched his dark brown hair that almost looked black. "Yea, when they found us hiding in the bathroom I fainted" I said looking down embarrassed. "Now that's an EPIC FAIL" he said laughingly. "Not funny, and get this" I said then paused for effect. "When I came to Ashley asked if I was a Werewolf too" I said then his face lit up because he was into werewolf's and vampire's. "Are you" he said completely focused on me with his hazel eyes that were just like his real sisters. "Sorta, I have a Crescent Moon on my hand" I said showing my hand and continuing. "Werewolves have a full moon on their hand if they are full werewolf and Ashley had one on his hand, but as for me he told me only half-werewolves get Crescent Moon's on their hands" I said as I waited for him to reply. "So your half-werewolf, what's your other half" he said paying attention. "I am also Half-Vampire, A hybrid you could say, I have another birthmark that looks like a rose, so Andy could tell because he really is a Vampire" I said getting up to show my lower back so he could see the rose. "Awesome, one of my sisters is a hybrid" he jumped up and down like a little kid. "So what's been up with you" I said sitting in the middle of the floor. "Well….I figured out I can shape-shift like Kat" Jacob said excitedly. "Well prove it, shape shift into Andy" I exclaimed because now Gir had finally gotten his power after he thought he was never going to get it. Soon Gir had transformed into his idol, Andy. Every detail was exact, the makeup, outfit, Andy's electric blue eyes, even his hair looked like Andy's. "Awesome, you should totally walk out there and scare everyone" I laughed hysterically. "In fact I'm going to do that right now" Gir said as he started towards the door. I couldn't wait to see everyone's expressions on the bus, so I took out my cell and turned on the video. Then I told Gir to open the damn door already.