In keeping with the traditions of Fallout the epilogue is done in a series of slides.

Though the brotherhood ultimately took possession of the power armor, vertibird and high end energy weapons. Lower tech equipment was return to the remnant. Among those items was a trophy Moreno scavenged during the second battle of hooverdam. An NCR ranger veteran was killed in the "crossfire." Moreno took it as a trophy. He traded it to Jack in exchange for his old power armor and weapons. The old patriot then headed east towards Chicago searching for the last embers of his America.

— Kreger and Johnson.
The duo decided to remain in Grayditch it was good a place as any to get by. They turned the old pillared building Talon Company had occupied into a rest stop for travelers heading into the DC ruins. They even rented a few rooms to shop owners. Through their effort Grayditch started to become a thriving community again. Johnson found a measure of peace helping to build the community and was able to put some of the ghosts of his past to rest. Kreger was pleased to have led his squad safety. Not wanting them to drift apart like they did in the Mojave he hosted get-togethers a few times a year where the remnant would catch up on their lives. He always hoped Moreno would turn up but he never did.

— Daisy
Including the one acquired from the Remnant the brotherhood had four functioning Vertibirds but only three people qualified to pilot them. Two of which had been part of Lyon's original expedition east. So when the brotherhood offered her a job as a flight instructor Daisy happily accepted. Politics, flags they didn't matter she got back into the sky. Among her students was Jack Romulad himself. She was quite pleased when he inherited her prefered extreme style of flying.

— Arcade
The former member of the followers didn't stay in Grayditch long. He traveled the wastes for a while as a doctor healing those in need. Eventually and moved to Rivet City and took over the lab formally occupied by Dr. Li and her team. Using the hydroponics lab he labored to develop more potent forms of broc flower and xander root for more efficient stimpacks alongside a punga fruit extract for new forms or rad-away. In time other scientists and young minds came to join him. He went on to found "The Followers of Genesis" an organization holding to the ideals of the followers of the apocalypse but with a much less confusing name.

— Dr. Henry
Henry came to occupy Dr. Lesko's old lab and remained in Grayditch for a number of years. Remembering how he helped the Nightkin back in Jacobstown he turned his research towards ghoulification hoping to slow or stop the mental degradation that caused some ghouls to become feral. Eventually he moved to underworld where he continued his research alongside Dr. Barrow and nurse Graves

— Anna Holt
After being found guilty of betraying the people of Rivet City and allying herself with the Enclave. The Rivet City Council sentenced Anna Holt to death. She was hung from the flight deck until dead then thrown to the mirelurks. Many protested this decision claiming Anna should have been thrown to the mirelurks before she died. Jack said wanted to kick her into a pit full of radscorpions but he couldn't stop the sides from collapsing. No one was quite sure whether or not he was joking.

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1: Jack's wife will be revealed in Fallout Journey's .

2: The Legion is based in Colorado, Arizona and parts of Utah. To reach DC they'd need to cross six or seven states. That's a lot of territory to conquer by the time they could fight their way to the east coast the remnant would have long died of old age.

3: Moreno remained a patriot of The Enclave for decades after the NCR destroyed Navarro. He's not going to go soft on the eastern brotherhood. I couldn't see him staying CW wasteland. I could not dishonor his character by having him go soft.