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It must've been the bloody takoyaki.

Margaret ought to put a ban on her siblings' ridiculous requests for human food. It poisoned them in ways she can't even begin to imagine. How can they forget that one incident when Elizabeth got drunk on her third glass of Queen Elizabeth and danced to Gekkoukan Boogie before throwing up all over Igor's couch? Who was the one responsible for cleaning up afterwards?

Huh, Margaret refused to be fooled. The only requests she'd make were only of Personas.

And now Theo had gotten into his silly head that he was in love. With a human.

There was no mistaking it: the glowing praises he had for the girl, the way he looked whenever he talked about her and his growing obsession for her wellbeing. Yes, that was exactly it. He was utterly smitten, and that was one affliction the older woman had no remedy for.

It was inevitable: the conversation she had dreaded all this time had finally surfaced.

"Sister, I wish to see…my memories."

Margaret regarded her brother with stern eyes. "You're aware of the follies of indulging too much in the past? They're nothing but mires stopping you from moving on."

Theo had to scoff at this. "Move on where, dear sister? We have no goals, no aspirations. We are eternal in this world. We can never leave-"

"There will be other guests, Theodore."

"And they'll keep on coming until the universe eventually falls down. How I tire of this dogma."

Tire. Such a mortal condition too ill-fitting to be used by the likes of them. "You've really lost yourself to her, haven't you?" the older woman asked.

"Hm, perhaps. But is it not said that when something is lost, something else will be gained?"

"Huh, I wonder what that is," Margaret muttered disbelievingly.

Theo narrowed his golden eyes at his sister. "Oh, don't think yourself so high and mighty. Weren't you too emotionally attached with your guest? What was his name now…Souji Seta…yes, that's it."

"But not to the point of…doing what you did. You know it is forbidden to have such kind of…fraternization with a guest."

"At least yours is still alive."

Theo didn't shout, and he didn't have to. The weight of those words was enough to crush whatever retort Margaret could possibly have.

In some strange way, she understood perfectly where he was coming from.

Time was irrelevant in their world. If they'd fathomed the trudging marches of monotony, then they'd come to terms with the word 'dull'. Perhaps that was why humans invented so many things to help them pass the time; which was rather odd, because they had such a limited amount to begin with.

Theo was both a prisoner and master of this space. Oh, of course Igor made all the difficult decisions, but it was the young assistant who did most of the work…just like the rest of his siblings.

He was baffled at how something as intangible and insignificant as memories could cause such pain to him. His entire being…nay, existence had been to carry out his duties to the fullest, which was perfectly why, prior to meeting Minako, his memories had been of nothing but work.

He supposed he could never grieve for her enough. The Velvet Room had been much too silent since her last visit. Which was precisely why he summoned his sister in the first place.

"You know we're not allowed to abuse our powers for personal gain," Margaret cautioned.

"We're not using it to take over the world, sister," Theo said. "All I want is to believe that I could…still be with her."

She carefully studied her brother's expression. This must be his punishment: to experience the full spectrum of loss. It was a curse that he'd have to bear for the rest of his life, in exchange for that one moment of sin.

But how can pursuing one's own happiness ever be a sin?

Finally sighing, she said: "At the risk of regretting my own decision afterwards, I will fulfill your request. But-" at this point she stressed sternly on the last word, "Only this once, and afterwards no more. Igor must never know about this."


"Well, what are you still standing here for? She's already waiting for you," she said, nodding behind him.

Theo turned around and saw the Paradigm Door. Feeling nervous all of a sudden, he moved to open it. The sounds of battle momentarily seeped through before he stepped past the threshold and closed the door behind him.

Margaret pursed her lips, settling into the stifling silence of the Velvet Room as her brother relived his memories.

Yes, it definitely must be those damned takoyaki.