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"I truly apologize on behalf of my siblings, Master Igor. Had I been more vigilant, none of this would've happened. As the eldest, I shall bear full responsibility towards their actions."

Igor said nothing, sitting back in his chair and watching Margaret over his steepled fingers. The woman flinched not one bit, staring straight at a point somewhere above his left ear as she internally steeled herself for the worst.

"And what of you, Margaret?" Igor finally said. "Are you planning on leaving anytime soon? Chase after that Souji Seta, perhaps?"

"No, master. My place is here. I have no reason to associate myself with that individual any longer. He has done his part, and so have I."

"What about our future guests, then? Can you guarantee that you will never walk the same path your siblings did?"

"Yes, master. My duties are clear to me. I will never abandon it for the sake of my own personal feelings."

"So you think that Elizabeth and Theodore did?"

Margaret hesitated. What was her master really asking? That she'd condemn her own siblings just to gain his trust? He should know better than to force her to make such choices.

Igor seemed to sense her dilemma, for he suddenly chuckled and waved a hand as if to dismiss the question.

"You're smart enough to not answer that," he said, smiling sinisterly. "Who else can they trust to understand their decisions if not their own elder sister? Despite what you said, I believe you were fully aware of their predicament. Am I or am I not correct?"

"But master, surely it was irresponsible-"

"What have I told you about that one law of the universe? There's a reason for everything. Who made that rule? Even I cannot explain that. I am but a slave to my existence. We all are. I may have the means to stop them, but to what end would that bring other than further sadness and destruction? No, there may be something we could gain from this, and only the future could reveal that."

Margaret nodded. "I…understand, master."

"As it were…you did a noble thing, standing by their decisions, but you do realize that it only meant your responsibilities have increased by a tenfold?"

"Yes, master."

"Then I suggest you get to it. So many things to do, so little time. You can start by clearing out Theodore's things. Honestly, I do not understand his fascination for Hana-Kimi and goodness knows what other nonsensical items he has over there. Why can't he pick a simpler hobby like bonsai keeping?"

"It is a mystery even to me, master."

"Get to it, then."

Igor lapsed into deep thought as he pondered the possibilities of getting more helpers. A sardonic smile crossed his features as he tried to think of what other mischief they could spring up if he did. Maybe he could try getting an android assistant for a change. That would be fun.

He really had no idea what will happen next. He'd shifted forwards, backwards, up, down, looped and even sideways through time that his travel itinerary would seem very much like Willy Wonka's crazy glass elevator; yet the future seemed uncertain even to him, since there's so many outcomes to begin with.

All he could do for now was sit back and wait for the next guest to arrive. When they do, he will greet them with the same line he'd used a million times over:

"Welcome…to the Velvet Room."


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