Author's Note: Having writers block on my story that I've been working on, so I decided to start a little story based off the youtube video called Draw With Me. Here's a link, which I suggest watching before reading this. http:/ www. youtube .com /watch? v= DR kg H7 Uu –hA. This story will probably be short, around five or six chapters.

I hope you guys like it, and keep in mind that it won't follow the video completely. The story takes place at the beginning of season 2ish, but it might not follow it up to the par. Enjoy. : )

Going to school at Dalton Academy was stressful. All the future leaders of America were constantly competing with each other, the courses that were practically college courses, and the stress of being the constant soloist in the Warblers was wearing down on Blaine Anderson, a junior in the school. He sat in the common room, sipping coffee ten minutes before his next class, trying to wake up, when two of his friends from the Warblers came up to him.

"Blaine, man, you seem exhausted," one of them said, touching his shoulder. "How about skipping practice today and just getting some rest?"

As much as it killed Blaine to think about skipping practice, he knew he didn't really have a choice. He needed sleep, especially since he had major tests tomorrow.

"I think I might have to," he said, standing up from his chair, and bidding his friends goodbye. As he walked to his room, he could hear the Warblers practicing in the choir room, which almost made him turn around to go to practice, but he went to his room instead.

Once he got into his room, he went into his normal sleep schedule. He took off his blazer and tie, throwing them onto one of the chairs in the room, shut off his lights and closed his blinds, and turned on some kind of soothing music. As soon as his head hit his feather pillow, he was fast asleep.

He wasn't quite sure where he was, or even if it was anywhere. Everything was shades of blue with what looked like fireflies in the air. He could see something in the distance, like a wall of some sort. The closer he got to the wall in each labored step, the more an image behind the wall began to appear. It was a small boy, maybe the same age as Blaine, but not older, sitting cross legged in front of what looked like a glass wall. He wasn't sure if this was a real person or not, until the boy looked up at him with these amazing sapphire eyes.

Blaine picked up the pace and ran over to the wall, poking it for some kind of door. The boy just smiled, and looked like he was laughing. Blaine couldn't hear him though. The glass was sound proof. After searching for an opening and finding none, Blaine plopped down in front of the glass with a sigh. The boy smiled, cocking his head to one side, and pulled what looked like black chalk from his pocket. He tossed a piece over the wall, it landing in Blaine's lap.

"Can you write?" the boy wrote on the glass. Blaine rolled his eyes.

"Of course I can," he wrote, drawing a face sticking its tongue out next to it. The boy looked like he was laughing.

"How about drawing?" he asked, drawing a chibi version of himself, waving. Blaine drew a stick figure version of himself.

"Not very good, but I'll try," he wrote next to the stick figure.

"I'm Kurt," the boy wrote next to his picture.

"Blaine," Blaine wrote next to another picture he drew, which wasn't much better than the last. Kurt smiled, drawing a better picture of Blaine next to his name.

"Where are you from Blaine?" Kurt asked, drawing a picture of himself in a car.

"Westerville," Blaine wrote, drawing Ohio and putting a dot around where Westerville would be. Kurt grinned, his eyes lighting up.

"I'm from Lima," he wrote, putting a dot where Lima would be. Blaine stared at it, knowing he must be dreaming. This Kurt boy from Lima can't possibly exist. Even though he knew this, he decided to at least enjoy his dream.

"What's your favorite color?" Blaine asked, drawing a rainbow and a stick figure pointing at it.

"Purple," Kurt wrote, drawing grapes, violets, and Barney around the word purple. "You?"

"Red," he wrote, drawing cherries, strawberries, and Elmo next to his. Kurt looked like he was laughing.

"I guess we make the red hat society then," he wrote. Blaine smiled, trying to think of another question, when Kurt and the wall started fading. Blaine freaked out, not sure what was going on. "I guess this is goodbye for now," Kurt wrote.

Blaine woke up, staring at his clock, which told him it was a new day. He wasn't quite sure what that dream was about, but he knew he couldn't wait to go back, if he ever did.