River Song lay on her bed, wishing she was going out tonight. That was the trouble at university; she had an archaeology essay to finish and had been working on it for a week now. She had three more days to finish it but wanted to hand it in early if possible. She couldn't stop thinking about the man she had met a couple of months ago, either.


She sat in one of the student bars with three friends, drinking a double Malibu and coke. She could feel the alcohol buzzing through her, tonight she wanted to forget about work and dance the night away. She wasn't sure when she became aware of the young-looking man across the bar looking at her, but she had looked around a few times and caught his eye twice. He had been watching her intently and it made her uncomfortable at first then as she drank more, she started to relax and smiled at him. Had she seen him before?

The Doctor watched River, carefree and laughing with her friends, even from where he sat he wanted to run over and take her in his arms. She had been uncomfortable with him watching her but had nervously smiled the last couple of times he had caught her eye. It nearly broke him into pieces, though. She hadn't met him yet.

An hour later, River was pretty tipsy and the dancing had started. She started dancing with her friends and then when she needed another drink she made her way to the bar. 'Malibu and coke, please' she batted her eyelashes at the barman. He made his way discreetly over to behind where she stood. She picked up her drink, sucked some through a straw then turned around, nearly bumping into him. She swayed and out of reflex he steadied her. 'Thank you' she laughed. Her first words to him. 'Have I seen you before?' she inquired, even bolder than usual. 'Yes. Many times' he looked wistful. She wrinkled her brow, trying to place him. 'Ah, I saw you across the bar earlier' she smiled. 'Ah, you saw me looking, did you?'

'Well you were staring...' she smiled. 'Sorry, I haven't even introduced myself! I'm Mel– River Song'

'And I'm the Doctor. Its good to meet you, River.' He didn't even care that she was slightly drunk, she had just met him officially. 'I should get back to my friends, 'the Doctor' is a weird name'

'Says a girl named after water and a tune' he teased. Her smile faded.

'It's unusual and I like it' she stated, as though daring him to challenge her. 'Would you like to dance, River?' he asked boldly. 'I've only just met you... but yes I would' she grinned. They made their way back to the dance floor, she finished her drink and then he took her hand. He pulled her close to him and breathed in the smell of her hair. She was surprised at how luscious he smelt and how comfortable he seemed to be around her, as if he had held her so many times before. They danced to a few songs, then she was out of breath and her feet hurt from her heels. It was now quite hot in the bar. 'I'm gonna go outside for some fresh air' she told the Doctor. That really was a funny name, she would have to ask him why he called himself that. Maybe he had a really embarrassing name...

'Ok, I need some air too' He wasn't lying. From the alcohol he'd had and from holding her closely and seeing her cleavage, accentuated from the V-neck of her dress, bouncing to the music had made him seriously hot. He'd done so much more with her, everything under the sun, many suns in fact, yet seeing her this young and carefree was amazing. When they got outside River sat down on a wall and took her shoes off straight away. She sighed in relief. 'Shoes hurting?'

'Yep, all heels do after a while, they're worth it though' She'd say that to him so many times in the future, she had all that to come. He nearly cried. Then he pulled himself together. 'So, River, how's your degree going?' he decided to hint that he knew her. She was visibly shocked. 'Um, how do you know what I do?'

'Well, it's incredibly complicated but lets just say we've met before'

'No, we haven't, I would have remembered you...'

'River I need you to listen to me. I call myself the Doctor because I'm not from this planet' thank God he was still sober otherwise she would have declared him a lunatic. 'I've met you before, but when you're older' she processed this thought. 'Ok' she said. 'Prove it'

He knew exactly how to. He sat down next to her and leaned in close. 'I know that you were born Melody Pond' he whispered, scared that she would shut him out. She frowned and shook her head in disbelief. 'I've never told anyone that, not even my best friends... How do you know?'

'Like I said, it's very complicated. But I saw you as a baby...'

'Before I was raised in the Gamma Forest?'

'Yes. On Demon's Run'

'And how exactly did you do that, then? Time travel?' wow she was smart. Then again, being half Time Lady, she was nearly smarter than him. 'Yes. I travel in something called a TARDIS, but I don't want to tell you too much now because you'll forget. And you should be getting home. She looked at her watch, it was midnight. 'Yes, I should' she got up and swayed again. She turned to him, also on his feet. 'It was lovely to meet you, Doctor. I hope somehow I see you again...'

'Oh, you will, River. You will definitely see me again. But I'm not saying goodbye yet, I need to make sure you get home safely'

'I'm fine on my own' she protested. Ever the independent woman. 'I am walking you home, it wasn't a question. Take my hand?' he was scared she wouldn't, that he wouldn't even get to walk with her one last time. 'Ok' she smiled. 'To be honest, I don't normally let strangers walk me home' she stated as they started to walk towards the flat she shared with four friends. 'But there's something about you, I can't work out what it is, but since you know my biggest secret I feel I can trust you. If I'm wrong though, and I can't, I know how to handle a gun'

'Oh I know' he laughed before he could stop himself. She gave him a curious look. 'So I'll see you again?'

'Yes, River, you will'

'Will I pass my degree?'

'Ah, I can't reveal spoilers, I'm afraid. But you will be a magnificent woman...' She smiled yet again and sighed. 'Dancing with you was great. I had a great night. I look forward to seeing you again sometime, if you want to see me, that is' she looked slightly nervous. They had arrived at her flat. 'Of course I do. There is so much more I wish I could say, but it has to be lived' he smiled despite the sadness of the situation, knowing that he was quoting her yet when it came to the other way round she would be quoting him.

He pulled her to him and hugged her tightly. She hugged back, albeit reservedly. 'River, I know I'm being way too friendly for your first meeting with me-'

'It's ok. I don't mind' she looked up at him, and in that moment she looked so beautiful it hurt him. Could he kiss her? He wondered if that would ruin things. He stared at her for as long as possible, gazing at the beautiful features he had already memorised. She stared back up at him, smiling completely innocently. He was still holding her. He held her close for three more minutes, and then decided it was time to go. He stepped away and said 'Goodbye, River. Thank you'

'For what?' But he was already walking down the road. 'Hey, come back! Please!' He couldn't resist. He turned around as she ran barefoot towards him. He lifted her up and couldn't help himself. He set her down, took her face in his hands and kissed her lightly on the lips. He felt her surprise at this sudden action. He pulled away and started apologising. 'It's ok, I just hope that I'll get a full explanation of this whole... shenanigans... when I'm older' She'd used his word. Shenanigans. He kissed her once more then walked away.

She had written down the events of that night in a diary she had had since she'd been very young, given to her by a stranger.