When she got back to the table she didn't bother to sit down. 'Walk me home?'

'It's not that late, River...'

'I know. We can go for a walk if you want to, or you could show me what's in your blue box...' He laughed. She was a smart one. They left the bar and walked towards some gardens that she sometimes went to so that she could get work done and have some fresh air. He offered her his arm but she declined. He knew she was angry with him for not telling her much after promising to answer some questions. He knew from his past that she was dangerous at the best of times, and ten times more dangerous when she was angry. 'So, River...' he struggled to find any words. He looked sideways at her, she still had an expression on her face that told him she wasn't in the mood for a joke. 'Where were you going when I met you earlier, then?'

'Into town'

Well obviously. He had managed to guess that. 'Where in town?'

'What are you, my father?'

He managed to hold back a laugh and resist telling her about travelling with her father. 'That would be a bit weird seeing as you kissed me last time we met'

'You kissed me'

'Well you didn't exactly protest, did you?'

'I was shocked'

'So would you, then?'

'Would I what?'

'Kiss me. Would you kiss me again?'

'Not today'

Hmm. She really was in a bad mood. He spotted a bench in a secluded corner of the gardens and headed towards it. A mass of intertwining vines covered half of it, held up by a massive wooden beam. 'It's supposed to be a secret place where you can get peace and quiet' she explained, following his interest. 'Who told you that?'

'This is where I come to write essays when I get fed up of being stuck inside. It's my own little bubble' He knew that now would not be a good time to mention that he had watched her working a few times from a different bench in the same gardens, she wasn't too happy with him as it was. 'It's a lovely spot. Do you want to sit down?' he ventured tentatively. She walked past him to behind the vines and he followed her. Suddenly her hands were on his face and brought his lips to hers. He was surprised yet responded eagerly by tangling his fingers in her hair. She opened her mouth to him and slid her hands down to hold his waist. Their tongues met as she almost lost herself in the feeling of kissing this amazing, mystical man again then remembered her plan.

He broke the kiss and started 'What the hell-' then his mouth was stopped by her finger. In her other hand she held her gun against his ribcage. 'Tell me about my future'

'River, you know that it's against the rules'

'Whose stupid rules are they, then?'

'Your rules, River' She pressed the gun into him and he was almost turned on. She was breathing heavily which, coincidentally, he loved. Her green dress that stopped just above her thigh and was gathered to show the gorgeous curve of her waist was one that he had thrown to the floor a couple of times in his past. Her hair, half pinned back, was wildly seductive and he wanted to lose his hands in it again. They were still standing close to each other. When he looked closer, he could tell that she wasn't wearing a bra. The straps of her dress were the only ones visible and he remembered that it had a low back that had earlier been covered by her white cardigan. Struggling to regulate his breathing, he put one hand on her waist then kissed her roughly, grabbing her head at the back and smashing his lips to hers. She pressed the gun harder into him for a second before he moved his hand up to cup her right breast and squeezed her nipple through the dress. Her reaction was so arousing that his boxers became the hottest part of him. A high moan came from her and she bit his bottom lip, and then subconsciously brought her hips closer to his. She felt what her reaction did to him, almost stopped because this was new to her, then carried on, feeling reckless. She had forgotten her gun and only remembered its existence when it was pressed sideways to her back. She squirmed at the sudden feel of it on her skin and she opened her eyes and broke their kiss. She smiled at his reaction to her chest being pressed into him. He stepped forwards, taking them further behind the vines. He knew that they were now completely obscured from view and pulled her dress straps down. Her gun lay forgotten on the stone block behind the bench. He twirled her round and sat down on the bench, pulling her on top of him. Her knees landed either side of his legs as she straddled him. Impatient, he set her breasts free and groaned at the sight of her nipples hardened by their passionate kisses. He placed his hands on her shoulder blades and brought her breasts to his face, she squeezed them together as he kissed and nipped them. She could feel how hard he was through her knickers and his trousers. He thrusted his hips up as he sucked on her nipples and she could feel herself becoming lost in this sudden intimacy. She wanted him and knew he wanted her too.

'Doctor, I think we should go somewhere else...'

'I have a TARDIS. Let's go there. Might want to pull your dress up first' he grinned cheekily, picking up her gun as he went. She hurriedly secured the straps on her shoulders before following him, tempted to run. Resisting the urge to shout 'give my gun back' she followed him into the box then staggered backwards and shouted in shock as the scene of a massive room met her. She stepped backwards out of the door and then back inside again. 'Doctor, this box, it's-'

'Bigger on the inside? Yes' he laughed knowingly. 'Actually, I was going to say it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, but yes I had noticed that too' she declared defiantly.

'Come here, you gorgeous woman' He lifted her off the floor and kissed her so hard he thought his head would explode. She wrapped her legs around his waist and felt his growing hardness again. 'Is there a bed in this place? I think that would be comfiest...'

'To be perfectly honest I could have you right here and it would be comfy'

'Doctor!' she laughed. 'I'd really rather do it in a bed' That wasn't like her. She normally wasn't fussy over where they made love. Then again, from her point of view this was only their second meeting and he honestly didn't know how many lovers she'd had. He carried her to his bedroom and threw her onto the bed. She pulled him down on top of her and he thrust his tongue hungrily into her mouth. She sucked his tongue, making him moan. His hands found his way to her dress straps again and pulled them down. Adjusting his position he massaged and squeezed her nipples until she was begging him. 'Please, Doctor, ahhhh' her hips thrust upwards into his and he felt his erection throbbing. He slid her dress off completely and swore quietly in awe of how toned and firm her body was. Her breasts were the youngest he'd ever seen them, and he knew they would grow yet another size in a few years. He guessed she was about twenty-three, Archaeology degrees took a couple of years longer, he knew that from when she'd told him in her future.

He slid a hand up her thigh to step up the pleasure, knowing how to touch her. He squeezed her buttocks and she lifted her hips. He carried on licking and nipping her breasts as she took his shirt off. She slid her leg up so she could press him more closely against her but he moved it out of the way. He took her simple white lace knickers off and stroked her opening. She shuddered in pleasure. Her eyes were closed, and as he slid a finger into her moistness, she uttered a feminine moan that sent a shiver through him. He started to move it inside her until she stiffened. 'Careful, Doctor'

'You ok, River?' She sat up. 'I'm fine, Doctor' she assured him. 'Although I'm now naked and your trousers are still on for some inane reason' she answered playfully, undoing his belt. There was a very obvious bulge and she wanted to feel it properly. The trousers were soon off and he was kissing her again, hands in her even wilder hair now that he had messed it up. She knelt opposite him, feeling her way into his white boxer shorts. Moving her hand around to his erection, she felt the hardness for the first time. He gasped at the feeling of her hand on his most sensitive part, marvelling at how amazing her hand felt around him. He pushed her back onto the bed and thrusted his hips into hers, her feeling how much he wanted her. She kissed him again, running her nails lightly down his back. He couldn't wait any longer. Luckily she slid his boxers off and saw him throbbing for her for the first time, for her anyway.

He was about to push into her when she suddenly sat up and crossed her legs. 'I'm sorry, Doctor, I need to tell you something'

'What, River? What is it?'

'I... I haven't... Done this before...'

'I know, sweetie, but I can assure you we're brilliant together' he couldn't keep the grin off of his face. 'No, Doctor, I don't think you understand what I mean. I've never done it, at all. I'm a virgin' His surprise was visible. 'Oh, um, I'm sorry, I guess I should have asked, I thought you might have done it before...'

'I've done stuff before; I just haven't trusted anyone enough to go all the way. Old fashioned, I know, but most men aren't to be trusted, people use you...'

'River, I'm not going to put any kind of pressure on you. Please don't think I would-'

'No, its different with you, I want to. You're so different, you know me in my future, I don't understand the time complication but I know I will one day. And I really do want to do this' she smiled her gorgeous smile. She kissed him, running her tongue along his lips as they fell back into a laying position and let their hands run over each other. After a few minutes, she pulled him on top of her. She took him in her hand and started to guide him towards her entrance.

'River, are you completely sure?'

'Yes, I am. Positive. I could tell even from the first time we met that I meant quite a lot to you in the future, the way that you obviously couldn't not kiss me. I know I have more to learn about you but I trust you' she smiled, stroking his cheek. 'Tell me if I hurt you, won't you?'

'Oh don't worry, I'm quite the screamer' she told him seductively, 'but I'm sure I'll be screaming in pleasure'

With that, he entered her slowly. She relaxed under him as she stretched inside. He reached the point where she was innocent, then thrust back in again quickly. She whimpered in pain, then as he started moving in her more, she sighed. She moaned and this time he knew it was from pleasure. After a minute he brought her legs up so that they wrapped around his waist, holding him close to her, then after a while when he knew she was getting close from the amount of noise she was making, he placed her ankles on his shoulders so that he could get as deep as possible in her. He was seriously struggling to hold off his orgasm from how impossibly tight she was around him, obviously in future when he had had sex with her for the first time in his life, she had obviously felt like heaven when she'd ridden him with complete abandon, yet now she was so tight that he was incredibly close. He was determined, though, to get her there first.

'Oh, DOCTOR!' River shouted. She could feel herself starting to tense around him and she let out the scream that she had been holding in as for the first time her insides clenched around him and her fingernails dug into his buttocks where her hands had been gripping him as he made a few final thrusts and filled her with his orgasm, yelling 'RIVER! OHHHHHHHHHH'

'Ahhhh, this is the best night of my whole life. The sweetest thing I've ever felt' she exclaimed. When they had both almost recovered, he gently withdrew from her and laid beside her. He reached for the bedsheet and wrapped it around her. They wriggled under the covers together and cuddled. 'Well, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have wanted to give that to anyone else' she declared, her corkscrew curls caressing his chest as she rested her head contentedly, her arms holding onto him.

'You know, sometimes, I wonder what it would be like to meet you in the right order, but I wouldn't change it now. You have so much more to come'

'Don't tell me too much, though' she teased. 'I know I should really have waited until I knew you more, but like I said, I trust you already. I am experienced in using a gun as you now know just in case you let me down though' she sounded slightly serious. He already knew she was the most dangerous woman alive when she had a gun in her hand, anything could provoke her. But that was how she'd been made – as a weapon. The less he thought about that particular aspect of her, the better.

'I know this might sound rude, but would it be ok for me to stay with you tonight?' she asked tentatively. He smiled contentedly and remembered the numerous occasions that she had slept in this bed with him before. 'Yes, sweetie. Of course you can. I'd love you to' He felt her smile against his chest.

Soon after they had cuddled and kissed each other goodnight, she fell asleep in his arms for the first time, and he tried to keep the tears back knowing that he would never hold her for a whole night again.

In the morning, though, he forgot about his sadness when she woke him up by stroking between his legs and waking a different part of him up too. 'Come here, you' he grinned. She giggled in anticipation as he rolled on top of her.