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A girl sprinted down the mountain, her white cloak fluttering behind it like an Articuno's tail, passing the trees and guided by the light of the moon. She came to an abrupt stop, her green eyes flickering from side to side, knowing that someone was following her. She knew that today would be the perfect day to send the prophecized one to the other world, and even more so to bind it to a different form.

She drew a pale pink egg from the white cloak and a blue orb. Not just any orb, but the orb that would act as the portal to what ever world the prophicized one would fall in. She set the orb down on the snow, and placed the egg on top.

"Take this egg to the world of the four, and bless her with the power of mew." She chanted, her voice sweet as honey.

The blue orb flashed, and the egg disapeared. The girl smiled, and twirled a strand of her black hair around her finger. Suddenly, a black and red light flashed from the side, and the girl ducked just in time.

It's here! she thought.

At that very moment, a figure was silhouetted by the full moon. "I caught you," It growled, it's red eyes glowing as bright as the orb had.

The girl, who was younger than nine, stood as tall as she could. "You will never find the prophicized one now, you demon." she said calmly.

The creature laughed mockingly. "Oh, I'll find a way to find her, Nim. Us antagonists have always found away."

Nim laughed back. "You talk like you have everything planned out!"

The creature's eyes flashed, causing a shiver to run down Nim's spine. "Oh, I do have everything planned out." It said as if he were a kitty-pet talking about catnip. "...And it involves me killing you right now!"

With that, it lunged, and Nim disapeared in a puff of star dust after shouting something unheard by the creature, who began to sulk alone, muttering about its next plan of action.

Nim had gotten away, only because she had taken the trouble of keeping the orb in her hands just incase she needed to go help the prophecized one, and destroy the last way the creature could get them... at least, the last way she knew of that the creature could come after them.

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