Wiigarg Felmourne rose from his slumber in his private chamber at Urtgard Keep. He had awaken to realize that the bump on his head from his dream turned out to be real and that he had gotten it from hitting it on the wall during the dream's duration. It had been the same dream as before. He was watching his master fall from Blackrock Mountain through his scrying orb. It was at the moment in his life where he became the ruler of Golion's army which he could use to further his own schemes. He rose from his bed and walked to his clothing half asleep. He chooses to bore his blood red and fire orange robe. He then wielded his favorite staff, Soulkeeper. As he walked out onto the terrace, he began to feel a terrible excruciating pain on his forehead. It felt not like a migraine but rather as if something was trying to sprout through his forehead. It was as sharp as a blade and as hot as the fires of Outland. The pain was relieved as an unusually short Vykral came up to the warlock."Our warriors await your command." The warlock replied "I want an escort and sailors to take me to our outpost off Kalimdor." The Vykral nodded and walked off to carry out the orders. The warlock turned back to the horizon and thought to himself his plans. He decided to go over them to make sure he had thought it through. First he would sail away from Northrend to his outpost off Kalimdor. From there, he would transfer on to his ship run by goblins. It was particularly useful for it could be disguised as a neutral vessel. He would ride his goblin ship to Ratchet and the ride to Dreadmist Peak to meet his contact. Before he could go over the other phases of his plan he was interrupted by the Vykral he had given the orders to. "Your boat is ready master." The elderly warlock nodded and headed the docks to sail to his first destination on his journey to muster more power than his former master Golion could ever hope to accomplish.