don't hold it against me

She should've known.

The elements are too perfect, the party too loud. And she's much too emotionally unstable to be out at a time like this; entirely too fragile both mentally and physically. And yet here she is. Here they are. And everything is so, so good.

The music pulses, sending trills of energy from the tips of her perfectly curled hair to her midnight-painted toes. A light sheen of sweat coats her skin, but it's far from gross. In fact, as her hips sway enticingly, she's proud of the slickness of her body. She's proud of the fact that despite everything, she's still got it, and she'll be damned if she loses it now. The beat drops, and so does she, sinking ass-low to the ground on a guy whose name she probably wouldn't know even if she wasn't completely smashed out of her mind.

Lights; purple, blue and fuschia flash across the crowd and vaguely, through her alcohol-induced haze, she can see her best-friend grinding against a blonde guy. He's smoking hot and she mentally congratulates her. The girl probably won't remember him in the morning, but at least she's got him now. Her petite body has him hooked, eyes hazy in concentration.

Letting out a shrill cry, she throws a hand in the air, the same of which just so happens to be wrapped around a red cup full of liquor. It sloshes, probably drenching the head of the guy she's dancing on, but that doesn't register. Suddenly, her quick fix has splashed to the carpet of some kid's mansion, and she needs more. Growling angrily (which turns into insane giggling at her own absurdity) she stumbles away from the hot senior previously pushed up against her ass, and towards the drink table.

And that's when she sees him.

Their eyes make contact simultaneously, and suddenly the room clears. It's him, the him she's not allowed to think about, or dream about, or let enter her mind at all on the pain of harsh beatdown from a smart-ass brunette. And thoughts of Steve (stupid-fucking-asshole-son-of-a-bitch-Steve) have suddenly vanished.

He smirks wildly, taking in her drunken state and the hungry look in her eyes, evident from fifteen feet away. Tension crackles like a whip between them. And she knows then, that he's thinking the same thing she is. Whirling on her heel, she pushes her way back through the crowd to the center of the madness. The red cup, empty and forgotten, drops from her hand to the floor. Viciously she snags the collar of a blue-eyed, blonde-haired Abercrombie and Fitch wanna-be and shoves her pelvis into his. She needs to escape the temptation of him so she throws her whole self into this one. There's no telling what she'll do if he comes for her.


And of course he does.

He sees her turn and disappear into the crowd, and something flares inside of him. It's insanely wrong, considering the circumstances. But then again, the situation is quite convenient. His girlfriend is in the Alps, skiing with Swedish boys, and although he'd acted like it earlier, he really isn't all that jealous. And she, the other brunette; the sweeter one, the different one, the unintentionally sexy one has just met his gaze with a look that screamed something vastly inappropriate.

The truth is, there's something there. Something dark and sweet and dangerous between them that neither has thought to acknowledge. Probably because Jade would eat her alive. But this time…this time he wants to acknowledge it. This time, with a buzz running through his veins, he needs to acknowledge it. And even though it's undoubtedly bad, bad news…well Beck starts into the pulsing crowd after her anyways.


Tonight we gon get it on the floor


Tonight we gon be it on the floor

She's easy to find, wrapped around some sophomore. He almost laughs at that; clearly she could have so much better. The people part around him; even half-drunk they know who he is, and for once he's glad of his brooding reputation. Once he's within touching distance of the girl he's looking for, he grips the shoulder of the sophomore and the kid beats it out of there. And then it's just him and her.



Oh god, she thinks when blue eyes have suddenly been replaced with deep, chocolate brown. It's one coherent thought that makes it through her stupor, before her hormones take over. And then rational Tori has completely been lost to the wind. She bites her lip, running a hand through her damp curls, and …there it is. The flicker of lust and something else in Beck's eyes is enough to confirm her suspicions. He definitely wants to dance, and it's definitely not the waltz. No slurred words are wasted before his hands are on her; on her back, on her hips, on her ass. And then her entire world is consumed with him.

She smells so good, Beck can hardly handle himself. There's something about the way her hair falls down her back and how it slides through his fingers so perfectly. Waves of vanilla waft in clouds around his face, along with the heady scent of vodka and the smell alone is enough to set him off. He can't get enough of her, and now that he has her he won't let go. Vaguely, Beck registers the song changing. Apparently so does she, because Tori twists in her hands, so that her butt is pressed up against his pelvis.

Sweet Jesus, he's going to lose it.

Come here baby, eh be my baby

Eh be my baby, oh oh oh

Come here baby put your hands on my body

Hands on my body oh oh oh

Right there, keep it right there

I love when you put it right there yeah yeah yeah

oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah oh oh oh


She tosses her head and winds her hips in a dangerously small circle, and he groans, fingers tightening around her tan skin. Electricity, or something of that nature sparks in the air around them. It's not like Jade, not like his girlfriend at all and he likes it. Screw that, he loves it. He forces her closer, if that's possible and then her hand is over her head and in his hair. Normally, he despises people touching his hair; it takes a damn long time to make it look that good. But this only turns him on. Bending his head slightly, he presses hot lips against her ear.

"You're crossing lines, Vega." He growls, and she shivers, despite the inferno of their combined body heat.

"I think we've already crossed any lines worth worrying about." She tosses back, and he grins. Ah yes. And there was that spunky commentary. He could've expected the same thing from another girl, but far more brutal and less seductive. He doesn't take his lips away from her neck, instead sliding them along the smooth skin and inhaling like an addict.

I like the way that you talk dirty

Don't wash your mouth out I like it dirty

You like to please yeah I like that yeah yeah yeah yeah me like it

I like the way that you keep me coming

Back, yeah you so good you had me running

Me like the way that he goin' down down down down down down down

No I ain't never gonna let no girl take him from me

Never gonna let no girl steal him from me

Never gonna let a girl get that close now

I tell'em hey babe you're too close now

This is so wrong. So good, so good. Tori's mind flutters somewhere between sanity and the fact that Beck's fingers are creeping where her black tube top meets the top of her dark-wash skinnies. The little voice in the back of her mind is muttering how terrible of a person she is. How she was just as awful as Steve now, practically doing her friend's boyfriend in the basement of some random kid's house. She'd been cheated on and now she's helping Beck cheat…sort of. The fact that there's literally no space between their heated bodies has to count for something on the Cheater-Meter.

But she can't stop now. She can't, even if she wanted to. The alcohol is tainting every pure thought in her brain and turning it back to Beck. Back to the way his hair feels in her hands, and how every move he makes is against her. And she's wanted this, wanted it deep down for so long. It's just one night right? Just one night. She feels wanted, not like she's just been screwed over and not like she's worthless enough to be cheated on with one of the most famous internet stars of the decade. She feels weightless.

Beck doesn't know how long they stay on the basement dancefloor, but when the music goes from a pounding beat, to a slower, more sensual one, he figures the night is almost over. People have either passed out, vanished upstairs into the multiple bedrooms, or gone home. He twists Tori back around in his arms, and their eyes meet again. The same hot feeling wells within him, makes his palms burn where they touch the bare skin around her hips.

Oh, oh woah oh oh,

Oh woah oh oh ohh ohhh

Oh woah oh oh, oh ohh

Girl I love it when you wind it, wind it, wind it

You shut the club down, Shut the club down

Shut the club down, shut the club down

Girl I wanna see you wind it, wind it, wind it, wind it, wind it

Girl shut the club down, shut the club down

Shut the club down, shut the club down

Girl I wanna see you wind it, wind it

Please just press rewind it

Wind it, wind it

Please just press rewind it

Wind it, wind it

Please just press

Rewind it

"You're beautiful." It slips out of his mouth, and he doesn't regret it. Even in her stupor, he can tell that it registers, and she slumps her head against his shoulder. Their hips continue to move as one, just slower, and her lips burn through his white v-neck tee, and into his skin.

"You're impossible." She answers. It's true.

"So are you."

"I'm a terrible person." She says, and she lifts her head. Her chocolate eyes are heavy with sadness, lust, betrayal, and guilt. But not regret. He thinks about Steve, about how fucked up that kid must have been to cheat on such an amazing girl Beck can never have. He should've kicked the guy's ass at that party. But he hadn't…he'd been in the hot tub with Jade. He gets her though; the guilt she feels. And even though he's so intertwined with Tori Vega, he knows he'll feel it in the morning too.

"No you're not. I am."

Tori laughs mournfully. "I'm pretty sure this is mutual terrible-ness." Her mouth forms a frown that he wants to kiss away. "And I'm not that drunk anymore, damnit."

"Good." Beck says and she looks at him questioningly, eyebrow raised. He shrugs, and the arms around his neck tighten minutely.

"Tell me."

And now comes the crucial moment where he has to make a decision he might regret. Beck casts a glance around the room, catching sight of Cat's passed out form, and of Robbie who's slow-dancing awkwardly with Rex. Then he looks back at Tori, at her slightly smudged make-up, and red-rimmed eyes. He'll probably never feel her thin form beneath his fingers after tonight. He decides.

"Because now you'll remember it when I kiss you."

She doesn't get time to respond. His lips press against hers; soft, smooth and sincere. Her fingers find the feathery darkness at the nape of his neck, and he sucks her bottom lip in between his with an unrestrained sigh. They stay pressed against each other until the song dies.

Girl I love it when you wind it, wind it, wind it, wind it, wind it

You shut the club down, shut the club down

Shut the club down, shut the club down

In the morning Beck remembers. So does she. And as Tori Vega fights the hangover of the century she realizes that yes; they've most definitely crossed lines worth worrying about. And she never wants to forget.

the music in this chapter is as follows:

on the floor - JLO

right there - nicole sherzinger

wind it - tory lanez ft. justin bieber

as many of you know, i began this story sooo long ago. almost four years ago. lol it's crazy. since then i've been through a lot. I began writing it during a time in my life when i didn't know who i was, but all that has changed. That being said I'm re-posting, re-editing and doing a lot of new things. This story started out fairly explicit and even though it's not my style anymore, I'm going to post what i wrote and try to keep the vibe. I plan to use it as a way to kill my writer's block for the BOOK i'm writing. yes that's right. A Book. like a real live one, with my own characters and plot. I think i was always born to write.

anyways, i don't wanna get mushy. i have disappeared many times on this story and i'm not going to lie. it's likely that it could happen again. but i re-read it tonight and i loved it, so i'm going to change things up and give it another whirl.

read it if you'd like. it truly has been some time, but i did have some pretty serious fans, lol. god bless yous.