I didn't know exactly what to expect as I looked at the red train right in front of me, marked: "The Hogwarts Express". So Much had occurred in the last few days, it was mostly a blur to me, to be honest. And now here I was, boarding a train that was filled with hundreds of other teenagers, that will take me to a magical school. Never in my life would I have even known about this, if I hadn't of found a letter in Charlie's sock drawer.

Upon more searching, I found a small pile of them. Apparently, I had been getting these letters every year since my eleventh birthday. When I confronted Charlie about it, he was livid. I was never supposed to find those letters. But now that I knew about them, I couldn't not want to find out more. He refused to tell me anything other than what I already knew, so instead I called my mother.

I have to admit, I didn't necessarily believe everything that she told me right away. Of course, then I thought about my secret I had been living pretty much since I got to Forks. My boyfriend turning out to be a vampire, and my best friend, a werewolf. Nothing should be out of the realm of possibility after all that I've been through with them, so I listened to everything my mother told me, letting it sink in.

Come to find out, my mother is a Witch. Not the kind like we've all seen in stupid Halloween movies that are out to get young children or anything. However, there were bad witches and wizards, but the majority of the magical world was good. She told me about our ancestors, and how I am a Witch. I get it from her side of the family, though she was skeptical because I never showed signs of being one.

She didn't know about the letters Charlie had hid from me, but she wasn't surprised either. He divorced her all those years ago because he found out that she was a Witch. And when I was born, he didn't want me growing up to be one like her, so he got custody of me. I still got to see her on occasion and I talked to her over the phone every other night. I've missed having a mother.

If I was happy with my life, I wouldn't have agreed to go in the first place. But with the Cullens leaving, Jacob refusing to talk to me, and then learning that Charlie had been keeping such a big thing from me, I was just plain miserable. I needed to get away...and apparently that included going to a school that was located so far away from the home and people I've always known.

I wanted a fresh start where no one knew me, and where things didn't remind me of my past. I wasn't exactly close with anyone back home except for Jacob and Angela, and since Jake wasn't speaking to me anymore, Angela was the only one else who was there for me. I promised to keep in touch with her, and I would. She didn't understand why I had to leave so fast, barely getting to say goodbye before my Mom and Phil came to whisk me away.

I couldn't tell her the truth though, about the letters, the shopping trip to get spell books and wand, about the magical school I would be attending to learn all sorts of new things. Keeping her in the dark would be the hardest thing I had to do, but it was necessary, or so I was told. No one could know about the magical world who wasn't a Witch or Wizard themselves.

The toot of the train whistle pulled me out of my thoughts, and I rushed over to where a man was packing luggage. As the others did, I left my cart so he could deal with everything, and I made my way onto the train with only my carry on that held my school uniform. Mostly everyone was already in the seats they wanted, chatting it up with their friends, performing little tricks that still boggled my mind.

I thought I was used to the supernatural by now, but magic was a whole new ballpark from vampires and werewolves. At least to me. I made my way through the tiny hall, weaving through a few other people as I looked in the compartments for a place to sit, trying not to trip all the while. I finally came to an open door at the end where there was one spot left, and I decided just to take it so I wouldn't have to go looking in the other train were three other people, and as I knocked lightly, they stopped their quiet conversation and looked at me with bright eyes.

"Is it okay if I sit in here with you guys? Everywhere else is full..."

"Sure!" The redheaded boy said eagerly. "It's okay, right?" Turning to the others.

"Of course. I'm Harry." The black haired boy stuck his hand out and shook mine. "And this here is Ron, and Hermione." he gestured to the boy next to him, and the girl sitting across from them.

I shook all their hands, and the girl named Hermione, moved her things over more so I could have room to sit.

"Thank you, it's nice to meet you all. I'm Bella Swan." I replied quietly.

"So you are an American! I thought I heard you wrong the first time. Are you new? I've never seen you before." Ron asked.

"Yes, this is my first year..."

"That's strange." The boy called Ron mused.

"What is?" I asked.

"Well, we started our first year when we were eleven. And you're obviously not an eleven year old...you'd be much smaller, and more annoying."

I raised my eyebrow at him.

"Not that you're annoying now, but, aw bloody hell..."

"I think it's best to stay quiet, Ron. You just seem to be digging a bigger hole as you go on." Hermione smiled slightly as she shook her head.

"It's okay, I knew what you meant." I clarified.

"If I may," Hermione turned to me. "How come this is your first year?"

I took a deep breath and explained to them what all happened over the course of my finding out, then ending up here, talking to them.

"So your father is a Muggle?" Ron asked.

"Um..." I furrowed my brow, not sure if that was an insult or not.

"Muggles are non-magic folk." Hermione pointed out. "Both of my parents are."

"Oh, then yes. He's a...Muggle."

Such a strange word. I thought.

Ron chuckled. "There's so much you have to learn, Bella."

"Be quiet, Ron, you're making her nervous." Hermione noticed.

"I wonder what house she'll be in." Harry thought out loud.

"House?" I asked, again, not knowing what the heck they were talking about.

"Yes. There are four houses." Hermione started. "Gryffindor, Hufflefuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. The sorting hat puts you in whatever house it knows you'll do best in."

"How does that work?"

"They call you up, put the hat on your head, and it will tell you what house your in. Then you go sit at that table, and everything will be explained further by a Prefect."

I didn't even bother asking what a Prefect was, I just nodded like I got everything she said, when really, I still was confused. I mean, how can a hat decide your future?

"What houses are you all in?"

"Gryffindor." Ron said proudly.

"Is that a good house?"

"The best. But Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are great too, just hope to God you don't get put in Slytherin."

"How come, besides the icky name?"

Hermione giggled to herself.

"Well, all the bad witches and wizards have come from Slytherin." Ron continued. "Most of the ones now aren't very nice either, and I suggest staying away from a guy named Draco Malfoy."

I nodded, hoping I can remember everything they say. Anything to help me get by a little bit easier.

"It will be okay, you'll have us." Harry announced.

"Yeah." Ron agreed, and Hermione nodded, flashing me a comforting smile.

I'm not sure exactly what I had expected, but right now, sitting with the three of them, I didn't feel like an outcast. I felt like I was where I was meant to be, for the first time in my life. Even though they asked me more about my life back home in Forks, they were oddly interested, and listened to me babble on about this and that. All the while, never looking bored from what they were hearing.

"We'll be there soon." Hermione said after an hour of questions from Ron. "We should change into our robes."

"Oh, right!" Ron exclaimed as he checked his watch and stood next to Harry, then grabbed their clothes and shuffled out the door.

"We change in here, the boys will find some other place." She waved it off.

I grabbed my carry-on, and pulled out my robes as Hermione closed the blinds to the thin windows on the cabin door, and locked it. I was never fond of changing in front of people in gym, but for some reason, this girl made me feel comfortable. Usually I would change as fast as I could, almost falling over, but now, I took my time...mostly because I was watching Hermione and how she put everything on.

There were many layers to these outfits, but in the end, I thought we looked pretty good. But when it came to the tie, I had no clue what I was doing, and I couldn't even follow Hermione's movements this time because she did it so fast. Five years of practice that I didn't have, but should have had. I let a scowl take over my face, and tried to figure it out myself. I'd seen Charlie do it a few times, and multiple times in movies and TV shows, but it was harder than it looked.

"Bella?" She said next to me, while I kept working on the tie.


"Would you like some help with that?"

I huffed and let my hands fall to my sides, and I saw her stifle a laugh out of the corner of my eye, before she came and stood in front of me. She untangled the mess I had made, while I took this time to really look at her. She had darker blonde hair, but with some light brownish shades mixed in, that fit her skin tone quite well. Her eyes also a light brown, and those were surrounded by full eyelashes that girls would normally kill for.

"Finally! I never thought I'd get that knot out." She looked at me and smirked.

As she went back to the tie, I focused on her lips, where the smile she gave me still lingered. They were a very light pink color, the bottom lip just a tad plumper that the top. They looked so soft, I just wanted to-

"Alright, done." She said, snapping me out of my daze. "This is how a proper tie should look."

For the next few moments, she straightened out my collar, and tucked my tie under the vest. Her hands lingered as she looked satisfied with her work, then let me go, siting back down in her spot.

"Thanks." I said quietly.

"No problem, I had trouble the first few times too. By the way, you forgot one more thing." She pointed out as I got ready to sit.

I furrowed my brow, trying to think of what I could have possibly forgotten, before I gave up and shrugged my shoulders at her.

"Really, I thought it was quite obvious." She smiled as she pointed down.

I followed where she gestured, and saw my dirty, white sneakers sticking out from under my robe. They really popped when everything else I wore was black...


I sat down and pulled a nice pair of black shoes out of my bag, stuffing my worn out sneakers in there with my other clothes. Slipping them on, my outfit was now complete, and one less thing I had to worry about.

"This is really...bland." I said, looking in the cabin mirror.

"Well, once you get sorted into your house, you get you houses colored ties, socks, scarves, a few cloaks with your house crest patch...that sort of thing."

I raised my eyebrows at that. So it would pretty much be like going to a football game everyday, wearing your teams' colors. I could handle that.

"Thank you...for being so nice to me." I said a few seconds later.

"Well, it's easy to be nice to someone who's nice back. Plus you make me smile, so you're definitely not getting rid of me easily." She winked, teasing.

My reply was cut off by a soft knock at the door, which Hermione jumped up and answered, letting Harry and Ron back into the cabin.

"Wow, Bella...looking good." Ron said, eying me up and down.

I blushed as Hermione kicking him in the shin, and I silently thanked her.

"I'm sure Ron meant that you look like you've been here this whole time. The wardrobe suits you." Harry said politely with a smile.


Just then the train whistle blew twice, and I looked out the window to see a huge castle in the distance. The black silhouette would have made it look menacing, if not for the beautiful sunset in the background. The train slowed gradually and I tore my eyes from the window, and got up when everyone else did, grabbing my bag, and following my three new friends.

We all managed to squeeze off the train together, and the cool breeze hit me in the face, reminding me of Forks. We all waited for a few more minutes as everyone got off and waited with us before there was a booming voice at the front of the train.

"Alright, everyone, follow me!"

The voice came from a rather huge figure in the dark, waving for everyone to follow behind him as he lead the way with a small lantern.

"That's Hagrid." Hermione said. "He may look scary at first, but don't let his size fool you, he is the sweetest man you will meet here."

Once again, I nodded, and started to follow the people in front of us.

""Don't worry about your luggage, it will be in your room when you get there." She added, seeing that I had seen a new man piling suitcases and trunks on the platform.

I trusted her, and dropped off my one carry-on bag onto the pile, and we walked the short distance to some carriages. While we were waiting, I took this time to look more at my surroundings. It was darker out, but with the fog clinging to the ground, and the leafless trees, it was like I stepped into a fantasy novel. It was creepy, yet beautiful at the same time...

Hermione bumped my elbow as the line moved up and we got in, with three other people.

"Bella, this is my sister, Ginny." Ron pointed to the red-haired girl next to him, and she waved politely as I did the same.

"And this is Luna Lovegood." Hermione continued, gesturing to the blonde girl who sat across from me.

"It's nice to meet you." She said in a small, childlike voice. "This is Neville Longbottom."

The brown-haird guy next to Luna stuck out his hand awkwardly, and waited for me to take it. "N-nice to meet you." He spoke just as awkwardly.

I took his big hand in mine and shook it gently before letting go and addressing the three new people. "It's nice to meet all of you." I said with a smile.

Within seconds, the carriage started moving, and I glanced over to the front, noticing that there was nothing pulling us. My eyes widened and I leaned over to Hermione.

"What exactly is pulling the carriage?" I asked.

She smiled and shook her head. "Horses, but only certain people can see them."

"Oh, of course..." I said sarcastically.

She giggled and pat my back. "You'll get used to this kind of stuff eventually."

Yeah, it didn't take me long to adjust to having a werewolf as a friend and a vampire as a boyfriend, so how hard could it be to adapt in a world filled with magical things?

After about ten minutes of riding, the carriages stopped and let of off, and we all got into boats, two at a time. Ron with Harry, Ginny with Luna, Neville with a guy named Seamus, and Hermione with me. The castle seemed to grow larger as we got closer, but it was now lit in such a way, that it was more interesting that scary looking, seeing more of the details as we pulled to a stop.

Once we got off, we followed the crowd up two flights of stone stairs. When we got to the top, a teacher, I assumed, lead all the littler kids to the left, and filed them into a large room across the hall. I really didn't know where the Hell I was supposed to be going, so I kept following Hermione until I was tapped on the shoulder. Turning around, there was an older woman with a kind smile.

"Ah, Miss Swan, come with me." She and put her arm around my shoulders, guiding me away from the group. "I'm Professor McGonagall, the head of Gryffindor House, and I also teach Transfiguration. How was your trip, dear?" The woman asked, squeezing my shoulder slightly.

Hermione gave me a comforting nod and waved as I was pulled away. Now that I was away from my only friends, I was nervous again as she led me down a long hallway.

"Um...good. I made some friends already."

"Ah, yes. I saw Potter, Weasley, and Granger with you. They are good students and loyal friends; you're in good hands with them." She let go of my shoulder and let go of me to open a large door, which, behind it, was what I would guess was a sort of teacher's lounge. There four other people stood when we entered, as if they had been waiting for me.

"Isabella Swan!" A scratchy voice from a older looking man, said. "I've wanted to meet you for years, and I'm so glad that you finally found your letter. I'm Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Welcome to Hogwarts."


"You've already met Professor McGonagall. This is Pomona Sprout, head of Hufflepuff House, and teacher of Herbology." He said pointing to a small, plump woman. "And Professor Flitwick is the head of Ravenclaw House, and also teaches Charms." He gestured to a very small man, no more than three feel tall. "And last, this is Severus Snape, head of Slytherin House, and he teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts."

This Severus Snape was a tall man with straight, jet black hair, that almost came down to his shoulders. For some reason, even if Professor Dumbledore hadn't of told me, I would have guessed he was involved with Slytherin, just by the way he looks. Not to mention the the slight scowl on his face that made his brow wrinkle.

"We are s happy to have you here, Isabella." Professor Sprout said.

"Oh, I prefer Bella, if that's alright?"

"Of course, dear." She replied.

"Now then," Dumbledore started. "The reason I've called to you here, away from everyone else, is that I wanted to have you sorted privately. I can tell that you are a very shy person, and in this school, much like any other, there would have been a lot of whispers once you were called up in front of everyone. And I wanted your transition to be as easy as possible." He smiled.

I let out a relieved breath. "Thank goodness."

He chucked lightly, then ushered me to sit on a stool.

"I know this is all knew to you, darling, but I just wanted to explain quickly."

Which he did, saying pretty much what Hermione told me about this on the train, but this time I actually saw the hat everyone was talking about. He took it off the shelf behind him and brought over to me, and noticed me eying it carefully.

"Don't be afraid, it won't hurt a bit." The hat said, then chuckled.

My eyes widened as I questioned whether that had actually just happened, or was it my imagination running haywire.

"It's alright, Bella." Professor McGonagall said, putting a hand on my shoulder again. "Are you ready?" She asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be..."

I closed my eyes and waited for...well, anything. Once I felt it lowered onto my head, I felt it move slightly, then start to talk again.

"Ahhh, Isabella Marie Swan, daughter of Renée Dwyer. What a fine Witch, she was. You are very different from her, yes. She was in Ravenclaw, very good match for her. And I can see that you would do well there, but..."

Ugh, just pick one already.

"I know where you'll exceed everyone's expectations, and become the best you can be. A place where you will be comfortable, yet challenged."

Which is?


I silently thanked the hat, happy that I wouldn't be separated from my new friends. The hat was lifted off my head and I opened my eyes to a very happy Professor McGonagall.

"Wonderful!" She exclaimed as the others congratulated me, before shaking Dumbledore's hand and taking me back out the way we had came in. "Now, we've all already discussed your...situation, and decided that we will start you in Year One classes with the others, and see how you do. I know it will be difficult at first, it is for everyone...but I just know you'll do well."

We walked some more until we came back to the hallways right outside a huge dining hall, where everyone was stuffing their faces with food while talking to their friends.

"Just a few more things before I let you go. Even though you will start out a First Year, you will be residing with your age group. After the hat sorting ceremony for the others, you will be escorted by a our House Prefect, but you shouldn't worry, if you miss anything, or have any questions, I'm sure Miss. Granger would be happy to fill you in."

I nodded, smiling at Hermione's name, excited to be spending more time with her, Ron, and Harry.

"School doesn't start for another two days, so you will have time to explore, and figure out where everything is, and I'm sure I'll see you around before classes start. Now, I've held you up long enough." She laughed. "Go enjoy dinner, and I'll see you soon."

I smiled and walked into the large room. It was hard not to be transfixed on the ceiling, with all the...floating candles and whatnot. That is, until I heard my name.

"Bella! Over here!" I glanced to my right, where I saw Ron eagerly waving for me to come over.

Ignoring curious stares I got from some people, I headed over to the group, and sat in the middle of Hermione and Ginny, who had scooted over to make room for me.

"So...?" Hermione asked, looking like she was dying from the suspense.

"I'm in Gryffindor."

"That's great!" Hermione exclaimed before throwing her arms around me. "I didn't know they were going to sort you separately, though."

"Well, I'm glad they did. Saved me the embarrassment of getting up in front of so many people." I replied.

"So what about classes? How's that going to go?"

"Well, I'm going to start with all the First Years and see how I do from there. But I will be living with my age group, so I'm happy about that."

Hermione smiled. "That makes us roommates. We'll get to see each other more than I thought."

"And you'll be there every morning to help me with my tie." I teased, bumping her elbow.

"Alright, you two. Eat before the food disappears." Ron said with a mouthful of Jello.

I cringed at the sight before looking at the beautiful feast in front of me, my stomach growling on cue. I took a few small chicken drumsticks, a spoonful of mashed potatoes, and a spoonful of Jello, and dug in. I hadn't realized how hungry I had been, but I had had a busy day, and a lot on my mind. I still did, and I really couldn't wait to just have a minute to rest and take everything in.

"What's this?" I asked, holding my drink up to my noise and smelling it.

"Pumpkin Juice, of course." Ginny answered.

Of course? I've never heard of such a thing.


"What...you don't have Pumpkin Juice in the states?"

"Not that I know of..."

"How odd." She mused for a second.

"Maybe there is somewhere, I probably just don't know since I didn't really go out much."

"Homebody?" Hermione joined in.

"You could say that."

Harry raised his eyebrow at me, but didn't push anything further, which I was grateful. I didn't want them thinking I was weirder than I already am.

"Hello!" A transparent head popped up through the chicken drumsticks, making me drop my fork.

I let out a scream, but quickly covered my mouth, my eyes still wide and my pupils dilated. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Luna started laughing at my reaction, like they see this sort of thing all the time. Neville just looked at me with sympathetic eyes, like he'd gone through the same thing before.

"It's okay, Bella, it's just Sir Nicholas." Harry said.

Just Sir Nicholas?

"I-is he...a-"

"Ghost? Yes." Hermione answered. Each house has a ghost, but there are others that fly around here as well." She waved off like it was nothing, then turned to...him. "Good evening Nic, this is Bella."

"Hello, Hermione, good to see you again. And welcome to Gryffindor, Bella. I've heard a lot about you." He smiled.

"A-all good things, I hope." I choked out.

"Oh, yes! Don't you worry, dear."

"Hey, Nic." Ron started. "Did you get to join the Headless Hunt this year?"

"No, denied once again. But I shall not give up! There is always next year." He said before floating away, leaving me stunned.

"You'll catch flies that way." Hermione said, giggling as she took her hand and raised my chin up to where my mouth closed.

There's definitely a lot of stuff I have to get used to...

I swallowed hard before I continued to eat. Forgetting the ghosts as I quietly enjoyed Hermione and Ron's back and forth banter for the better part of ten minutes. When I finished my plate, I rubbed my stomach in satisfaction. That had to have been one of the best tasting meals I'd had in a while, and usually I was a pretty good cook.

Not long after, everyone seemed to be done, and was just biding their time by continuing talking to their friends, when Professor McGonagall called everyone's attention to her at the front of the large room.

"Before we begin the sorting ceremony, Professor Dumbledore would like to say a few words." She said, then backing up, letting him take the podium.

"First Years, please note that the Dark Forest is strictly forbidden to all students. Also, our caretaker, Mr. Filtch," He gestured to a skinny, rugged-looking man in the corner. "has asked me to remind you that the third floor corridor on the right side is out of bounds to everyone who does not want to die a most painful death. Thank you."

I rose my eyebrows, not really believing what I had just heard. First of all, he was so calm to announce such a thing, and second, why would you keep something that can kill a student in a school? That's just plain ridiculous! The sorting ceremony lasted about thirty minutes, but I was fascinated by the whole exchange. After every girl and boy was sorted into their respected Houses, it was time to leave.

"Alright, Slytherins, come with me!" I pale boy shouted, getting the attention of his kids, and escorting them out of the room.

The same happened with Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, before an older girl shouted the same thing to us. I assumed she was the House Prefect that Hermione and McGonagall had told me about earlier, so I got up with everyone else, and followed her out into the hall. Everything in this castle was made of stone, but every once in a while we'd come across something that was hanging on the wall, like a banner or framed poster that I had no clue what it was for.

Soon enough, we turned a corner, and I was amazed at what I saw. The staircases went up levels upon levels, and they weren't like normal stairs either.

"T-the staircases. They move..."

"By themselves, yes. You'll get used to it."

People keep saying that, though I'm starting to doubt it.

Not only that, but the walls that surrounded the stairs were covered from top to bottom, with paintings. And of course, they weren't normal paintings either...they also moved, and apparently talked as well.

"Welcome back, everyone!" An old man in a chair said, as we started up the left hand stairs.

"Good evening." A younger woman said as she curtsied.

There were also ones with animals that occupied the walls as well. A giraffe walked from it's painting, into the one next to it, that had a sleeping rhino. There were just so many things to look at and notice, that I didn't have time for right now, and I made a note to come back tomorrow and admire. Right now, Hermione pulled me out of my little wonderland by grabbing my hand, and gently tugging me around a corner, enjoying the warmth of her hand before we were faced with a large painting of a woman trying to sing. And I really put the emphasis on trying.

"La la la laaaaa!" She began.

"Terra Pretium." The Prefect said to her in a monotone voice.

"Wait." She held up her hand before clearing her throat and continuing. "La la la LAAAAKALJHSJHKDSAAALKJLAAA!"

"Oh my God, my ears." I mumbled as we all put our hands to our heads.

"Terra Pretium." She said again, more annoyed this time around.

"Alright, alright!" She said before the painting swung open, revealing a wooden door behind it.

"What's Terra Pretium?" I asked Hermione.

"That's the password to get in to our common room. Remember it and you'll be fine."

I nodded as I followed the crowd through the door, revealing a deep red, circular room, with gold highlights. There were chairs and sofas throughout the large room, placed in small alcoves for more private chats, or bunched around the fire place for groups. It looked mideavil and modern, which was a pretty awesome mix, and this castle could really pull it off.

It was stunning, and at the same time it felt very homey. With plaques and pictures hung on the walls, awards that sat on the mantel, and the Gryffindor flag that hung above the fireplace. The whole room was lit by a chandelier packed with while candles, and others littered around the room. I did notice there were no electric lights anywhere. I guess there's no electricity in castles as old as this was most likely is.

"Alright, you know the drill by now. Boys dormitories on the left, girls on the right. Lights out at ten, no wandering the castle after then, unless when classes start and you're in an astronomy class, in which you should have a pass." The Prefect then looked at the clock on the wall. "You have two hours before lights out, so do what you want until then."

She made her way back through the crowd, and out the door we came in before people started to disperce. Some following her back out into the hall, and others heading to their respective dormitories, or plopping down in the chairs around the room, talking to their friends.

"Come on, Bella." Hermione said, gesturing to the stairs on the right.

I silently followed her to the top, and into another large, circular room, with beds, desks, and stain glass windows that looked over the castle grounds. All of our luggage was waiting for us, just like I was told, along with an assortment of new things. Gryffindor crested robes next to House colored scarves, gloves, and vests, sat waiting for us. I smiled to myself, excited about school, for once in my life. I had a feeling I was going to really like it here.

I had the urge to call my mom, but then I realized that there was zero technology here, but I wasn't giving up yet. I decided to do it the old fashioned way, and write her a letter. Sitting down at the desk next to my bed where my owl cage was, and looked in the drawers. In the second one, I found some...parchment, as they call it here, and picked up the fountain pen sitting in a cup in the corner of the desk. Dipping it in some ink, I started writing, hoping that I wouldn't mess up so I didn't have to start over.


Well, I made it. It's been...interesting so far, but I'm sure I'll like it here more as time goes on. I've already made a few friends, and that already has made me feel better. Oh, I'm in Gryffindor by the way. All the teachers I have met so far, seem nice. We don't start classes for two days, so I'm excited to walk around the castle grounds tomorrow and get a feel for the place. Yeah, I guess that's it for now. How are you and Phil doing?

Love, Bella

P.S. - If I write a letter for Angela, would you mail it for me?

That's a good as it's going to get for now, since I don't have much to report as of yet. Now to send it...

"Hey, Hermione?"

"Yes?" She looked up from sorting her clothes.

"How do you send letters around here? Because I highly doubt you use a post office, that'd be too normal."

She giggled. "That's what your owl is for, silly. Tie the letter to her foot, and tell her who you want it to be delivered to."

Sounded simple enough.

"They automatically know where to go?" I asked dumbfounded.

"Yes. And don't ask me how they know...they just do. Owl thing, I suppose."

"Right..." I muttered to myself, but I did as she said.

I found a brown, leather pouch in the desk and folded my letter, getting it to fit. Snapping it closed, I opened the cage and cautiously tied it to her foot before she hoped on my arm, making me freeze for a second. I opened the window, feeling the nice cold breeze make goosebumps on my skin.

"Can you take this to my mom?"

She screeched, then took off into the night, cooing a few times before I could see her no more.

"Have you named her yet?" Hermione asked, who was now changing into her night clothes.

"No. I haven't really thought about it..."

Which was true, I had so much other stuff on my mind, I had completely forgotten I even had an owl until I saw her sitting on the desk waiting for me. I pulled the curtains that surrounded the body of my bed closed on all side, except for the side Hermione was on, and hopped on, discarding my shoes over the side.

"Where's your owl?" I asked.

"I don't have one, I use the Owlery."

I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Oh, right. The Owlery is like a post office, but our letter carriers are owls, as you now know. It's located at the top of the West Tower; I can show you tomorrow if you like."

"Sure." I agreed.

I wanted to see anything and everything. I was a curious girl, sometimes too much for my own good.

"Anyway," She continued. "you have to come up with a name for her."

"How about...Casper?"

She tilted her head, thinking about it.

"It was the first thing that came to my mind, and it's not like it too far off base. I mean, she's white, she flyies..."

"Isn't Casper the ghost, a he?"

"Well, don't tell her that."

About an hour later, all the girls were either in the common room, or the dorm with Hermione and I, up talking to each other about yet another year or boys they liked. I listened to their conversations as I laid in my bed, waiting for my owl to return.

"Have you seen Neville Longbottom?" A girl gushed. "He has gotten so tall and handsome!"

"Yeah, but I think he has a thing for Luna Lovegood." Another replied.

"Ugh, she is such a weirdo."

"I don't know, I hear she's really nice..."

Having enough of that particular conversation, I debated on writing in my notebook I had brought, as a journal of sorts, but I decided against it for now, and glanced over to see what Hermione was doing. She was now invested in a book, and I didn't want to bother her anymore than I already had, so I settled on watching her. Not in the creepy, stalker way, but an admiring from afar way. Maybe that was just as bad though...

For some reason, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I liked the way her light brown eyes scanned the words on the pages so fast. The way her lips tugged upwards when she would smile to herself, or laugh quietly at something she had read. The way she arched her eyebrows. Or even the way her bangs were just short enough not to stay behind her ear, but still she would swipe it away anyway, like it would be just long enough that time to stay there.

I don't know why I had this...fascination with her, but I also didn't mind it. I had always been an observer, sitting back and watching people and how they respond to situations they are in, or how they interact with one another, listening to what they had to say. I always thought I'd become a therapist, or psychotherapist maybe...but now that my life was taking yet another turn, I highly doubted I'd go in that direction now.

Pulling me out of my thoughts, Casper flew back through the window and landed on the desk beside me. I sat up and took the pouch from her, untying it before she climbed back in her cage, and I closed the door behind her. Unsnapping it and pulling out a piece of folded notebook paper and unfolding it to find my mother's elegant handwriting.


I didn't think I'd hear from you so soon, but I'm glad I did! I'm so proud of you, baby, Gryffindor is such a great House. Tell me more about your friends! What are their names? I might know their parents. How did you meet them? Phil and I are doing well, he has a job interview tomorrow morning, so he's excited about that. I, on the other hand have mainly just been cooking, trying out new recipes. Phil wants to loose some weight, so we're trying to eat healthier. Anyway, enough about me, tell me everything once you're all settled in. I'm not going to be one of those mom's that tells you to write to me every single day, but I do want to hear from you at least twice a week! Well, that's it for now, honey. I hope to hear from you soon.

Love, Mom

P.S. - Phil says hi, and yes, I'll send Angela a letter for you. Just remember not to tell her anything about the magical aspect of school.

I smiled as I read the letter again. It was just like her to want to know every detail about something, and for once, I genuinely wanted to tell her. This world was so new to me, but now, unlike before, I could talk to people outside of the situation. When I was with Edward, I only had the Cullens to confide in, and after they left, for a short time, Jake. But now, I have my mother, and if Charlie ever came around, I'd have him too.

Not to mention I had three friends that knew about this too, and it was a feeling I had never experienced. The only problem was Angela. She was my best friend, and I couldn't share this with her...how the Hell was I supposed to write a letter to her, explaining why I was gone, without mentioning that I'm a Witch in the process and am attending a magical school?

I'd have to figure that out later, for now, I was beat. I'd write mom back, and compose Angela's letter the best I could tomorrow. Getting out of bed, I quickly used the restroom and brushed my teeth, then dug out my pajamas from my bag and hid next to my bed to change quickly. As I slid under my covers, I saw the House Prefect enter the bedroom.

"Alright, lights out everyone!" She said, waiting until every girl got in bed.

She waved her wand at the candle lit chandelier in the center of the room, and the lights dimmed slowly, until the only light that was in the room, was from the moon. Snuggling into my covers, Hermione mumbled a goodnight to me, then turned over, sprawling herself across her bed.


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