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Harry had come back to Hogwarts after the war. He spent a lot of time on his own after the war, grieving on his own, crying himself to sleep at night, thinking of the people that had died. Remus, Sirius, Tonks, Fred, Dumbledore, Snape, his mum and dad. All, he felt, had died protecting him, and as far as Harry was concerned, it was his fault.

Ron went back to Hogwarts for the year he missed, along with Hermione, Ron wanted to become an auror, and so did Harry, until two years ago, he found that he didn't want to fight anymore, and becoming an auror means exactly that, fighting bad guys and death eaters who were still out there somewhere wanting revenge on Harry for killing Voldemort.

But Harry didn't want to fight anymore, he had been fighting his whole life. Harry decided to become a healer.

It was now two years since the war had ended and Harry was working at Hogwarts alongside Madam Pomfrey. Since he was eleven he had felt as though Hogwarts was his home and decided to ask Madam Pomfrey to take him on and train him. She had been only too delighted and went to ask Headmistress McGonagall who agreed without a moments thought and Harry had been there ever since.

Madam Pomfrey had taught him all she knew and found it a lot better for her at having an extra pair of hands helping. It also meant that she could have a proper holiday and not have to worry about the students at school as she knew that they would be in safe hands with Harry.

Harry had felt a lot happier since coming back to Hogwarts, he no longer cried himself to sleep at night thinking of those that had died, he thought of them, yes, but no longer cried over them as he knew that that was not what they would have wanted, he moved on with his life. He still kept in touch with the weasley's although, not as often as he would have liked, he still felt uncomfortable around Ginny. He felt bad when he told her he didn't want to get back with her after the war, he tried to let her down gently by telling her that he changed, and he had. Ginny though, wouldn't give up, she continued to try and get him to notice her, that was until one day Harry got fed up with it and snapped, telling her that he was gay, not knowing that the rest of the weasley's were standing behind him. He quickly apologised and left. It took them a few months, but they came round to Harry being gay.

The reason Harry was a lot better than how he first was after the war was because of one particular person, they didn't see Harry as hero of the wizarding world, the boy who lived twice, or the chosen one. They saw him as just plain old Harry Potter and that was what Harry wanted. This person was none other than Draco Malfoy, the potions professor of Hogwarts. Draco treated Harry like anyone else and that's what helped him get to how he was now. Happy. On his nights off he would spend with Draco, helping him make potions for the hospital wing.

Harry was on his way down to the dungeons with some empty vials, wanting them to be refilled with certain potions. Not even bothering to knock, as he never had done before, Harry walked in and froze on the spot, Draco was pushed up against his desk in the arms of Theo Nott who had his lips glued to Draco's.

Harry dropped the vials and the sound of the smash made Theo pull away from Draco, they both looked and Draco looked horrified to see Harry stood there, a single tear making it's way down his cheek. "Harry." Draco choked out, trying to get away from Theo. "This isn't what-"

"Sorry, I should have knocked." Harry interrupted and turned on his heel, quickly fleeing the room.

Draco rounded on Theo. "Why are you here?"

"I want you Draco."

"I don't want you." Draco snarled.

"Yes you do, you just don't know it yet."

"Get fucked Nott." Draco snapped before leaving the room in order to find Harry.

Harry ran into his quarters and quickly stripped before stepping into the shower, the water hitting hard on his face, hiding his tears, Harry hung his head and just let the water cascade down his body, when he noticed his fingertips start to wrinkle, he stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his hips and moved into his room and froze for the second time that night as he saw Draco sat on his bed. "Harry let me explain what you saw back there."

"There's no need to explain Draco, it's not as if we're together and you'd have to explain yourself." Harry, looking anywhere but at Draco's face, missed the hurt look in his eyes when Harry said they weren't together. "I know Harry but I want to." Draco sighed. "Nott has liked me for a while and I am always turning him down, I like Nott as a friend, but not as anything else. He came tonight to try again, I was standing staring down at my desk looking at some papers, I tend to switch off when he talks about how much he wants me because I'm not interested. I turn away from my desk to tell him to leave and he was right behind me. I opened my mouth to tell him to leave, but before my words came out he pressed his lips upon mine, I tried to push him away but he had a tight hold on me."

Harry didn't tear his eyes away from Draco's the whole time he was explaining to Harry and Harry saw nothing but truth in them. "Why are you explaining all of this to me Draco?"

"Because I want you, especially you, to know that I don't want him. There is only one person I want."

"Who?" Harry swallowed as he watched Draco stand up and walk up to him slowly. "You Harry. It's always been you." Seeing nothing but truth in Draco's eyes once again, Harry placed his hands on Draco's face and gently placed his lips upon Draco's.

Draco took control of the kiss and slid his tongue into Harry's mouth, fisting his hands in Harry's wet hair as Harry began to undress him. Once naked, Draco took hold of Harry's towel and pulled it away from him leaving Harry standing there as naked as him.

Draco ran his hands down Harry's arms before taking hold of his hands, Draco stepped back a little and looked Harry up and down who blushed under Draco's gaze. "Gorgeous."

Harry smiled and shook his head. "Me gorgeous? You must be mad."

Draco smirked. "Barking." he replied as he pulled Harry towards the bed.

The end.

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