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Draco turned them both around and sat Harry down on the bed, putting his hand on Harry's chest, Draco pushed Harry, laying him down and knelt on the bed, making his way up to Harry who was smiling at him. "I want you Harry."

"Then take me Draco."

Draco smirked and laid on top of Harry, losing his hands in Harry's hair as he placed his lips upon Harry's in a passionate kiss, Harry wrapped his arms around Draco and let his hands slide slowly down Draco's back before coming to a stop on his arse, where Harry gave it a little squeeze, making Draco moan.

Harry pulled away from Draco. "Oh. What did you just do?"

"Magically prepared you. I don't want to waste time preparing you, I want to be in you."

"Then why aren't you."

Draco reached down and wrapped his hand around himself, ready to enter Harry when Harry rolled them both over. "Harry what-?"

"Shh." Harry straddled Draco and sank down onto Draco's cock, moaning as he felt Draco's cock fill him. "Oh Harry." Draco moaned as he took hold of Harry's hips. Harry rested his hands flat against Draco's chest, the tips of his fingers running across his smooth chest as he began to lift himself up until only the head of Draco's cock was inside him before slamming back down, causing them both to groan out loud.

Harry started to bounce up and down on Draco's cock, getting faster and faster the more he felt Draco's fingers dig into his hips as he was thrusting up into Harry. Harry felt himself getting close and started to rock back and forth as he bounced harder on Draco's cock. "Oh Merlin Harry." Draco moaned as he threw his head back, emptying himself inside of Harry, he took hold of Harry's cock and started to pump it to help Harry cum, which he did, and exploded, covering Draco's stomach and chest with his cum.

Harry waved his hand over Draco, cleaning him up before dropping forward, burying his head into Draco's neck . "Wow Harry." Draco panted.

"Wow indeed."

After a few minutes of just laying there, Draco felt Harry begin to lick and nip his neck whilst clenching his muscles around Draco's cock that was starting to harden again. "You wanna go again? Already?"


"You're insatiable."

"You will find Draco, that from now on, whenever I'm around you, I will be."

Draco chuckled and rolled them over. Harry riding him was arousing, but he wanted to see Harry withering underneath him.

It had been two weeks since that night and every morning since then, Harry had had to take a numbing potion unless he wanted to limp everywhere. He wasn't complaining though, he had Draco and that was all he was bothered about.

"Has someone cast a permanent smiling charm on you?" Madam Pomfrey asked him one day.

"No, why do you ask?"

"Because the only time you haven't got a smile on your face lately is when someone comes in with an injury."

"I'm just happy."

"It wouldn't because of a certain potions professor by any chance." she said with a small smile. "Might be."

The clock tower bell rang six times and Madam Pomfrey looked at Harry. "You get off for the night."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I will fire call you if there is an emergency." Harry nodded and left the hospital wing.

He went straight to his rooms and went for a shower, he would see Draco later, he remembered Draco saying that he had some papers to mark tonight, so he would go to him later. After Harry showered and changed he took out his father's old map and started to watch it for a while. His eyes went straight to Draco's name who appeared to be sitting in his room. Harry smiled down at the name until something caught his eye, a new name had appeared on the map that had just entered the castle and was slowly making it's way down to the dungeons. Theo Nott.

Harry quickly chucked some floo powder into the fire and said. "Draco Malfoy's quarters."

Draco who was marking papers, looked up when he heard his fire spring to life and watched as Harry tumbled out of it. "Harry? I didn't think you was coming until later."

Instead of answering Draco, Harry walked up to him, grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him out of his seat and dragged him into the potions classroom, stopping when he reached Draco's desk. "Harry, what-?"

Harry let go of Draco and swept everything from Draco's desk on to the floor before turning to face Draco. Harry kicked off his shoes and and undone his trousers and pulled them down and took them off, along with his boxers shorts and socks, tossing them over his shoulder, he ripped his shirt open, ignoring the buttons that flew in all directions, took it off and chucked that in the same direction as his trousers.

Harry smiled at the way Draco was just standing there, staring at him. He ripped Draco's shirt off the same way as he did his and it soon joined his clothing on the floor. He pulled Draco into a heated Kiss as he started to undo Draco's trousers, he pulled them down and pulled back from Draco and sat on his desk. "I want you Draco. Now."

Draco opened one of his drawers in his best to get some lube as his wand was still in his room, but Harry stopped him. "No Draco. I want you in me now."

Deciding to ask Harry later what bought this on, he pushed Harry onto his back and gripped Harry's hips as he slowly entered Harry. "Merlin Harry, you're tight."

"Move Draco."

"Hold on."

Harry lifted his arms up above his head and gripped the edge of the desk whilst wrapping his legs around Draco. As soon as Harry did this, Draco rested his hands on the desk as he started to pound into Harry, making the desk, shake and creak. "Oh harder Draco."

Draco picked up his pace, removing one hand from the desktop to wrap it around Harry's erection. With Draco groaning and Harry moaning, neither noticed the door to the potions classroom open and see Theo Nott stood there, watching the scene that was in front of him on the desk that looked as though it was about to collapse.

"Oh Draco I'm cumming." Harry moaned aloud.

"Me too. Cum with me Harry." Draco shouted Harry's name as he came, spilling all into Harry who followed Draco, shouting his name and arching his back off the desk. Harry opened his eyes and saw an upside down Theo Nott standing in the door way looking furious. Harry inwardly smiled. Perhaps this will show you that Draco is mine and not yours and never will be. Harry thought. "Draco, company."

Draco looked up and saw Theo stood there. "I can see that I've come at a bad time." he said through gritted teeth. "Whereas me and Draco came at the perfect time." Theo turned around and slammed the door behind him. Harry smiled and sat up, looking at Draco who was looking right back at Harry with an arched eyebrow. "Something tells me you knew he was on his way and set this up."

"I knew. I saw him enter the castle and head in this direction on my map."

"So you flooed down here, marched us into this room and stripped us both naked, knowing he would see us because he would have to walk through here to get to my rooms?"



"Because maybe now he will know that you are mine and will stop bothering you."

Draco chuckled and slipped out of Harry, pulling him to his feet. "It's no wonder I love you."

"I love you too." Harry took Draco's hand and started to lead him towards his rooms. "Come on, lets go and have more sex in your bed, your desk is way to uncomfortable." Draco chuckled and allowed Harry to pull him into his rooms.

The end.

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