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This story takes place in a parallel world where there is no such thing as magic but such a thing called school. In this story our two main characters, Natsu Dragneel and Erza Scarlet, are studying at Magnolia High as rivals and the most surprising thing is that Gray Fullbuster is Natsu's best friend. Natsu, in this world, is not very dense with other people's feelings and his own feelings but he is still stupid. He is also a great fighter and he is a kind, caring person who protects his friends no matter what. Gray is always beside Natsu as Natsu tends to get into a lot of trouble when left alone. Gray's attitude is somewhat like a calm, big brother who gives advices to Natsu. Natsu is Magnolia High's hottest guy while Gray is the coolest guy and Loke is the sexiest guy. These three guys are always surrounded by girls. However, these girls are always chased off by Juvia's killing aura.

Juvia Loxar is the coolest girl in Magnolia High. Juvia and Gray have been dating since middle school and Juvia's attitude closely follows the Edolas Juvia that is why Gray loves her. Lucy Heartfilia is the cutest girl. Lucy likes Natsu but she does not have the courage to say so just yet and Lucy hates Loke. The same goes for Loke. They never looked each other in the eye before. However, Loke knows he is slowly falling for her. And do I even have to say who the sexiest girl in Magnolia is? Of course it is our favourite redhead, Erza Scarlet. Now you all might be wondering how Natsu and Erza even became rivals when Gray and Natsu are supposed to be rivals, right? Well, let us find out now….

# Flashback #

It was the first of high school for Erza and as far as she can remember, she was not in her best of moods on that day. Her senior student council members were not getting their work done and she as the student council president had to take care of all that crap for them or had to force them to get it done. She had woken up extra early just because she wanted to be there in time and prepare herself for the freshman welcoming speech but she was tired before the start of school hours. (Erza being a top student with excellent remarks from her previous teachers was placed as the student council president even before she officially started schooling at Magnolia High.)

Erza walked towards the gate to make sure the disciplinary community members were doing their job properly by checking that the students, entering school, were neatly dressed. While walking and looking around her surroundings, she banged into a certain pink-headed guy who came running at her direction. She almost fell behind but she managed to stabilize herself.

"Hey, watch where you going? Don't you have eyes?" she yelled. She had it. She was extremely pissed.

"Whoa! Calm down! It was only an accident." Natsu tried calming her down without apologizing as he did not see the need for it.

"What? Calm down? You could at least apologize for your mistake!" she yelled again.

"No way! That was not my mistake! Who asked you to not concentrate on where you were walking?" he fought back.

"You dare not listen to me. Do you know who I am?" she whispered, harshly.

"Whoever you are doesn't matter to me. I could care less." he answered back.

"You pink-headed bastard, apologize or I will make hell for you in this school." she glared at him.

Natsu chuckled, "Try me, red-head. I don't get scared easily." They started bickering with each other, with electricity coming out of their foreheads and black aura surrounding them.

# Meanwhile #

Gray entered the school, hand in hand with his beloved girlfriend, Juvia.

"Gray, isn't that Natsu?" Juvia inquired while pointing her finger at Natsu. (Gray and Natsu have known each other since elementary school. They went to the same elementary school, same middle school where they met with Loke, Lucy and Juvia and now they are all going to high school together.)

"Natsu? Isn't that Erza Scarlet beside him? Are they fighting?" he asked in shock and fear before running towards Natsu.

"Natsu lets go! Now! Sorry Erza-san, I will apologize for this idiot's attitude. Really, sorry!" said Gray before dragging Natsu away from Erza and out of her sight.

"Why did you do that for? You shouldn't be apologize to her. She was the one at fault." Natsu said.

"Baka, you shouldn't be messing with her! She is the student council president! I asked you to go to school alone for a day and you cause trouble. Man, I really can't leave you by yourself." Gray chided Natsu, softly.

"Yes Natsu. She is only a first year like us but she is already a student council president which means she is really a person the teachers trust and respect." Juvia added as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Tch….fine" Natsu said with a pout.

"Good…"Gray answered and took Juvia's hand into his and headed for the school building. Natsu followed suite.

Natsu P.O.V

That student council president…What was her name, again. E-Erza, yes Erza. She seems hot but it would have been better if she knew how to control her temper. If she is as good as what Gray says, won't it be good to make her my rival. I mean like those animes where they say rivals bring the best out of you. Yeah, I think I should do it. *smirk*

P.O.V ends

# Flashback Ends #

As more days past, Natsu made Erza his rival. Erza did not mind that fact as she thought it was a brilliant idea too. They joined the kendo club together so that they can spar with each other. But little did they know that their rivalry was turning into something more complicated. Love. Their bond based on rivalry took another level, as they protected each other from enemies, proclaiming that they are the only ones who could hurt each other. In the coming chapters we will see certain scenarios in which Natsu and Erza show their love for each other, directly or indirectly but will they end up together in the end or will they remain as rivals in the end?

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