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Why Did I Fall For My Rival?

After what seemed like ages, they finally arrived at their destination, not like Erza was complaining. She enjoyed having Natsu lay on her lap, making her feel like they were officially together. However, since Natsu hasn't confessed to her and Erza was suppose to 'mad' at him, she had to get him off her lap. She pushed him of her lap forcefully. The moment Natsu made contact against the floor with a loud thud, Erza winced. She mumbled a soft apology and walked to the exit of the train.

Natsu, upon hitting the ground, curled defensively into a ball, his hand clutching his head. He was about to yell, when he caught glance of Erza's retreating figure. He sighed. If they were on speaking terms, he would start yelling at her but now after rejecting her, she hated him. Lucy smiled as she watched Natsu. If only he knew, what had happened. She stood up, using her hands to smoothen out her skirt before retrieving her small luggage and walking over to the exit. Natsu, who was shaken out of his thoughts by Lucy's abrupt movements, followed suit.

As they set foot on the platform, the were able to catch sight of the beach right outside the station. The way the water seem to glimmer under the sunlight was alluring. The sultry late summer weather was not helping them a single bit. All they felt like doing right now, was stripping into their swimwear and jumping into the water for a refreshing swim.

However, they had certain things to settle before enjoying the beach. Firstly, was checking into the chalet Lucy had booked.

"C'mon guys, lets go! We need check in!" Lucy called out. Erza nodded and followed Lucy. Natsu silently walked behind Erza, wrecking his brain for ways to confess how he really felt. Maybe he should start by being nice.

He quickened his pace to match Erza's.

"Do you need help carrying your bag?" he asked, being extra nice.

"No." was her flat-out rejection. Natsu deflated.

Being nice wasn't going to work. She was insanely mad. He slowed his pace once again, letting out yet another hefty sigh which didn't go unnoticed by Erza. She couldn't help but feel guilty, for hurting him. All she craved right now was his touch. The familiar warm sensation that sent butterflies fluttering. She wanted to hold his hand and walk but she made a promise with Lucy and had to wait for him to confess his feelings.

As they continued musing over their personal thoughts, they hadn't realised that they were already outside their chalet. Lucy unlocked the door and let herself. It wasn't anything fancy. A simple chalet that seemed to have two bathrooms, three bedrooms, a living room, a dining room with a small kitchen and a backyard with a barbecue pit, facing the beach.

"I guess Erza and I will share a room, you and Loke another and we will let the couple have the room furtherest away? In case, they make too much noise at night," Lucy snickered.

Natsu bursted out laughing while Erza blushed a deep shade of red, imagining what might be happening. Right on cue, the door opened, revealing Gray, Juvia and Loke.

"What's funny, Natsu?" Gray asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing~" Natsu replied with a sing-song voice. This caused Gray to get even more suspicious.

"You are acting suspicious." Gray tried to dig in deeper but Natsu immediately grabbed Loke's hand and ran up to the second floor to claim their room.

While being dragged up, Loke caught Lucy eyes.

"Thanks for letting me come." he said, genuinely with a grateful smile. Lucy felt her heart skip a beat. She was about to reply but Loke was already out of sight.

"What was that about…" she thought, unable to comprehend what she felt after witnessing Loke's sincerity. She shook her head and decided it was just his charm and decided to drag Erza, who was still having perverted fantasies, up to their room.

In their respective rooms, they unpacked their luggage before changing into their swimwear. Within 20 mins, they were all gathered down, ready to hit the beach. As the walked out, Natsu couldn't keep his off Erza's body. She adorned a black two-piece and a purple cloth tied around her hip which seemed to form a asymmetrical skirt. Natsu felt the urge to wrap his hands around her slender waist, pull her closer to him and kiss her neck which seemed ever so bare right now.

Damn him and his raging hormones. I mean what can he do? He was a teenage boy who was in love with the person in front of him.

As they walk, Erza could feel eyes scanning her body. She liked teasing him and she was glad that she had such an impact on him. But honestly, she knew she would be eyeing his body if she looked at his. He had a perfect-toned as well as tanned body. Any girl would love seeing such a body. It was a lose-lose or win-win situation, depending on the way they saw it. But Erza was determined to make this time a win-lose situation for Natsu. So, she avoided looking his way. Roughly, around 1 hour of fooling around, Natsu decided to take a break. He walked over to the shaded spot they had reserved and saw Erza, lying on the mat with her eyes closed. He towered over her and she did not move. She was fast asleep.

"How can she just fall asleep like that? Any guy could just…just… argh, she is such an idiot sometimes." Natsu grumbled in his head.

He sat down beside her head and looked at her. She looked so peaceful, reminding him of the time when he brought her to her house. Probably, the time when he started to actually unknowingly love her. He smiled. Maybe he should have just kissed her the time she stayed over or maybe when she kissed him in the nurse's room. Why was he so stupid to even consider that he couldn't protect her? What was he? A tyrant that had people after him? Gosh, just why?

"Argh!" he ruffled his hair in annoyance, getting more pissed with himself by the minute. This wasn't going to work. He decided to nudge Erza awake so that he can go away.

Erza opened her eyes slowly and looked Natsu, "What?"

"You shouldn't be sleeping like this. People might try to molest you," he said.

"I know how to take care of myself, Natsu." Erza replied, using her hand to pull herself backwards and sit up straight. Now they were meeting eye to eye.

"I don't care. I just don't like it." Natsu answered back, his voice deepening into husky growl.

Erza felt her cheek burn up slightly with Natsu's concern and tone of voice. Composing herself, she said, "Why does it bother you?" Her eyes serious and determined to make him answer truthfully.

Natsu gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, "It's cause I l-"

Natsu was interrupted when a soccer ball landed square on his face, sending him straight to the ground, as the ball rolled away. It was Erza's turned to be pissed. He almost confessed.

"Who kicked that?" She shouted, glaring at the kids who were approaching them. Seeing the aura surrounding Erza, the kids gulped before scattering in all directions, afraid of the wrath of the red-headed woman.

"Are you ok?" she asked Natsu, who had gotten up, rubbing his bruised left cheek.

"Forget it." he gave a final glance at Erza, avoiding her eyes though before walking off.

Erza was mad at the kids for ruining the moment. He was close to admitting to her. She was so ready to throw her arms around him and kiss him senseless. Why was fate suddenly so cruel?

Watching Natsu walk away in defeat, it was her turn to sigh. Was there going to be another encounter like this with Natsu again?

Roughly, around five in the late afternoon, everyone arrived back at the chalet. After their showers, they were seated in the living room to discuss what they were about to do for the next two days.

"I guess we could have barbecue tomorrow?" Loke suggested.

"I agree. I'm too tired to barberque tonight. Maybe, we could cook dinner with the ingredients Lucy bought." Gray replied.

"I guess we could." Lucy said, before adding, "A few of us can go and buy the stuff needed for the barbeque."

"Let me go!" Natsu exclaimed in excitement, the thought of walking down the streets that were not familiar to him made him excited.

"Sorry, Natsu, but you have to stay and cook." Juvia said with an idea in her head.

"What? Why me….?" Natsu whined, with a pout.

"Because i want you too." she replied, sternly. Natsu, not wanting to make Juvia pissed, nodded his head in dismay.

"Alright. So Loke, Gray, Lucy and I would be back in 2 hours." Juvia stood, walking over to the door with Gray following her.

Erza's eyes widened. "What about me?"

"We don't need to many people, Erza." Gray, understanding Juvia's plan, told Erza. Little did they know that Erza already knew Natsu loves her.

Erza looked at Lucy. Lucy smiled, signalling that Erza should go with the flow. And that's exactly what she did. She agreed to help Natsu with the cooking. Maybe fate wasn't as cruel as she thought, thanks to her friends.

The moment the door closed, the chalet was filled with a silence. An awkward one for Natsu who was oblivious but a rather comforting one for Erza.

'Er…I guess we should get started…" Natsu said, making his way to the refrigerator, avoiding Erza.

Erza sighed, "I'm sorry for what happened in the beach."

Natsu turned, facing her, "I'm sorry too."

Erza smiled, lightly.

"Maybe you could teach me how to cook?" Erza asked, hopefully, remembering the time Natsu cooked for when she came over to tutor him.

Natsu looked at her in shock, "You remembered."

"Of course i did, baka." She smiled, slightly brighter.

Soon, Natsu started grinning like a fool. He definitely couldn't stay upset for too long.

"Yosh! Lets get started." he replied, pumping his fist into the air before smugly adding, "You shall call me Chef now."

This time Erza grinned, "As you say, Chef." She winked at him and threw the apron at his face, which Natsu caught and tied on himself.

She was not flirting with him. Definitely, not. Like as if.

Natsu smirked, "You can start by breaking an egg. You can do that right?"

"I guess so." Erza took the bowl and egg Natsu handed to her.

Settling the bowl on the granite top beside the sink, she took the egg and stared at it, determined to break it perfectly.

Natsu who was rummaging through the fridge, immediately froze hearing the sound the egg made while Erza cracked it.

He slowly turned to face her.

"Oops." she replied, sheepishly.

He walked over to her to look at her masterpiece.

"Erza…" he started, "You are not suppose to break the shell into pieces and drop it into the egg."

"I know that. The egg is just weak." she replied, like stating a matter of fact.

"You got to be gentle to the egg!" Natsu replied, "I pity your husband."

Erza huffed and crossed her arm, "There is no need to over-react. I will just do it again."

Natsu decided to watch her this time as he took out the whole egg carton out the fridge. Yet again, Erza broke everything.

"Gentler!" Natsu shouted.

"Fine, fine" Erza mumbled, taking another egg ready to crack it.

Just as she was about smash it against the bowl, Natsu grabbed hold off her arm from the back.

"I think its best if i guided you." he whispered into her ear, his warm breath causing Erza to shiver slightly.

"A-alright." she stuttered, as Natsu held Erza's hand in his. Slowly, he guided her, giving her tips on how to break it. But she couldn't be bothered with all that he was saying. She was focused on making sure her heartbeat was kept steady. She didn't notice that they had already cracked the egg perfectly.

"Erza?" Natsu called out, turning his head slightly to look at her.

She turned to face him, her eyes boring into his. Natsu's heartbeat quickened, realising that they were actually extremely close. A slight nudge and he would be kissing her.

Natsu swallowed. "It's now or never," he thought.

He closed the gap and the next was void. He couldn't think of anything else except for the feelings his was dying to convey to her. It didn't matter to him if she didn't kiss back. Erza turned her body to completely face him and wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him back. A warm, hot tongue glided across the seam of her lips. Although unexpected, Erza gently opened her mouth to allow Natsu to enter. Pressing against Erza's tongue, Natsu led her in the battle of quiet domination. Twisting and turning ferociously, their tongues moved in perfect sync.

Erza felt her legs grow weaker as the seconds passed by. Luckily for her, Natsu wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her flush against his body just before she lost control of her limbs. The ache in their lungs reminded the two of them that no matter how much the other could be their life, they still needed oxygen to live. The need for oxygen grew stronger before they parted their lips, slowly opening their eyes as they tried to comprehend what had just happened. Pressing their foreheads together, they leaned against each other for support, hearts racing as they breathed in the other.

'What was that about, Natsu…?" Erza asked, softly, her cheeks tinted pink and her chest rising and falling at a steady pace.

"You know why," Natsu replied, angrily.

He had just bared himself and laid his feelings out to her through the kiss and Erza should have been able to tell, after kissing him back.

"I know, Natsu" Erza paused, looking into his jet-black eyes "I just want to hear you say it."

Natsu blushed, stepping backwards and looking away from Erza's intense stare. A silence pursued. After what seemed like ages, Natsu stared back into her brown orbs. Erza was determined to hear those special three words from him. Natsu sighed and ruffled his hair.

"I love you." He said it. He finally said it.

"I love you, Erza Scarlet" he repeated, with more confidence and a thousand watt smile.

Erza smiled back, "I love you, too."

Natsu wrapped his arms around her slender figure and pulled her into a hug which she returned with no hesitation.

Little did they know, that they were being watched from the door that was lightly ajar. Lucy smiled with satisfaction. They were finally together. Though a small part of her was still wishing she was Erza, she knew life had to carry on. She closed the door slowly and walked out of their front gate. She couldn't wait to spread the news to others but Gray had to pay for the groceries first, since her purse was still at the chalet.

"Erza, you should just relax in the living room." Natsu said.

"Why should i do that?" Erza furrowed her eyebrows.

"Well…" Natsu started, "You just suck with cooking."

"Fine. Have it your way." and the next thing Natsu felt was a stinging sensation at the back of his head as Erza stormed off to the living room.

"What was that for, woman!" Natsu burst out.

Erza just covered her eyes and settled down onto the couch. Natsu was fuming. At times like these, they both wondered.

Why did they have to fall for their rival?

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