Teddy's Pov

"Hey Charlie! guess what? today is Pj's birthday!" I said smiling through the camea.

I smiled and showed Amy and Bob working on the party stuff, Everytime it was Pj's birthday, it ended bad.

On his 7th birthday, he had a clown that ran after him with a knife. I laughed to my self and showed the camera to Pj who has the biggest smile on his face.

"Happy birthday." I told him.

"Thanks, where's Gabe?" Pj asked sitting down next to Charlie who gave him a kiss on the cheek and a happy birthday wish.

"He's in the restroom." Amy answered talking to some random guy.

"What he doing in there so long?" Pj asked with a confused face.

"Gabe! Get down here." Amy yelled.

"Be there in a min!" Gabe yelled back.

"So..PJ ready for your birthday party?" I asked.

"NO! You guys always throw the wrost birthday ever." Pj said frowing.

"Well...that's mom and dad for you." I said.

"Mom, cant I have a birthday party like Gabe?" Pj asked with puppy dog eyes.

"I guess.." Amy said.

"No, Gabe is 12, your 18 TODAY, we dont need no little kid birthday party." Bob said.

"Ohh! Star Wars birthday hats!" Pj said grabbing one of the star wars hats.

"Where did you get those?" I asked staring at the hats.

"They were Gabe's 6 year old birthday party stuff." Bob said.

"Hmmm, we should be going off to school!" I said getting up and waiting for them.

"GABE!" We all yelled.

"I'm coming!" Gabe yelled back, Gabe finally came down stairs wearing his requal outfit and his hair looked different.

"What's up with the hair?" Pj asked messing his hair.

"HEY! Stop, that took 2 hours to work on." Gabe said fixing his hair.

"Do I smell Axe?" Amy asked smelling Gabe.

Amy smelled Gabe and pulled back.

"You smell good, why?" I asked smelling him.

"I wanna smell good! Lets go." Gabe said leaving out the door.

"Hey, why do you smell good and look nice?" I asked catching up with him.

"I want too." Gabe said walking into the car.

"Do you like someone again?" I asked.

"No! I just wanna look nice and cute." Gabe said smiling.

"Cute? for who?" I asked.

"No,one!" Gabe said staring at the window.

Everyone came in and we made our way to Gabe's house first.

Why is Gabe looking nice and cute? and why did Pj say that we throw the wrost birthday party ever? Does Gabe like someone?

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